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Learn how to convert your PDFs to Google Sheets that are editable. Also find out about some of the programs that can make the work easier for you saving you time and energy and be highly efficient and productive in your work.

Why you should need a Converter

You may be wondering if they are free, fast in conversion, secure or accurate, then you are at the right place to find the right tools to do your job right. You will also be equipped with easy to follow steps and be able to extract intact and accurate date while maintaining original formatting during conversion of your PDF to Google Sheets. With online convertors, they are don’t require you to download and install third-party programs on your device.

Let’s have a look at some of the top notch Online PDF to Google Sheets converters you can use.

1.   SmallPDF

SmallPDF is a multifunctional PDF management program that will help, you to efficiently and effectively transform your PDFs files to various formats including xlsx among many others.

This PDF to Excel tool is accurate and offers you cloud integration for increased convenience to be able to transform your files regardless of what device you’re using as long as you have internet connectivity. SmallPDF combines, compress, divide files and input e-signatures as well as process large datasets (5GB per file).

It’s also quite secure, as SmallPDF deletes all SmallPDF documents are erased after 1 hour once the conversion process is complete ensuring none of your important business files can be stolen by third-parties.

Converting your PDF to Google Sheets using SmallPDF

  • Open this link Document Convertor on your browser
  • Click upload or drag and drop your PDF files to the PDF to Excel Converter.
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-1

  • Wait for it to reconstruct the file to Excel format
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-2

  • Choose Convert to Excel if your PDF has selectable text but if you your PDF document is scanned, select Convert to Excel with OCR to be converted to editable Excel files.
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-3

  • Click Download to save the Xlsx file to your local drive or upload.
  • 2.   PDF Chef

    Like the altoconvertpdftoexcel, this online free tool has the capability of data extraction from the PDF input accurately, maintain original format and layout and offer prime quality Excel spreadsheets.

    Its reputation precedes it and it was even ranked Top 2 Best free pdf to Excel Convertors. You however can be able to Merge PDF, Split, Rotate, Rearrange and Delete PDF pages you do not require at the moment.

    However, the only drawback is it does not support batch conversion or OCR image PDF to Google Sheets.


    Here is How to Convert PDF to Google Online Free with convertpdf2excel.

  • Go to https://pdfchef.com/ in your browser.
  • Upload or drag and drop your PDF files to it
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-4

  • Click Start Over to begin converting to Google Sheets
  • Select Download to save.
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-5

  • Upload the file to Google Sheets, edit and export the file.
  • 3.   Online2pdf (Native and Scanned PDF)

    Online2pdf converts image and native PDF to Google Sheets with OCR as well as offering free edit, convert, compress and protect PDF files services. It is suitable for scanned PDF, including images, however the quality of conversion is poor.

    You need to save time and effort to extract data from your PDF table? Online2pdf is the answer you just need.

    However, you need to correct the mistakes that might occur during conversion.

    Here is How to Convert PDF to Google Sheets with OCR using Online2pdf

  • On your web browser go to https://online2pdf.com/
  • Click on Select File
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-6

  • Upload or drag and drop the files you want to convert into the web application.
  • From the dropdown list select Excel 2007-2019
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-7

  • Select Excel XLSL as your output. If the file uploaded is a scanned PDF or image, open the OCR feature and select file language.
  • Click Convert button to start exporting PDF to Google Sheets.
  • Click Download to save the file to the hard disk
  • Once you are done upload the .xlsx file to Google Sheets.
  • 4.   Conversion.pdf

    This is another free online alternative tool for you. You do not have to register and very suitable to use with any platform you have include mobile phones.

    It however has the limitation on the number of uploads per operations (max. 10). On the other hand, the services being offered include:

    Here is How to Convert PDF to Google Sheets using Conversion.pdf

  • Open free PDF website and select Convert application.
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-8

  • Select inside file drop area to begin uploading PDF files or you can drag and drop the PDF files. (Max. 10 uploads for the operation.
  • Click Save As. You will be prompted to choose the conversion type you need. In this case you will choose Xlsx.
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-9

  • Click Convert button to begin converting your PDF files to the Xlsx format.
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-10

  • Click Download to save the file on the local drive.
  • You can also send a download link of the PDF file to your email address or if you are sending it for another person.

    NB: The files are deleted from our servers after 24 hours and download links will stop working after this time period.

    5.   Ilovepdf

    iLovePDF is an excellent tool that allows you to digitize your documents, edit and manage PDFs with a single UI. You can be able to create document with company logos and watermarks therefore suitable for use by companies in managing, editing and categorizing PDF files by adding notes to them, dividing, combining and compressing them.

    ILovePDF lets you translate files into a languages and uses a drag-and-drop UI that works simultaneously with several other documents.

    How to Convert your using iLovepdf

  • Go to iLovepdf on your web browser
  • Click upload or drag and drop your PDF files to the PDF to Excel Converter.
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-11

  • Wait for it to reconstruct the file to Excel format
  • Choose Convert to Excel if your PDF has selectable text but if you your PDF document is scanned, select Convert to Excel with OCR to be converted to editable Excel files.
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-12

  • Click Download to save the Xlsx file to your local drive or upload.
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-13

    6.   Ease PDF

    EasePDF carefully exports all table sheets form PDF and transforms them into Google Sheets with maximum security. It helps ensure all your data, layouts and formatting remain the same throughout the process at no cost at all.

    You can integrate this software with Cloud storage like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive allowing you to easily access files and upload converted Google Sheets to the online storage platforms.

    There is safe data encryption to ensure your documents are safe, handy user interface and a robust conversion functionality.

    How use Ease­­PDF to Convert PDF to Google Sheets

  • Go to EasePDF on your browser
  • Select PDF to Excel
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-14

  • Upload or Drag & Drop the PDF files you want to convert
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-15

  • Click Convert for the process to begin.
  • Download the converted file to save on local disk or you can upload on iStorage.
  • 7.   Convertio

    Convertio supports OCR feature with the ability to keep good formatting during exporting. It not only preserves the formatting and good quality of your work but also accurate with ability to support batch conversions therefore convenient.

  • Go to https://convertio.co/ on your browser
  • Drag and drop PDF files into the program;
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-16

  • Choose output as ePub;
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-17

  • Click Convert to export PDF as ePub;
  • Download or upload the files to your iStorage.
  • 8.   AltoPDFtoExcel

    Being safe and secure, altoconvertpdftoexcel can convert PDF to Google Sheets online free extremely easily. The reason why this tool comes on the top of my best list lies in its high-quality conversion result. You can refer to following Before & After screenshot, you will notice this program can not only well maintain the font, font style, formatting, but also, there is no error on the data.


    Converting PDF to Google Sheets using AltoPDFtoExcel

  • Go to altoconvertpdftoexcel in your browser.
  • Upload by drag & drop, or import from icloud services.
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-18

  • Click Convert Now to change to Google Sheets.
  • pdf-to-google-sheets-19

  • Download or upload to Google Sheets for editing.
  • Conclusion

    Having shown you some of the best PDF to Google Sheets online convertors available which are quick and convenient to use with simple to understand instructions you can be able to choose the best tools for you that suits your needs and be able to solve your problem.

    The only disadvantage with online convertors is that you usually don’t know where the uploaded files will be stored or if they will be correctly erased online.

    Have a try on the options above.

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