Ultimate Computer Solutions to No Sound on Videos!

Ultimate Computer Solutions to No Sound on Videos

Sometimes the video plays smoothly but you can't hear anything in the video due to the video without sound error. Here is a complete and easy guide to resolve this video has no sound issue on both Windows and Mac.

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Part 1. How to Solve No Sound on Videos on Windows

The no sound on video error on a Windows computer usually arise when transferred or converted files are being played. Due to this error, the videos are played without sound. It can become a very annoying situation to watch and understand the video file without audio. This no audio-video error mostly occurs due to a corrupted video file.

1. Causes of no sound on videos

An error in a video playing without sound can occur due to the corrupted installation of media players, faulty Codecs, corrupted or damaged video files, or outdated sound drivers.

2. Solutions to play videos without sound on PC

You can easily solve this nerve-racking issue of playing a video file which has no sound by following these easy solutions:

Solution 1. Reinstall or change the media Player

Wrong or corrupted installation and unrelated updates can mess up your trustworthy media players. You can resolve this issue by reinstalling the media player or by using a different media player than your current ones such as VideoLan VLC media player, GOM media player, or MPC-HC player.

VLC media player

If the problem persists after changing the player it may be due to the missing codecs or a corrupted video file.

Solution 2. Update the Sound Drivers

Sound drivers are automatically updated by the Windows but you can also manually update them by following these steps:

  1. Open control panel.
  2. Click the Device Manager.
  3. Click on Sound, video and game controller
  4. Right-click on High definition audio device and select Update driver software and install updates

How to update your sound drivers

Solution 3. Reinstall the codecs

An absent or not functioning codec can hinder an associated media file or function from activating. Faulty codecs can cause sound distortions to video artifacts only in certain resolutions. There is nothing you can do to prevent software failure from time to time. Another problem is that it is up to the user to download and install these codecs as they are considered non-essential. The media player will always note the missing codecs when you play a file that requires them.

Unsupported codec

K-Lite Codec Pack has a collection of video and audio codecs for Microsoft Windows and by using this you can easily resolve the video has no sound error.

Step 1: Download the K-Lite Codec Pack

Step 2: Launch the K-Lite Codec Pack and select the Normal installation mode

Launch the K-lite codec pack

Step 3: Follow the different installation steps and click the Install button

Step 4: Press Finish to complete the installation process and run the tool

Solution 4. Use a video repair software

One of the most common reasons behind a video without sound error is a corrupt video file. A video file may become corrupt due to various reasons such as malware attack, saving videos on hard drive with bad sectors, unreliable converters, accidental shut down or power loss and can result. If you are also facing this error of no video only sound then you can easily fix it by using a video repair software. By far Wondershare Video Repair is the widely used ultimate video repair software.

Wondershare Video Repair has the following astounding features :

By following these easy steps you can repair your videos with no sound in a few minutes :

Step 1: Launch the app and add corrupted video file with no sound

Open Wondershare Video Repair on a Windows computer by double-clicking its icon on the desktop or by inputting Wondershare Video Repair in the search box.

Click the Add button or the center area and start repairing button.

The information of corrupted video as File Name, File Path, File Size, Date Created, Operation will be shown by an interface after adding the corrupted file.

Step 2: Repair the corrupted video file with no sound by Quick repair mode

Click the Repair button to fix the corrupted video by quick repair mode. Click the Ok button to preview and save this video.

By clicking the little triangle you can also preview this video file and check whether you are satisfied with its quality or not.

How to preview the video file

Step 3. Perform the advanced repair

Click the Advanced repair option if the video is severely damaged.

Add a sample video by clicking the folder icon. The sample file should be created with the same device and should have the same format as the damaged file. Click the Repair button.

How to add the sample video

Step 4. Export the repaired video file

You can export the repaired video file in your desired location by clicking the Save button.

How to select the location of the repaired video

Part 2. How to Solve "Video Has No Sound" on Mac

When you are all set to watch your favorite drama, movie, music or any other video on Mac and you are unable to hear anything being said in the video because there is an issue with the sound of the video then this situation can be very confusing and irritating.

1. Causes of Video without sound on Mac

A video playing without sound error can occur on Mac due to the missing codecs, unsupported format, outdated macOS or QuickTime, corrupt or damaged files

2. Solutions to play video without sound in Mac

By following any of these easy solutions you can easily play video files without sound on Mac:

Solution 1. Update macOS

If the video is playing without sound on your Mac then you should check for its latest updates because you may be using an outdated version of macOS.

  1. Go to Apple's menu
  2. Select software updates to check for latest available updates

How to update macOS

Solution 2. Check QuickTime

If you haven't updated your QuickTime to the latest version then it can result in stuttering or no sound in videos. You can simply resolve this issue by downloading the latest updates of QuickTime. Sometimes QuickTime lacks the codec required to decode a video file resulting in no sound when the video is played. You can download a codec pack and install it in QuickTime to resolve this issue.

You can check for updates manually by

  1. Clicking QuickTime player
  2. Click update existing software

How to update QuickTime

Your Mac will then check for the pending updates of QuickTime and will install the newest updates available.

