How to Fix USB ports on Windows 10

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The USB port in your Windows system allows you to connect external drives such as SD cards, USB drives, and even pen drives to it for the transfer of data through cables. If the port no longer functions, your Desktop and Laptop computer will not be able to detect the external drive connected to it. How then can you make your port function again?


When a USB port breaks down it is almost impossible to notice by mere observation. The damage only comes to light when you plug in an external drive. This has being a problem many people have had to deal with for long but fortunately for everyone, there are ways to fix it. Damages to USB ports may be physical or non physical but repairs can still be carried out. If it is a software concern this article will throw more light on how to fix the issue.

Common USB problems

Common causes of a malfunctioning USB are

How to fix USB ports on Windows 10

Reinstall device drivers

Downloading an updated driver may get your Windows working well again. To reinstall driver

Update drivers automatically by using a driver installation tool. One of the best installation tools online is Recoverit software which can be downloaded for free. You can download Recoverit by logging onto the developer’s home page. Just follow the instructions after downloading it to install drivers automatically.

Change Power Management Settings

If USB port stops working you can fix it by working on the power management settings.

Uninstall USB Controllers

A USB Controllers uninstallation can also fix a faulty port. Here’s how to do it.

Turn off fast startup

Turning off fast startup is another great way to fix USB in Windows 10 if USB port is not working.

Remove Laptop battery

If your system is a Laptop and the port is not working removing the battery may resolve the crises but before you do that make sure you shut it down and wait for about 30 seconds so as no to cause a capacitor damage.

Modify your Registry

Modifying your Registry is another easy step to take. Just follow these simple steps

Update USB Hub Drivers

Updating the Root Hub drivers may fix the port if other solutions don’t work for your USB port.

Your USB port should work well after this hopefully.

Install necessary updates

If all fails at this point, consider installing necessary updates to fix the problem. A previous Automatic update may have missed a crucial driver update so take your time to check manually this way.

With the 8 Solutions listed in this piece your USB port will work with the help of at least on of the solutions. It may take some time to go through all the solutions bit hopefully, one will fix the port and get it working again.

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