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Recover Videos/Photos from Pentax Digital Camera: 3 Hassle-free Solutions

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Aug 04, 2023 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

If you own a Pentax camera, then you might already know how reliable this Japanese camera manufacturer is. Though, there are times when we can lose our recorded videos or photos from a Pentax camera. Don't worry – you can easily perform Pentax video recovery with an existing backup and even without it. Here, I will cover different ways to do Pentax KP video recovery with some smart tips that you can follow to get better results.

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Things to Know to Recover Videos from a Pentax Camera

Before you perforem detailed Pentax K-1 II video recovery solutions, let's cover some basics to know the common causes for this issue and how to avoid it in the future.

1. What Can Cause the Loss of Videos in Your Pentax Camcorder?

Here are some of the major reasons that can result in the loss or unavailability of your videos in your Pentax camcorder:

  • Your Pentax camera could be damaged by water, wear and tear, or anything else.
  • The battery of your Pentax camera might be low while recording the video.
  • You could have accidentally formatted the SD card or deleted the video while watching it.
  • The video might not be transferred properly from your camera to a computer.
  • The SD card or the camera's storage can be corrupted by any malware.
  • Any other logical or storage-related issue can also cause unwanted loss of your videos from your Pentax camera.

water damaged pentax camera

2. Is it Possible to Recover Videos from Pentax?

In nutshell – yes, it is possible to do Pentax video recovery and restore your lost media files. There are two major approaches that you can follow. If you already have a backup of your videos, then you can simply restore that on your computer or camera.

In case there is no backup, then consider using a data recovery tool. This is because when videos are deleted from your camera's SD card, they are not wiped out right away. Instead, only their space becomes available to be overwritten and they are no longer accessible. Therefore, you can still get your deleted videos back from your Pentax camera using a reliable recovery application.

3. What Can You Do to Avoid the Loss of Videos in Pentax Camcorders?

If you don't want to encounter an unwanted loss of your videos from your Pentax camera, then consider following these tips:

  • Always maintain a timely backup of your videos from your camera to your computer or external hard disk.
  • If you want, you can also upload your videos directly on the cloud where they would be kept safe.
  • It is recommended to use a dedicated SD card for your camera and not using the same card on other devices.
  • Try not to connect your camera's SD card to public computers and always scan it with an anti-virus tool when connected to your PC.
  • Make sure that the SD card that you are using on your Pentax camera is locked. You can do it while sliding the write-protection switch on the side that would make it read-only.

sd card write protection switch

4. What Should You Do Before Performing Pentax K-70/KP/K-1 II/645Z Video Recovery?

If your videos have been lost from your Pentax camera, then don't worry – you can still get them back. Just calm down and stop using your camera right away. As I have stated above, your videos are only inaccessible, but they are ready to be overwritten. If you keep using your camera or its SD card, then your videos would be overwritten by something else.

Now, just unmount the SD card from your Pentax camera and consider scanning it with a data recovery tool to get the best results. I have listed some of these Pentax KP video recovery solutions in the next section that you can follow.

3 Most Effective Ways to Retrieve Videos from Pentax Cameras

Now when you are familiar with the basics, let's learn how to do Pentax video recovery with or without a prior backup.

Solution 1: Recover your Lost Videos from a Backup on Windows/Mac

Needless to say, if you have already taken a backup of your videos before, then you can take its assistance. For instance, a lot of people simply maintain a second copy of their data on an external hard disk. You can just connect the hard disk to your computer and transfer the deleted videos to the SD card of your device.

1. Restore Videos from a Windows File History Backup

If you are a Windows user, then you could have taken the assistance of File History to back up your videos from a Pentax camera. It is an inbuilt backup utility tool in Windows that lets us take a scheduled backup of our data.

