The Easiest Way to Remove Date Stamp from Photo 2021 (Online Free)

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How to remove date stamp from photo shouldn’t be as difficult as you think. In fact, there are over 7 free easy ways of removing the date stamp online in less than three minutes free of charge.

It must be annoying when you find the date stamp on your so much loved photo covering an amazing feature. It’s also common to find an image you want to insert into a document with a date on it.

Equally, how do you post a photo on your social media platforms with a date boldly displayed on it? Being a secret you wouldn’t wish to share with others, it’s important you learn how to remove the date stamp online free from the photo.

There are online free software purporting to remove date and time stamps fast and simple- some a genuine while others are meant to attract online traffic and are of no use. To help you solve this problem I’ll teach you the easiest ways that will make your photos look professional and clean.

So, how do you remove date stamps from your photos for free? Here are the easiest ways:

Let’s now start,

All the ways listed above do not require a pro to use. If you have a stable internet connection and a well-functioning computer or laptop, try any of them for free.

Way 1: Use Fotor’s Clone Effect to remove date stamp from photo –No signing-in and is free of charge


Fotor offers a free online photo editing feature called Clone. This feature is used to remove any unwanted objects from a photo online. Whereas the majority of the others features requires you to upgrade to a paid option, the Clone feature under the Beauty Function is free to use.

This date removal method involves cloning a natural part of the photo and using it to cover the date. It’s among the easiest ways as no prior experience is required.   

Step 1: To use Clone, open Fotor and navigate to the Beauty function. After clicking the Beauty function, a drop-down menu will pop up. Click on the Clone option. Use the adjustment options to match the size and boldness of the date.

Step 2: To the far top right is a + Import command. Tap on it to upload the photo you intend to remove the date. Alternatively, click on the Open option to upload the photo from your storage section.


Step 3: After you’ve uploaded the photo, tap on the brush icon and then clone the area you want to cover the date. Then shade on the date stamp.

SoftOrbits also offers the Clone Stamp feature. You can use this tool to remove the date stamp from your photo.

Way 2: Remove date stamp from photo using a Crop tool

Cropping images is probably the easiest and most popular way used to remove unwanted texts or objects from photos. When you use this method, bear in mind that some image effects and the photo resolution will be affected.

The good thing with the cropping option is you don’t have to subscribe to any Photoshop tool. Your computer or phone has the cropping option.

To use this technique, select the photo you want to remove the date stamp, and click to open. If the image is still in your camera, open the photo and use the crop editing feature.

Once the photo is open on your computer, click on the edit option and tap on the Crop icon.


Is the photo on your word document? Then tap on the photo and select Format on the top bar menu of your computer. Click on the Crop tool at the top right and crop the photo to remove the date.

Way 3: Remove date stamp from photo using Inpaint

Inpaint is an online photo editing tool that you can use to remove date stamp free of charge provided you have registered. You may sometimes be prompted to make a small donation to use some of its features like the Eraser. This is a critical feature as it erases the marking and the date.


This tool allows you to automatically restore the pixels on the section the date is removed.

To use the Inpaint way, search for the Inpaint tool on the web and open it.   After opening, tap on the Upload Image command.

To use the Marker Tool, which is represented by the marker pen, select the date stamp by highlighting it. Then click on the green arrow with the word Erase after it.

Give the tool a second and watch the Inpaint tool as it removes the date stamp. After the Inpainting process is done, click the Download to download and save your photo.

Way 4: Use Photoshop to remove date stamp from photo

There are online Photoshop tools like BunnyPic that allows you to erase, crop and even brush the date stamp without spending a penny. Other Photoshop tools have the Spot Healing Brush feature that’s perfect for removing date stamps on photos.

How to use Spot Healing Brush in Photoshop to remove date stamp



Step 1: For you to use the Spot Healing Brush, you first have to create two layers. The background of the original layer is used by the Spot Healing Brush as the camouflage to heal the spot.

Step 2: After creating the layers, tap on the Spot Healing Brush icon on the toolbar. Adjust the brush size and hardness of the brush to be slightly larger than the date stamp font.

Step 3: Use the brush to shade the date stamp and tap on the Heal Selection to heal the area earlier covered by the date.

Way 5: Remove date stamp from photo by Colour method

The majority of the free online photo or image editors have a colour feature that uses a Remover program to search for similar colour and then highlight it. This is an automatic method that uses the colour correlation principle to search the location of the date.

To use this method, select a pencil and set the pencil parameters to suit the date stamp and highlight the date. Click the colour wand that's similar to that of the date. The program will search for the colour in the highlighted area. The date stamp will be automatically removed.

Way 6: Use Pixrl to remove date stamp from photo

With Pixrl, you won’t use any coin to remove the date or any other object from a photo. All you need is to open it online and start editing the photo online.

Step 1: To start, navigate to the Pixrl photo editor on your web browser. Pixrl X offers more flexible and easy features to use online.

Step 2: Click on the highlighted Upload Image button and select the photo to remove date stamp from your gallery.


Step 3: After uploading your photo, use the Heal /Repair tool to remove the date stamp and heal the patched area.

Click on the Retouch button and use the Patch process to patch on the date stamp. Tap on the date stamp repeatedly until the date is removed. 


 Besides the Heal/Repair and Patch method, you can use the Cropping tool, Clone Stamp or even the Blurring tool to remove date stamps from photos online.

With the Cutout tool, choose the Draw Cutout and select the Keep mode. Set the brush size and softness to achieve the best result.

To download the photo, you'll have to create an account – it's free.

Way 7: Use Highlighting Method to remove date stamp from photo

Different software and apps have a photo /image highlighting feature that can be used to remove unwanted objects from a photo.

After opening your desired open-source software or app, upload the photo and using the Marquee Tool, select the date stamp area. Adjust the opacity by moving the slider to make the highlighted date stamp completely invisible.


With a majority of the free online photo editing tools compatible with Windows, Android, iPhones and Mac, it's easy to find a tool that can remove date stamp from photo. And since they almost feature similar features and processes, you can jump from one toll to another and not feel much pain.

All the processes are simple and easy. Therefore, it’s faster to understand how to remove date stamp from photos. Whereas you may be prompted to subscribe or register to download your photo, removing the date stamp can be done online and free of charge from the above-mentioned tools.

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