Solution 3. Use a different media player

Sometimes the built-in media player in Mac, QuickTime can fail to play video files because the audio or video format in those files isn't recognized by QuickTime. This error may occur in QuickTime because the file format isn't supported or the required codecs are missing. You can easily fix this issue by downloading and installing other media payers such as VLC media player or Elmedia player.

Elmedia player

Solution 4. Use a Video repair app

If you play a video and it has no sound on Mac because of missing codecs, corruption, or unsupported format then you can repair it by using Wondershare Video Repair.

File transfer errors, file read and write errors, change in video format, video compression issues, videos without sound errors, video black screen, audio-video sync error, corruption on video header, slider or frame, and interrupted video recordings issues can be easily resolved by using it. Wondershare Video Repair can easily repair formats like M4V, MP4, MOV, AVI, and FLV on Mac. The 4K resolution, full HD, and standard-definition video files can be repaired by it.

Before saving the files on your desired destination you can also preview them. You can fix the no sound issue in videos on Mac by following these steps:

To launch the Wondershare Video Repair on Mac double click the " Wondershare Video Repair" icon on the Mac Desktop or try the Finder-Applications- Wondershare Video Repair, and double click the icon of the software.

Step 1: Upload the corrupted video file on Wondershare video repair app

To start repairing the video with no sound click the Add button or the Add video and start the repairing button. Single or multiple corrupted files with different file formats can be added.

Step 2: Fix the corrupted video file with no sound

Click the Repair button to fix the corrupted video file with no sound by quick recovery mode. Click the Ok button to preview and save the video.

How to repair the corrupted video file

You can also preview this video file by clicking the little triangle and to check whether it is repaired or not and to monitor its quality.

Step 3. Utilize the Advanced Repair for severely damaged video with no sound (Optional)

Click the Advanced repair option if the video is severely damaged.

Add a sample video by clicking the folder icon. The sample file should be created with the same device and should have the same format as the damaged file.

How to add the sample video file

Click the Repair button to repair the severely damaged video file with no sound.

Step 4: Save the repaired video in your desired destination

You can save the repaired video file in your desired location by clicking the Save button. You should avoid choosing the path where you lost this file.

When the interface shows the file has been successfully saved click the Ok button.

Part 3. More Solutions to Video Audio Problems

If you are facing no sound issues on Firefox, Whatsapp, or YouTube videos you can resolve it by using the following solutions:

Solution 1. Reinstall the Adobe Flash Player

To stream media content on browsers like Chrome and Firefox a plugin called Adobe flash player is used. Viewing of multimedia content, executing internet applications, streaming audios, and videos can be performed by using Adobe Flash player. Corrupt installation files can cause the video without sound error while playing videos on these browsers and YouTube. By reinstalling the Adobe flash player you can easily fix this issue.

Uninstall the current version of Adobe flash player on your computer and reinstall the latest version from their website.

How to Update the Adobe flash player

Solution 2. Run the Window Troubleshooter

If there is a problem like Firefox audio not working you can try to run the Windows troubleshooter to find any issues with the hardware on your system.

  1. Open the Settings or use the keyboard shortcut Win + I
  2. Click on Update and Security button
  3. Select Troubleshoot from the left pane
  4. Select Playing audio from the right pane
  5. Click on Run the troubleshooter button

Follow the on-screen instructions to find and fix the no audio-only video issue.

How to run Window Troubleshooter

Solution 3. Update or Reinstall The Browser

If you have an outdated version of your browser then try updating.

  1. Open Firefox and click on the lines on the upper right corner (≡)
  2. Click on the button Help
  3. Click on About Firefox button
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your browser

Try to reinstall the browser if you already have the latest version of Firefox.

How to update Firefox

If you are facing problems like MOV file no sound, WhatsApp video no sound, Firefox audio not working, YouTube video no sound, or audio-video sync issues you can easily fix them by using the ultimate video repair tool Wondershare Video repair.

Wondershare Video repair can fix corrupt or damaged audio and video files with various formats on Mac and Windows. It is an all-rounder app that can repair a wide range of formats. It is the world's best video repair app to repair videos that are unplayable on mobile phones, PC or laptops First, download all the videos without sound or audio-video sync issues that you want to fix and then repair them by using the Wondershare Video repair. You can simply repair them in three simple steps. First, add the corrupted video file with an audio-video sync issue by clicking the Add button. Second click the Repair option to start the repairing process. You can preview this file and use an Advanced repair option if it is severely damaged. Third click the Save option to export this repaired video file in your desired destination.

Part 4. Preventing the No Sound on Video error

If you encounter any sound related issues or your video has no sound you can use the above mentioned effective solutions. You will be able to find and fix the issues which are behind this video without sound error easily with these solutions without spending any money or wasting your time.

No sound on video error can be caused due to multiple reasons such as an outdated operating system, media player, drivers or browser, damaged or corrupted file, missing codecs, etc. But you can effectively prevent these issues by following these easy tips:

Within a few minutes, you will be able to hear the sound of your videos again by using the Wondershare video repair. Wondershare Video repair does equal wonders for both Mac and Windows users as it is one of the best video repair software.

No matter which reason has affected your video's sound Wondershare video repair works like magic to repair your audio and video files and is highly recommended by us.

We hope that by following these easy solutions and tips you will be able to smoothly play your videos again but this time with sound.

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