In this case, you can just connect the File History drive to your Windows PC and can go to is Settings > Backup > File History. Now, you can select the connected drive and view a detailed hierarchical backup of your data. You can now look for your lost videos and restore them to your system's storage.

windows file history interface

2. Restore Videos from a Time Machine Backup in Mac

Just like File History, you can also take the assistance of Time Machine to do Pentax KP video recovery on your Mac. To do this, you just have to connect the Time Machine drive to your Mac and launch the application. Afterward, you can just use the slider option to locate your deleted videos and click on the "Restore" button to save them.

restore time machine backup data

These Pentax K-1 II video recovery solutions would only work if you had a backup of your videos saved. If you don't have a prior backup, then follow the other two solutions that I have listed here.


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Solution 2: Use the Command Prompt to Restore Your Videos

If you have recently lost your videos from an SD card, then you can connect it to your PC, and take the assistance of the Command Prompt. In this technique, we will use the CHKDSK (Check Disk) and the ATTRIB (Attribution) commands. While CHKDSK will check the disk to get rid of any logical error or corrupt segment, the ATTRIB command will remove any restrictions (like read-only or hidden properties) from it.

Step 1: Launch the command prompt.

Just go to the Start menu from the taskbar to launch the Run prompt or press the Windows + R keys at the same time. Once the Run prompt is opened, just type "Cmd" to launch the Command Prompt.

open command prompt from run

Step 2: Check the disk with the CHKDSK Utility.

Now, you can just connect the SD card of your Pentax camera and use the Check Disk utility command. For this, you need to enter the "chkdsk" command followed by the drive letter of the SD card.

Let's say the SD card is identified as the "E" drive, which will make the command "chkdsk e: /f /r /x". Here, "/f ", "/r", and "/x" are the utility parameters to repair the drive and get rid of any bad sector or logical issues.

check disk command running

Step 3: Enter the ATTRIB command.

Once the Check Disk Utility command has been processed, you can enter the Attribution command in the following syntax:

[Drive letter:] \ >attrib –h –r –s /s /d *.*

atrrib command running

This will remove any kind of restricted properties like hidden, read-only, system files, and so on from the SD card that would let you restore your unavailable data.

Solution 3: Use A Professional Pentax Camcorder Recovery Software

If you are still not able to retrieve your lost or deleted videos from your Pentax camera, then use a professional solution - Wondershare Recoverit Video Recovery. The DIY application has a Professional Video Recover tool that is known to yield exceptional results in all kinds of scenarios like corrupt storage, accidental deletion, logical errors, malware attack, and so on.

recoverit software features

Download and install Recoverit from the button above. It has Win/Mac version, so choose the right one for your PC.

This enhanced recovery process will even look for the lost fragments of your deleted videos and would merge them to get better results than other solutions. Here's how you can also perform Pentax video recovery with the help of Wondershare Recoverit.

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Step 1: Select the connected SD card of your Pentax camera.

To begin with, just remove the SD card from your Pentax camera and connect it to your system instead. Now, launch Wondershare Recoverit on your system and select the "Enhanced Recovery" option.

select the professional video recover

To proceed, you can just select a location where you lost your videos (like your SD card) and the type of video formats to look for.

scan the hard drive location

Step 2: Wait as Recoverit would scan your SD card.

Once you start the Pentax K-70 video recovery process, you can simply wait for a while. Since the application would scan your SD card multiple times (to look for lost video fragments), you are expected to wait for the process to be completed. You can also check the progress of the enhanced recovery process from an on-screen indicator.

waiting for the scanning process

Step 3: Preview your recovered videos and export them.

That's it! After completing the scan, the application will let you know and list your data in different categories. You can now preview your videos on the native interface of Recoverit, select them, and click on the "Recover" button.

preview and choose a location to restore

Lastly, you can save the recovered videos from your camera's SD card to anywhere you like. I would recommend saving them on your system's hard drive and not the same SD card from where you lost them to keep your videos safe.


As you can see, it is pretty easy to perform Pentax video recovery by using the right tools. I have included dedicated solutions to recover your videos with and without a backup. If you already have a backup of your videos saved, then you can simply extract them without any hassle. Though, if you don’t have a backup, then a data recovery tool (like Wondershare Recoverit) would be the best solution. Since it has an enhanced recovery feature, it can help you recover your deleted or lost videos in various scenarios.

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