Ways to Convert WAV to OGG on Mac/Windows (Batch Support) 

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WAV files are large, uncompressed audio files which become inconvenient when you want to share them over the internet. There is need to reduce size and maintain quality after conversion.

There are a bunch of motives why you need to convert WAV to OGG, right? But how to do it perfectly and instantly in a seamless manner could be a problem. Fine, I have professionally selected ____WAV to OGG Batch converters for your Windows/Mac to be able to solve your problem.

It discusses how you will be able to that with the assistance of easy to understand and follow tutorials that will be of great help.

Let me guide you on how to Convert WAV audio!

Wondershare UniConverter

Originally for only Windows users, UniConverter is a powerful integrated tool packed with audio/video conversion, editing features and compression that stands out to be the best tool available.

Not only can you convert audio to other file formats e.g. MP3, WAV, WMA etc. but you can also convert video to audio files as well while preserving the quality of the original files.

UniConverter has a user friendly software that is well organized and you can easily navigate and use. This tool is renown its 90X efficiency conversion rate.

Steps to Convert

  • Download and install UniConverter. Follow the installation guidelines to correctly install it.
  • Launch the UniConverter application.
  • On the left navigation panel, click Converter then press the + icon to import the required WAV files you need to convert. To Batch process you can add multiple files.
  • convert-wav-to-ogg-1

  • Go to Output Format and click v icon. In the pop-up window that appears click it. Select Audio tab > OGG as desired output format. Proceed to select the quality of the file you need.
  • Once you are done, click Start All to begin conversion process. [ All your imported audio file, WAV, will be converted to the selected output format,
  • convert-wav-to-ogg-2

  • Press Merge if you need combined files.
  • If you want to access your converted audio files, on the File Location tab, click v icon and select the Folder Location at window bottom.
  • Aiseesoft Total Video Converter.

    Aiseesoft Converter is a comprehensive video/audio converter with about 17 input formats including WAV, MP3, OGG, A43 etc. With Aiseesoft, you can extract audio files from any movie or video clips such as MP4, MTS, MOV, AVI etc. You also equipped and enabled to not only add but also replace video audio tracks with ease.

    When you use the free trial, audio files are limited to 5 minutes’ conversion if audio files are more than 5min long, while less than 5 min audio files, only half audio is converted.

    Steps to convert WAV to OGG using Aiseesoft Total Video Converter.

  • Download and install converter on your computer.
  • Launch the Aiseesoft.
  • Click Add File to import WAV files.
  • To edit, click Enhance, Trim, 3D and Edit

  • Click Profile > OGG > Apply to All > Convert.
  • convert-wav-to-ogg-3

    VLC Media Player

    VLC is an awesome media player able to play almost every format currently available. It is free and open source for Mac, Windows, android and iOS making viewing much easier.

    It is worth mentioning that the program is continually developed and upgraded with a large user base, to ensure is easier and offers best experience there can ever be.

    Most of you do not know that you can Batch Convert WAV to OGG Files. This process may take time especially if you have larger media files depending on the file type, size, format being encoded and computer specification.

    “Please ensure your VLC is up-to-date.”

    Converting WAV to OGG using VLC Player

  • Launch your VLC Media Player.
  • Click Media > Open multiple files.
  • convert-wav-to-ogg-4

  • Select Add and choose the files you want to converted.
  • convert-wav-to-ogg-5

  • Press Alt + O or click the down arrow next to Play > Convert.
  • Click Profile and select the format you want to save your files. In this case you will input output format as OGG. The files are automatically stored in the same location as the original file to be converted.
  • convert-wav-to-ogg-6

  • Select Start beginning the process.
  • Stellar Audio Video Converter.

    Stellar Audio Converter, is another alternative which converts bot audio and video. It is simple and does not require any user manual and tutorials to guide you. You are able to convert very fast and it supports 15 different output format for your files.

    Using Stellar, it turns your audio files into different formats for opening and editing being able to play, edit and convert multiple audio files easily.

