Batch and Free: 3 Ways to Convert TIFF (TIF) to EPS

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TIF (Tagged Image File Format) being the raster image and EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) being the vector image so it becomes a little tricky to convert these files. Many converters are available which perform this task free of cost. TIF contains high quality images and EPS along with image also contains text to describe the position of drawings on the image. Mostly the conversions are needed according to the desire of the users. It all depends on users what they want. They may change their requirements according to their needs. At one time they may need TIFF images and after some time they may require EPS images. So considering these four methods are discussed here to perform this conversion.  

What is TIF (Tagged Image File Format)?

TIF stands for Tagged Image File Format. It is a raster image with unique features. The old file formats like FAT used TIF because maximum three alphabets were allowed for extension using FAT file format. The new file formats like NTFS use TIFF. So, both TIF and TIFF are same. It is used for storing professional images and contain large metadata. It also includes size and compression algorithm information. Images can easily be opened in both Windows and MAC. It is a secure format for storing images of high quality. The latest version is TIFF 6. It is a lossless compression algorithm and saves the quality of image. It is not web friendly because it slows down speed. 

Advantages of TIFF 

Following are the reasons of using TIFF as the image format:  

What is EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)? 

EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript. This image format also contains text along with image. This format is descriptive in nature. Digital images are usually purchased in EPS format because of ease to resize them. It is the creation of adobe. It is specially designed for vector based images 

Advantages of EPS  

Following are the reasons of using EPS as the image format:  

  Differences between TIFF and EPS



It is good for raster images 

It is good for vector images 

TIFF is not web friendly 

EPS is web friendly 

It is best for photography.

It is best for printing, best for drawings and text too.

TIFF is suitable for inkjet printers 

EPS is suitable for laser printers 

TIFF provides transparency option 

EPS provides no transparency option 


As TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) image format is not web friendly so it must be converted into web friendly format i.e. EPS to use your image over the internet for example when sending as an email. 

You want to convert from TIFF or TIF to ESP right? You do not know the tools for converting them or do not know what tools are best for the batch conversion. Well you are right only few tools provide the facility for batch conversion and most of them are paid tools. You do not want to spend money on the purchased software? Then you must read our article where we have provided you the best and free of cost solutions for batch conversion of image formats. We have converted both free and cross-platform solutions. So use these tools and enjoy. 

Aconvert (Online Tool)

The online tool selected for TIFF to EPS conversion is Aconvert. Aconvert requires full access to internet and high speed. If internet is available then conversion is just a few clicks away and your work is done. It can convert all type of files: 

The URL to this website is:

Main steps to add the music to your favorite video:

Step#1 Visit site

Click on this URL to directly go to TIFF to EPS converter.


Step#2 Upload Files

Click on “Choose Files” option to select the TIFF files which you want to convert to EPS.


Step#3 Change Size (Optional)

In case you want to change the size of the TIFF images then click on “Resize Image” option and select the desired size.


Step#4 Convert

 Hit the “Convert Now” button and the conversion will start.

Step# 5 Download

The converted files will appear in Conversion results. Click on download icon to save them to your device.


Step#6 Delete File (Optional)

Delete file option is also available for deleting the files instantly.

This option is available to delete the file immediately after you downloaded it. If you will not delete it then automatically after 2 hours it will be deleted from the server of the website.

Step#7 ZIP File (Optional) 

If you want to keep these batch of files all in one folder than “Add to ZIP” option is also provided. 

In case you want to know what is ZIP? It is a compressed file which compresses the selected files and store them in a single folder. 


Image online convert(online tool)

This is also an online tool for converting TIFF to EPS. It also provides other image format conversions. 

URL of this website is:

Step#1 Visit the Site

Click on the above mentioned link and following window will appear. 


Step#2 Upload files 

Click on “Choose files” to upload the TIFF files from your device to this converter. 


Step#3 Convert 

Click on “Start Conversion”. The conversion will start and it will take few seconds to convert the files. 


Step#4 Download 

Download the converted files by clicking the download icon.

Optional settings are also available like change size, color and DPI.  


Batch Photo

Batch photo is the tool which can be installed both on Windows and MAC operating systems. This software is available in different languages. It provides free and batch conversion. The only glitch in this software is that you would have to purchase this software if you want your output to be watermark free. 

Download this tool from Select the download option depending on your operating system. 

Key Features 

Key features of this software are: 

Main steps to add the music to your favorite video:

Step#1 Download Batch Photo software

Download and launch the Batch Photo software.

Step#2 Add Files


Step#3 Edit Photos (Optional)


Step#4 Conversion

Click “Setup


The following window will appear.


Click on “Output Format” to choose the target format.


Click on “Process”


Advance Batch Image Converter

Advance batch image Converter is abbreviated as ABIC. It is an open source software and free of cost. It is platform offering multiple services. It supports large range of formats for example JPEG, TIFF, PNG, EPS, WebP etc. The output is watermark free. 

Key Features  

Some of the key features of advance batch image converter are following: 

Download link:

Main steps to add the music to your favorite video:

Step#1 Download Batch Photo software

Download this software from the above provided link and launch the Advance Batch Image Converter software.


Step#2 Upload files

Click on “Add Files” to upload the TIFF files on the software. You can select a single file or a batch of files.

Step#2 Conversion

Click on “Advanced” option from the menu bar.

Now click on “Output Format” and select “EPS” as the output format of the image.

Then click “Convert” button.

And it is saved on your device.

The Bottom Line 

Wide variety of converters are available. Some of them are online and some can be downloaded on the computers. Some come as free tools but others have to be purchased after trial version. Some leave watermark. Aconvert (Online Tool), Image online convert (Online Tool),  Batch Photo (MAC and Windows), Advance Batch Image Converter (MAC and Windows). Among these softwares Advance Batch Image converter and Aconvert are best because they are totally free and do not leave watermark on the output. Using these converters batch conversion can be performed for saving the time.  

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