Comprehensive Reviews on Stellar Photo Recovery

Losing photos becomes commonplace in the digital world. Stellar Photo Recovery and its alternatives are tested and reviewed here to help users with the best match in pic recovery.

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Image recovery software plays an essential role in various data loss situations such as virus attack, file corruption, hard disk failure, etc. With the help of a photo recovery tool, you can easily recover your lost or inaccessible data. But what is the best photo recovery software? Stellar Photo Recovery is the preference for many users. And there are much better tools that are present as compared to this software. That’s why we come up with ultimate alternatives to the Stellar Photo Recovery software.

Part 1: Stellar Photo Recovery Reviews

Stellar Photo Recovery is the best DIY software to recover media files lost due to deletion, corruption or accidental formatting. It works with all major cameras, drones, PCs, memory cards, USB Flash Drives and more. It is for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Another reason why this software is preferable as it has a user-friendly interface. It is completely secure to download on your system.

Directly get simple steps to recover photos and videos from the camera.
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Main Features:

  • Recovers Deleted Photos, Videos, & Music Files

  • Recover From Cameras, USB Drives, Memory Cards & External Drives etc.

  • Recovers RAW Formats of Popular DSLR Cameras - Canon®, Nikon®, Sony®

  • Recovery from All Action & Drone Cameras - Gopro®, Garmin®, Phantom®

  • Recovers From Inaccessible Drive

  • Recovers From Windows Bitlocker Encrypted Drives

Stellar Recovery Reviews:

After the image recovery test, we find that it is very convenient to use Stellar Photo Recovery. Even the novice user can use it without any trouble. Recovering JPEG and raster file formats is highly possible. Its downside is the vector image recovery. That’s why you need an alternative to Stellar Photo Recovery software.

Whether you delete an image accidentally or empty the recycle bin or any other scenario, the Stellar Photo Recovery software will give you enough results for the JPEG format and other file formats. For RAW image recovery, it offers the lowest recovery rate. It is not the ideal choice if you want to recover lost or deleted data from your DSLR camera. To retrieve images from a Polaroid camera, it fails. Its installation process is easy, and scanning speed is also good. But, the recovery speed is not much good when compared to its alternatives.

Regarding its preview functionality, it does not work for every file format. It offers technical support via phone and email. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Its installation process is quick and it is safe to use on your system. It works under common data loss situations. It is the software that retrieves lost or deleted images with its original file name. Overall, it is perfect for JPEG and raster file recovery, but not for vector images.

Conclude Stellar Photo Recovery:


  1. It is easy to install and use the pic recovery tool.
  2. It supports various videos and photo formats.
  3. It doesn't take a very long time to scan and recover lost images.
  4. It has a high recovery rate for common image files.


  1. It is unable to recover vector images.
  2. It can not preview every type of image format.
  3. Its deep scan mode does not give the desired results.
  4. It lacks in scanning the specific file.

Part 2. Factors to Be Valued for Picking Photo Recovery Tool

While picking up a suitable photo recovery tool to restore images on a computer, you can take the below factors into consideration.

    1. Main Functions:

      Photo recovery software should be able to recover lost, formatted, and corrupted data from any type of storage media including digital camera, SD card, memory card, USB flash drive, and more. Even if the storage device is corrupted, damaged, or virus-infected, it should have enough capability of recovering data regardless of data loss causes.

    2. File Format:

      The photo recovery software should be able to retrieve every type of photo, audio, or video files from any storage device irrespective of how you lost your files. More importantly, it should work with common image file formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, and many more.

No matter your JPEG images are deleted or damaged, here are 5 ways to help you recover and repair JPEG photos.
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  1. Scan Speed:

    Scan speed is how deeply and quickly the photo retriever can scan your storage media to find lost or deleted data. Faster scan speed aids you in finding your desired files as soon as possible.

  2. Recovery Rate:

    Recovery rate refers to how much extent the pic recovery software can retrieve lost data. Recoverit Photo Recovery among all photo recovery software offers the highest recovery rate which is 96%

  3. Ease of Use:

    It is the most important factor that should be valued while choosing software. It should be designed in such a way that it can be used by a beginner user also with great ease.

  4. Price:

    Regarding the price, consider photo recovery software that works very efficiently in its every feature. And please note that usually, a photo recovery tool offers a trial version so that users can experience its features. As money is precious thing, try it first and then pick a tool that is worth purchasing.

Stellar Photo Recovery and Its Alternatives

Metrics Price Trial Recovery Rate Scan Speed Ease of Use Stability
Stellar Photo Recovery $39.99 Medium 209 GB/hr Good Needs Improvement
Remo Photo Recovery $49.97 Low 17 GB/hr Poor Needs Improvement
Recoverit Data Recovery $45.95 Up to 96% 395 GB/hr Excellent Great
Disk Doctors Photo Recovery $49.97 High 293 GB/hr Good Needs Improvement
GetData Recover My Photos $39.95 Low 44 GB/hr Poor Needs Improvement

Part 3. Four Alternatives to Stellar Photo Recovery

  1. Recoverit Photo Recovery
  2. Remo Photo Recovery
  3. Disk Doctors Photo Recovery
  4. GetData Recover My Photos

Here are some alternatives to Stellar Photo Recovery software to supply your needs. The reviews on the four photo recovery software for PC can help you pick a more suitable one as per your needs.

