Ways to Convert EPS to JPG with High Resolution (Batch Support)

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EPS is a vector graphic which you can be unable to access/view when you don’t have the right viewer in your device. Therefore, an image converter is the most suitable tool for you as you will able to open your EPS file.

Alternatively, it becomes time consuming when you have thousands of EPS files but you are limited to number of conversions daily. If you facing any of these challenges on your computer, then the best choice for you is having an EPS to JPG Converter that will enable you to open this EPS format on your computer.

Save yourself and time from this repetitive and time consuming task to produce High Resolution JPG files.

In this article, let’s share some of the online sites and software that Support Batch conversion EPS to JPG with High Resolution.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a standalone software developed by Adobe for Mac and Windows users equipped with the capability to convert EPS to JPG. It is the best choice images handler to produce excellent professional results.

This tool is supported in Mac and Windows. This conversion process is the same for all platforms. The only difference is the Control or Command option.

How to Convert single EPS file to JPG


Steps to Batch Convert using High Resolution



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics software developed and maintained by Adobe. At first, mainly developed for MacOS computers it became available for Windows users as well.

Using Adobe Illustrator, you can efficiently and effectively design logos, icons and billboards. However, being a professional software, Ai can’t be used easily by everyone.

By converting EPS files to JPG, you will be able to open them using desktop publishing programs like PowerPoint and Microsoft Word.

Steps to Convert single EPS to JPG using Ai


Steps to Batch Convert with High Resolutions





Since some image editing tools do not have in-built all features, you can use image editors like GIMP (free and open source). This tool gives you image resolution information enabling you to adjust the resolution of the images for printing purposes as these require quality print which is mainly dependent on image resolution.

Using GIMP, you can edit images which for many it is an easier and much cheaper as compared to using Photoshop.

Steps to Convert EPS to JPG


An image print resolution box is displayed showing the print information. Select print size width and height and set your desire size.




If you want more than a picture converter software, this is the right for you as it allows you to perform additional operations on pictures like resizing photos, renaming, date and time annotations on pictures as well as watermarking them

This picture converter program offers multiple input and output image formats allowing multiple pictures conversions in a single operation. You are able to convert pictures from your Explorer browser and save their settings for later use.

BatchPhoto allows you to convert to 110+ image formats, including digital formats e.g. JPG/JPEG etc.

How to Convert




Online Converters

These are web-based converters which you can use no matter the browser you are using or personal computer. They do not require you to download and install any application.

They are easily accessible as all you need is internet connectivity and get your job done right. To be safe, do not upload sensitive information as they can be hacked and pose threats.

Therefore, you save on space and time!


Zamzar is an online EPS to JPG Converter that is simple to use enabling you to do different types of conversions not limited to images, graphics, documents, eBooks etc. easily.

Converted files can then be downloaded from links on the download page or from your email. It supports High Quality Bulk Conversions but output files are downloaded individually.

Steps to Convert EPS to JPG using Zamzar


EPS Converter

Using EPS Converter, you can access it on the web browser directly. It’s main reason for being developed is to facilitate conversion of EPS files to JPG along other formats including PNG, GIF, PDF, SVG and TIFF formats.

Do not worry about the resolution as you can easily choose before conversion. Cons of this tool is that it only supports EPS images conversion and limitation on the size of files being uploaded for conversion.

Steps to Convert EPS to JPG



This is an online free file converter tool, which not only supports online files conversions but also allows you to convert documents, videos, eBooks, archives, presentations and audios.

It is integrated to enable you to use it on your favorite operating system and web browser. Convertio supports batch conversions making it more efficient and produces quality results.

Steps to Convert EPS to JPG


Having looked at some of multi-platform available, it is good for you to know there are many EPS converters available. They can further be grouped into free and paid categories.

Choose the most suitable converter that will best work for you while converting EPS to JPG. Also, you need to check system requirements of these converters before installing them on your computer.

Batch conversion are most suitable when using standalone softwares as compared to online converters.

If you have any challenges converting EPS files, feel free to contact us. You’re appreciated when you leave messages and your comment below. Thanks

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