Solved: Unknown USB Device Link in Compliance Mode!

Solved: Unknown USB Device Link in Compliance Mode

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If your USB device link is in compliance mode you may not be able to get the best out of it or even use it at all. If you are facing this type of difficulty you don't have to worry about yourself because there is a solution to the problem. Continue to read on to see how to fix the problem


Not everyone knows how to fix an unknown USB on their Windows 10 device or earlier Windows such as Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. This is an error experienced by so many users of modern-day computers but we will show you how to fix this issue using two simple but effective steps

Solution 1- Update your device drivers

This method fixes this problem most often than not. You can update drivers manually or automatically. Identifying the root cause of the problem can be challenging but with a driver update, the issue can be resolved.

How to perform a manual update

Manual updates are best for those who are not too computer literate. It entails installing updates manually by going to the official website of the manufacturer, searching for the latest driver that is compatible with your device, and downloading it. To do this you will have to take your time to view the "Supported Products" and the download section which may appear in different names such as

And so many other names

How to perform an automatic update

Updating your drivers automatically is quite easy. You can use an update driver tool to get it done and there are so many tools you can download online to successfully update your drivers. Make sure that the tool you use is recognized by Microsoft. Here is what you need to do

Solution 2- Reconnect the Hard drives

Another reason why you may be experiencing an Unknown USB Device can be because the external device was not properly connected to your computer. Try disconnecting all external devices then reconnect them back. Here is how to go about it.

If you still notice the compliance mode you should seek help from a professional technician to help you troubleshoot and resolve issues because it means that your external drives are not the cause of the error prompt you are seeing. In most cases, a manual update resolves this kind of problem the same as an automatic update. If you follow the steps provided you should be able to use your external drives once again.

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