How to Repair MP4 Header Corruption Like a Pro

Want to know more about MP4 header and ways to fix it? Read this in-depth post to repair MP4 header and learn how to avoid the MP4 header from getting corrupt.

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I am facing an unknown error while playing the video on VLC, I think it might be due to some kind of corruption? Does anyone know how to fix or repair damaged video files?

It happens sometimes when we experience unexpected behavior from the video files that refuses to play and show some kind of error message on the screen. This type of behavior indicates that the video file is damaged by some means. As a result, the file gets corrupted and when you play the video it becomes unable to play anymore and displays the error pop-up instead.

But there is nothing to worry at all, in this article, we will be discussing How to Repair Damaged Video Files on Windows using VLC media player as well as a video repair tool. So let’s see how different video repair methods work.

Part 1. Overview of Video Corruption

You may encounter the “Video file is unable to play” error due to certain reasons. Hence, there is no certain or standard type of error due to which video files become unable to open/play as well as there are no specific conditions/reasons that cause the video corruption issue.

To make things clear, we have below explained some common types of video corruption and how they occur.

1. What are the types of video corruption

As mentioned above, the type of video corruption is always uncertain and truly depends on the nature of the error that just happened. Here, I have shortlisted some of the basic and general types of errors that one can face.

It is always advised not to alter or update the video & audio settings unless you’re not sure about what results it will bring. and if you did so and now facing the issue of the corrupted videos then I highly recommend using Wondershare Video Repair tool and fixing things straight away.

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