1. The Best Alternative: Recoverit Data Recovery

If you want the best alternative to Stellar Photo Recovery, then it is Recoverit Photo Recovery. It can recover lost files and it has the highest recovery rate. It is known as the fastest and easiest data recovery software available on the Internet. It is the one that can offer huge data security and recover data on both Windows and Mac OS. It can even retrieve lost data from Android devices, tablets, digital cameras, and. It is an all-in-one recovery software that will cover all your requirements.


Recoverit Photo Recovery can recover 96% of images in various formats. Coming with a user-friendly interface, its installation, setup, and recovery process is as simple as A-B-C. It is software. It is well-organized and virus-free software that can recover various photos, videos, and audio. As an easy and secure photo retriever, it allows you to recover 10 images, video, and audio files for free and without any file size limits.

Among all the photo recovery tools, it is the only one that offers the highest scanning as well as recovery speed. With it, you will get a PC file scan and preview options. We tested the software for various data loss situations. It does a great job and can retrieve the desired data. So, it is worth trying and even buy as you will be able to get back all your lost data irrespective of the data loss situation.

Recoverit Photo Recovery


  1. It can recover data for all data loss scenarios.
  2. It has the highest data recovery rate, up to 96%.
  3. It supports a wide variety of photo, video, and audio file formats.
  4. It offers photo recovery from all internal or external storage devices.


  1. With its trial version, you can recover only 10 media files regardless of the file size.
  2. For other data files like documents, you need to upgrade it to another version.

2. Remo Photo Recovery

Remo Photo Recovery is considered an advanced image recovery alternative to Stellar Photo Recovery. It is compatible with Windows as well as Mac OS. It is integrated with a powerful algorithm that can recover lost or deleted pictures on a computer with great ease and in a quick way. It offers remarkable features that make this tool an ideal alternative to the Stellar Photo Recovery software.

Main Features:

  • Remo Photo Recovery can recover lost images, audios, videos, and many more irrespective of how you lost your data.
  • It supports plenty of file formats for each file type, like MP3, MP4, JPEG, PNG, and many more.
  • It also allows users to save their recovered data in the form of compressed file format, which aids in saving disk space.
  • Like other data recovery tools, it also works with various storage media and can retrieve lost data from damaged memory cards too.
  • The image file recovery software offers the Find Tools feature to find recovered files more efficiently and quickly.


Remo Photo Recovery is an ideal option for recovering raster images including PNG, JPEG. The recovery rate for the raster images is high. When it comes to interface, it has simple and easy to use. We tested this data rescue software with a common data loss situation such as virus attack, accidental deletion, etc. It can recover JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and many more under various data loss situations. Its installation process is easy, and even the beginner can set it up.

remo photo recoveryRemo - Alternative to Stellar Photo Recovery

Its free version can recover files, but it fails to find the specific files. Another downside is its scan and recovery speed which is low. If you are looking for photo recovery software for recovering photos from the DSLR camera, then Remo Photo Recovery is a bad choice. Another major drawback is that it does not offer preview functionality before recovery.

Its basic version is a good one for recovering data from smaller-volume drives only. It is secure and safe to use. As when we installed it using Anti-virus software, then it didn’t detect any virus, even at the installation time. When it comes to its technical support, it is great and you can contact them via email, phone number, and live chat. So, Remo Photo Recovery is the best option for raster image recovery. But camera RAW image recovery from formatted drive, it is not preferable.


  1. It is a malware and virus free tool.
  2. It supports a wide range of file formats.
  3. It can recover digital photos from a DLSR camera.


  1. It fails in recovering RAW images.
  2. Its scanning speed is low.
  3. After recovering files, it is difficult to find the target file.
  4. It is not available for mobile recovery.

3. Disk Doctors Photo Recovery

Disk Doctors Photo Recovery is considered the most powerful software for both Windows and Mac systems. It can even recover lost data from tablets and iPhone devices. It utilizes the deep scan algorithm to find deleted data due to accidental deletion, virus attack, system crash, etc. It can also be used for the backup of data for data security and protection.

Main Features:

  • Apart from photo recovery, you can recover videos and audios files with various types of formats.
  • Recovering images from the formatted drivers along with the file name are also possible.
  • It utilizes the advanced algorithm to detect files even when drives or storage media is highly corrupted.
  • It lets users create a disk image file so that users can easily retrieve data from a hard drive with bad sectors.
  • The photo recovery alternative to Stellar Recovery saves retrieved files to disk which is accessible to the host OS.


Disk Doctors Photo Recovery is a powerful photo recovery tool for the JPEG file format. It does not offer a recovery rate as it offers for JPEG format. Its quick scan process is fast, but when you will do its advanced scan features, it takes a long duration of time. After the scanning process, it gives a very confusing result, and to find the particular lost file is difficult.

