How to Convert TIFF to Editable Word Document (Mac, Windows and Online)

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TIFF is a high-resolution TIF image file you can create or receive via email usually used by businesses. If you don’t have the option to open or edit the content on the file, you will be cornered to convert the TIFF to editable Word file.

What are the reasons for Saving TIFF file to Docx?

For new users, you have a preference to use online tools that don’t require any installations or download one of your own you can use on your PC/Mac

If you are using your converter occasionally, a free TIFF converter would be a good option for you as compared to someone who uses their converter frequently for business reasons who and to whom purchasing a TIFF to Word converter will enable them have to more advanced functionalities of the program.

In this article, you will get to discover the best free converter tools that have a higher-quality conversion result and how you can be able to convert by yourself using with Mac/Windows.

Wondershare UniConverter

This is an impressive cross-platform program that you can use for editing, transfer, conversion, and similar image similar activities in images. It offers options of resizing images, batch conversions without affording to quality degradation and faster conversion process of up to 30 times.

How to Convert

  • Download and install Wondershare UniConverter in your device.
  • Launch the Application.
  • Select Toolbox Then Image Converter
  • convert-tiff-to-editable-word-1

  • On the + icon browse and import TIFF file to be converted. Alternatively, you can drag & drop files.
  • BitRecover TIFF to DOCX Converter.

    This is the ultimate choice for any Mac/Windows users. The UI is user-friendly, efficient and resilient. This tool is multi-featured to facilitate clean safe - conversions and quick – systematic conversion processes to ensure accuracy. TIFF to Word Converter supports bulk conversions, preserves data quality and allows you to choose the output destination.

    Using TIFF Conversion Tool, you can possibly convert possibly convert to a variety of other formats and you don’t require internet access any longer once it’s installed on your device. You are able to quickly access software taking a huge load off your shoulders.

    How to Convert TIFF to DOC/DOCX.

  • Download and install TIFF Converter on your Mac/Windows
  • Launch the TIFF software and click Next.
  • Choose Select Files button.
  • You have two options to upload your TIFF files either Select files to add a single or multiples tiff files or Select folders to select an entire folder with the TIFF files.
  • convert-tiff-to-editable-word-2

  • Click Go to Saving Option and select DOCX.
  • convert-tiff-to-editable-word-3

  • Choose Destination Path where choose of choice.
  • Click Convert tab to begin conversion. On the pop-up message click
  • convert-tiff-to-editable-word-4

    PDFelement TIFF to Editable Word Converter

    PDFelement supports conversion of TIFF to docx and also free for you to download. It allows you to interact more with the processes so that the final results of your file could be much better. If your file is password protected, then this is the best tool for you.

    It also allows you to adjust images, add color filters and watermarks; image preview and settings; batch conversion as well as compress and resize easily and quickly.

    This program has a UI which makes the process much easy to follow. It allows users to overcome challenges which other programs cannot handle. This is made possible by the frequent important updates that its developers roll out.

    How to Convert using PDFelement

  • Download and install PDFelement in your device with a free Download or Buy PDFelement.
  • Launch PDFelement > Drag and drop TIFF to open it.
  • convert-tiff-to-editable-word-5

  • Click Edit > OCR to continue.
  • convert-tiff-to-editable-word-6

    Note: Before you proceed, download and install OCR before using. It should follow separately

    so the OCR may work.

  • Click Home Then to Word to begin conversion
  • convert-tiff-to-editable-word-7

    ABBYY FineReader PDF TIFF to Editable Word Converter

    ABBYY FineReader offers you an uncanny ability to accurately scan images while maintaining the original formatting as well as capturing and editing texts. Images including TIFF files are digitized and you are allowed to save them in different formats. This processes can be supported in different languages with same accuracy.

