Best AMR to MP3 Converter Apps for Mac or Windows 10 in 2023

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The article's overview discusses what AMR is, what MP3 is, and the Best Free AMR to MP3 Converter Apps. You will get to know how to convert AMR to MP3 for free using programs such as NCH Audio Converter, VLC Media Player, Audacity, Quicktime and iTunes. 5 online freeware AMR to MP3 converter will be also introduced: CloudConvert, FreeConvert (Edit Audios), Wondershare UniConverter, Online Convert, and Aconvert.

What is AMR? 

The Adaptive Multi-Rate audio codec (AMR) compresses audio data for speech coding. It's also a file format for using the AMR codec to record human speech and voice. AMR format files record spoken messages on many current mobile phones. Most players, except Apple QuickTime and RealPlayer, are unable to decode AMR files. Converting your AMR files to MP3 will increase their compatibility, allowing you to play them more freely.

What is MP3? 

MP3 files may be used to hold a single song or an entire CD and take up very little hard disk space. A computer can save hundreds or thousands of songs due to its tiny file size.

Best AMR to MP3 Converter Apps for Mac or Windows 10 in 2022

An audio converter, such as an AMR to MP3 converter is helpful to have on hand for audio conversions. We'll show you different of the finest AMR to MP3 converter programs for Mac and Windows.

Way 1: NCH Switch Audio File Converter to MP3

Available on Windows & Mac


The Cons:

Steps: Convert AMR to MP3 with NCH Switch on Mac or Windows



Way 2: VLC

Available on: Windows & Mac & Android & iOS & Linux


The Cons:

Steps: Convert AMR to MP3 Free with VLC







Way 3: Audacity

Available on: Windows & Mac & Android & iOS & Linux


The Cons:

Steps: Convert AMR to MP3 Free with Audacity








Way 4: Quicktime and iTunes                             


The Cons:

Steps: Convert AMR to MP3 on Mac for Free with QuickTime & iTunes





Way 5: CloudConvert (Allow Previewing MP3 File)



The Cons:

Steps: Convert AMR to MP3 Online Free




Way 6: FreeConvert (Edit Audios)



The Cons:

Steps: Convert AMR to MP3 Online Free



Download and install an offline audio converter program if you can; it will save your time.

Way 7: How to Convert AMR to MP3 using Wondershare UniConverter on Mac

Follow the guide below to convert AMR to MP3 on Mac OS X step by step. Check it out.

Step 1 Import your AMR files to this AMR to MP3 converter for Mac.

After installing Wondershare UniConverter for Mac, go to the Convert area in the upper middle of the main screen. You may now drag and drop the AMR audio file into the program window or select to add an audio file from your Mac.



Step 2 Convert AMR to MP3 Format Mac.

To acquire the output formats, go to the Output Format: section and click the. Then go to Audio > MP3 and select the audio quality you want on the right.


Note: You might wish to modify your original audio files at times. In that scenario, you may obtain the trimming window by clicking the scissor-like symbol below the loaded AMR audio thumbnail (only ), as seen in the picture.


Step 3 Start AMR to MP3 conversion on Mac OS X (Mojave included).

On the right, click the Start All button to begin converting AMR to MP3 using Wondershare UniConverter for Mac. You may retrieve the converted music file by clicking the Finished button once the conversion is complete.


Note: If you're having trouble finding the output files on your Mac, you may create your output folder. To do so, go to Preferences in the application window's right corner and choose the output folder.

Way 8: How to Convert AMR to MP3 using Online Convert

Online Convert is arguably the most excellent free conversion tool on our list when it comes to the number of formats available. It can convert images, music, video, documents, and even units with ease. Conversions of speed, temperature, length, area, and money are among the most common. Everything is appropriately labeled, making it simple to use. On the other hand, Online Converter has a lot of advertisements, which is a big letdown. You may also only upload 200MB of AMR files every day.

Step 1: Open Online Converter, then select Convert To > MP3 > Go under Audio Converter.

Step 2: Choose File, then search for and import your AMR audios till the 200MB maximum is reached.

Step 3: With a single click of the Convert button, Online Converter will convert AMR to MP3 in under a second.


Way 9: How to Convert AMR to MP3 using AConvert

Another good online free AMR converting tool is AConvert. The PDF, archive, website, picture, video, and eBook formats are all supported by this freeware. Despite the only enabling conversion of up to 10 files each day, it is simple to explore and use. Also, avoid clicking on the numerous advertisements on this free site to avoid infecting your computer with viruses or malware.

Step 1: To import AMR audios, go to the site, scroll down, and select the Add Files button.

Step 2: Select MP3 format from the Audio Format area of the Target.

Step 3: Next to the Target area, click the Convert Now option.



The article discusses several ways of converting AMR to MP3 using various steps and images. Converting AMR to MP3 WAV file will have capture 100% of the audio quality that exists in the original.

However, if you're having difficulties converting from AMR to MP3, study and follow the steps in the article, including the images, you will indeed find a way out.

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