It does not offer many filters to find the desired lost image. Another downside of the software is that it does not offer a preview option before the recovery. The recovery rate for the vector image files such as PDFs, GIF, and many more, it is completely zero as it is not able to retrieve a single zero file. The recovery rate for the JPEG file format under various data loss scenarios is highest.

Disk Doctors Photo Recovery can identify every camera RAW images. It is the ideal solution for DSLR camera image recovery, especially for Canon and Nikon. But, it fails for a digital camera like Samsung and Epson. Disk Doctors Photo Recovery lacks a recover button, and it recovers images just after the scanning process. However, even if you are new to the software, you will be able to use it without any hitch. So, overall, it is an ideal software for the recovery of most common JPEG and raster images.

Disk Doctor Photo Recovery Disk Doctor Photo Recovery


  1. It is easy to operate.
  2. It comes with a clear and friendly interface.
  3. It can recover every JPG file format.
  4. It works for various operating systems.


  1. In recovering vector files, it fails.
  2. Turbo and normal scans give the same results.
  3. Lack of filters to find a specific file.
  4. Its recovery rate for some image formats is low.

4. GetData Recover My Photos

GetData Recover My Photos is the last but not the least alternative to Stellar Photo Recovery software. It is the leading free photo recovery tool that is present on the Internet. No matter from which source whether computer, digital cameras or any other, the GetData will aid you in recovering your precious photos as fast as possible.

Main Features:

  • It can also recover sound files and movies of various formats such as MPEG, AVI, MOV, WAV, and many more.
  • It can retrieve lost or deleted images of many formats such as JPEG, RAW, TIFF, BMP, NEF, CRW, and many others.
  • When it comes to photo recovery from storage media, it works with almost every storage media such as SmartMedia, Compact Flash, USB, hard drive, Memory Stick and many more.
  • The Stellar Recovery alternative can recover images or photos due to various data loss situations.


GetData Recover My Photos is excellent at recovering images that are mistakenly deleted, but it lacks in retrieving images from formatted drive. So, it has a high recovery rate for digital camera photos as it recognizes every RAW image. Its interface is straightforward. It is good photo recovery software until you don’t use it for recovering images from the deleted partitions. When it comes to installation, it is not an easy task.

The recovery rate for the JPEG image format is highest, and in the case of raster images such as PNG, BMP, and many more, it has a low recovery rate as compared to JPEG. When it comes to the recovery of vector images, it is the one that you can choose without any second thought. But, if you want to recover vector images from the formatted drives, then it completely fails. It only recovers the JPEG file format from formatted drives. Overall, it works for almost every data loss situation.

Whenever you faced any difficulty while using the software, you can contact its technical support team via email and phone. The live chat feature is missing in it. It works with almost every digital camera. It offers the lowest recovery rate for the vector images only. For the beginner level, it is somehow difficult to use or operate. When it comes to scanning and recovery speed, it has slow speed.

getdata recover my photos GetData Recover My Photos


  1. It has a simple interface.
  2. Camera RAW Photo recovery is possible.
  3. It is 100% secure and safe to use.
  4. It is a very effective recovery software.


  1. Its recovery speed is very low.
  2. It does not offer functionality for CD recovery.
  3. Its interface is outdated.
  4. It is not ideal for recovery from a reformatted drive.

Part 4. How Do Us Carry out the Test on Photo Recovery Tool?

The tests about photo recovery software are carried out in two steps. The first step is the test setup and another step is the test process.

Test Setup:

To test the performance of software, we gather some data that we can use for test purposes. Image files of every format such as JPEG, PNG, Gif, camera raw, and vector images are collected. And we create different data loss scenarios to confirm the performance of each photo recovery software. The most common situations are considered, for example, accidental deletion, formatting, storage corruption, virus attack, system crash, etc.

Test Process:

After gathering the test images lost due to different reasons, we save the images on multiple drives of the system. Then, delete some files or format the drive. After that, we recover the image files using different photo recovery software, especially including Stellar Photo Recovery. Next, we check and record the software scanning and recovery speed. During the whole test process, we will also pay close attention to its interface to know how flexible the software is.

The ease of use depends on its features like filter, recover, and preview button. After the recovery process, results are displayed mostly in the form of file type for lost images. Then, we analyze which image format has the highest recovery rate depending on the images that we got most after the result.

Part 5. Tips for Photo Recovery

Even though you can get data recovery software for PC like Recoverit Photo Recovery to help you get all your lost or deleted pictures back, some tips should still be kept in mind for a smoother image recovery process.

Bonus Reading:

The Bottom Line

This guide has given you a snapshot of the Stellar Photo Recovery software and its alternative image recovery tools. You can choose any of the above-mentioned software as per your requirements. However, it is the Recoverit Photo Recovery tool that has the highest performance for both Scan and Recovery mode when compared with its counterparts. Download and try it free now!

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