    Steps to converting WAV to OGG using Stellar Audio/Video Converter

  • Download and Install Stellar Audio/Video Converter on your computer
  • Launch the program
  • Drag and drop WAV files to the program. Note: Select all WAV files to be converted.
  • convert-wav-to-ogg-7

  • Click Output Format >Audio > Output Format> You can change your quality by choosing one of your choice and press OK.
  • convert-wav-to-ogg-8

  • Click Merge to combine audio > Convert to begin batch conversion from WAV to OGG.
  • convert-wav-to-ogg-9

    Joyoshare Audio Converter.

    Joyoshare Audio Converter is the ideal choice for you since it supports cross-platform environment. It is able to offer lossless quality conversion, supports more than 150+ formats and 50X super faster in batch conversions helping you save your energy and time.

    Using Joyoshare, you are able to perform activities such as audio and video editing, trim and cut files, adjust audio channels, bitrate and codec etc. thus you are able to encode with ease. You are end up being able to customize videos and audio files.

    This tool supports ISO images, DVD folders and DVD disks and you can be able to apply unique sound effects to the OGG files.

    How to Convert

  • Download and install in your computer.
  • Launch Click Add Files to load your WAV audios. Alternatively, drag & drop files to the screen.
  • convert-wav-to-ogg-10

  • Click Format and select your output format as To customize bitrate, codec, channel and sample rate of OGG file, select the gear icon near format.
  • convert-wav-to-ogg-11

  • Edit your OGG files e.g. trim audios, adjust audio weight/volume and add special sound effects.
  • Click Merge All into one file if you want to merge the different OGG tracks.
  • Click Convert to perform conversion.
  • FreeMake Audio Converter

    As compared to online and other WAV to OGG conversion tools, FreeMake is able to convert heavy WAV files.

    Using FreeMake, you convert WAV audio files to output formats like OGG, MP3 etc. that you can play and enjoy listening to on any gadgets like PC, Mac, Apple, Linux and Android tablets and smartphones. 

    It is a freeware program.

    Convert WAV to OGG using FreeMake Audio Converter

  • Download and install FreeMake Audio Converter on your computer. Please don’t use freeware from third-part services and sites. Ensure you follow the installation guidelines.
  • Launch FreeMake and enter you will be directed to the dashboard.
  • Click +Audio icon and add your WAV audio files. Alternatively, Drag & drop. You can also add multiple songs and batch convert them. Note: The audio file should not be protected
  • convert-wav-to-ogg-14

  • Choose toOGG as your output format. Select to see available audio settings. From drop-down menu, you see pre-made conversion profiles and quality profiles too. Note: You cannot encode a low-quality file to high quality one.
  • convert-wav-to-ogg-15

  • Click Convert All to begin batch WAV to OGG conversion. Converted WAV files can be located in Converted
  • convert-wav-to-ogg-16

    Convert WAV to OGG Online.

    123APPS Online-Audio Converter, is a free web-based tool that supports over 310+ input formats allowing you to convert your audio files into any format.

    The reason why you should this tool is:

    Converting WAV to OGG

  • Open 123AAPS Online Audio Converter in your browser.
  • Select Open Files to upload files. Alternatively, Drag & Drop the WAV files you want to convert.
  • On Output format list, select Click Quality and choose your desired quality by dragging the slider either left or right.
  • convert-wav-to-ogg-17

  • Click Edit Track Info to display, add or correct the track information
  • Click Convert to begin conversion. Please hold on until conversion is complete.
  • Click Download to save OGG file to your device.
  • Conclusion

    This article has exclusively introduced _of the best WAV to OGG converter softwares for both Mac & Windows users including web-based converters.

    Thanks to the daily technological advancements and innovations whatever you need converted, there is always a tool out here that meets all your requirements.

    If you have loads of WAV files that you need converted, online audio converter tools are not the most preferred choice for you because there will be limitations on the number of conversions per day and file size.

    You need to evaluate available choices and carefully choose a professional offline audio converter.

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