How to Recover Deleted Photos & Videos from HTC Inspire

Is there any way to undelete files from HTC Inspire?

HTC Insprire files recovery

Just realized I accidentally deleted a picture from the SD card on my HTC Inspire. The card is quite big and has never been close to being full so I'm wondering if there is a deleted folder on the card or some way to recover the file?

Generally, if you deleted files directly from your HTC Inspire, there is no "recycle bin" place to save those deleted files. But this doesn't mean you've lost them forever. When you deleted a file from your HTC Inspire, the file was only marked as "deleted" on the SD card. It's still there untill you put into new files to overwrite it. Therefore, you still can recover it with a HTC Inspire recovery program.

Still have no choice of what HTC Inspire data recovery program to use? Here's my recommendation: Recoverit, or Recoverit for Mac if you're using Mac OS. Both programs are trustable and effective, and allow you to recover deleted, formatted or lost pictures, video and audio files from your HTC Inspire phone, no matter what reasons.

Note: Please do not utilize Recoverit phone recovery software to recover deleted photos & videos from iPhone or phones without SD card.

Try the free version of this HTC Inspire recovery software now below.

HTC Inspire Phone data recovery

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Note: The most important thing: DON'T write any new data in when you lost files from your HTC Inspire, avoiding overwriting original data.

How to recover deleted photos/video from HTC Inspire

Take the Windows version as an example. Connect your HTC Inspire phone to the computer before you can get started, and make sure it appears as a drive letter in "My Computer" and follow the next simple steps to perform deleted photos recovery.

Step 1. Select the data loss scenario

To recover deleted photos from HTC Inspire, select the option "External Devices Recovery" to start.

recover deleted photos from htc inspire

Step 2. Choose your HTC Inspire phone

Now, choose your HTC Inspire phone and click "Start" to search lost files on your phone.

restore deleted photos from htc inspire

Step 3. Scan your HTC Inspire phone

Recoverit will quickly scan your HTC Inspire phone. If your lost files aren't displayed after the quick scan, opt for the "All-around Recovery" mode which will deeply search lost files.

deep scan lost pictures

Step 4. Preview and recover lost data

After the scan, all recoverable photos, videos and music are found and displayed. You can preview and recover them all with one click.

undelete photos videos from htc inspire

Note: Don't save the recovered data on your HTC Inspire phone again. Find another place for it like your computer or other external disk, for safety's sake.

3981454 people have downloaded it
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