    The latest AI - based OCR tech makes ABBYY FineReader the most reputable and preferred tool for businesses and individuals including students maximizing efficiency in the digital workplace. If you are an informational worker, you can be able to focus more on your area of expertise and less on administrative duties

    How to Convert TIFF to DOCX using ABBYY FineReader

  • Get a copy of ABBYY FineReader PDF trial from the official website, install and then launch the App.
  • Select Convert to Microsoft Word
  • convert-tiff-to-editable-word-8

  • Select Editable Copy and click OCR language
  • convert-tiff-to-editable-word-9

  • Choose More Options to personalize the final output
  • Click Add File to add more TIFF files, then select Combine all files to one document
  • convert-tiff-to-editable-word-10

  • Choose Convert to Word, to start conversion
  • Convert TIFF to Editable Word Document (Online)

    Making a TIFF editable, you require to find a tools with excellent high quality OCR feature, a technology that recognizes image/scanned-based file and converts to editable texts, or else you will be allowed to save the TIFF image in Word document.

    These three online converters are the best choices for you to use because:

  • They are safe and clean as you will not be guided to install malwares or distractive annoying pop-up ads.
  • Their conversions are accurate preserving original formats of the TIFF. However, there is need to understand that no perfect OCR is available.
  • The conversion process is fast and the steps are usually simple to follow. Speed of conversion depends on the internet connectivity status and service provider.
  • Saving in Word document is restricts you from editing your file.

    1.     Online2pdf

    Online2pdf has a good OCR result especially in preserving formats and supporting both PDF and image files. In case the texts in TIFF images are bit images, they become hard to be recognized as editable texts and therefore you may find multiple errors in Word document.

    You also have to manually adjust the file size.

    How to Change TIFF to DOCx,

  • On your web browser go to
  • Click on Select File icon
  • Upload or drag and drop the files you want to convert into the web application.
  • convert-tiff-to-editable-word-11

  • Add TIFF for OCR. Select Word Docx as output then choose file language.
  • Click Convert to save as editable Word Document.
  • 2.   ABBYY FineReader Online

    To use the ABBYY FineReader Online, you have to create an account with them.

    With a few clicks, ABBY FineReader OCR feature can accurately recognize TIFF images and convert to editable text in Word document. It preserves the formatting and accuracy is higher compared to other OCR tools.

    It’s only disadvantage is the failure to change the file size to normal A4 producing a file size similar to the original TIIF image.

    How to Convert using ABBYY FineReader Online.

  • Open ABBYY FineReader OCR in your browser.
  • Select Register to create account.
  • Choose Upload to add TIFF for OCR
  • convert-tiff-to-editable-word-12

  • Select file language, you can choose 3 languages at a go if your files are multi-lingual.
  • Select output as Word DOCx
  • Click Recognize converting TIFF to Word document.
  • 3.   Convertio

    Convertio offers no room for recognition error as well as supporting bilingual files and exports files to cloud storage.

    The OCR tool in Convertio is somewhat poor therefore you may realize some texts are unrecognizable and formatting is not preserved, you end up manually adjusting both file size and format.

    Only 10 pages are converted for free using OCR, you then have to upgrade to enjoy the services.

    How to Convert TIFF to DOCx Using Convertio.


  • On your web browser, go to Convertio website.
  • Upload or drag & drop TIFF files into the program
  • convert-tiff-to-editable-word-13

  • Click file language and choose output as DOCx.
  • convert-tiff-to-editable-word-14

  • Select Recognize to change TIFF to Word format
  • Click Convert
  • After it is complete click Download to save
  • Conclusion

    There is absolutely no free Offline TIFF to Editable Word Convertor. At some point you’ll be prompted to purchase the license version of some of these programs after doing several conversions for free so that you continue using them or to upgrade functionalities of the programs.

    Before you decide to purchase, ensure you have tested the OCR program available and weighed the options you have so that you’ll be able to convert bulk TIFF to DOCx with ease.

    Having looked at some of the best tools available and how you can do conversion by yourself please leave your feedback.

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