Repair H.264 Video Files In Easy Ways

H.264 is a video format used for different video files due to its lower bit rate. There are times when your H.264 video file gets corrupted. Read this article to find out how to repair H.264 files.

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It's annoying when you're trying to open a video file, but it comes up corrupt. We've all been there before, and usually, the next option is deleting the file. What if you didn't have to do that? What if there was a way to get your file repaired and viewable once again? Most people are not aware there are different approaches to getting your video file back. This article covers how you can repair H.264 video files and the best way to prevent such a scenario from repeating itself. We also cover what could have corrupted your video file to help you ease your confusion. Now that you know exactly what is covered let's dig in.

Part 1: What Are H.264 Video Files?

H.264 is a common standard for high definition digital video and for good reasons. When you get down to it, H.264 is not a video format. It is a video codec popularly used in MOV video files. It is, however, a unique video codec because it provides users top-quality videos but at a lower bit rate. A codec based on the H.264 standard usually compresses the video to half the space used by MPEG-2 while still delivering the same high quality. While a MPEG-2 video format can store about two-hour videos, an H.264 video file can offer you a 4-hour video.

hd video quality of h264 video

What this means is that you can enjoy HD video quality without necessarily sacrificing speed and performance. It is used in different devices due to this feature like DSLRs, digital cameras, drones, and many more. Now that we know what an H.264 Video file is let's find out what could be correcting your file.

Part 2: Why Your H.264 MOV Files Turn Corrupt?

There are many reasons why the H.264 MOV files in your computer, pen drive, SD card, external hard drive, and more get corrupt. You should know that any file format can become inaccessible, and below are some common reasons why your H.264 MOV File is getting corrupt.

While there are many reasons your H.264 MOV video file is getting corrupt, the idea behind it is that you get signs while playing the video file that it is corrupted. These signs could include the audio and the video not syncing, missing sounds, huge random pixels on the screen, stop playing after a while, flickering, black screen, and many more. When you see signs that your video file is corrupted, the next step is repairing them.

Part 3: What Are Good Ways to Fix A Corrupted H.264 Video?

Repairing a corrupted H.264 video file is not always easy. However, there are different approaches you can explore to get this done. Below are some viable options we found for you.

Solution 1: Play video using another media player

Sometimes, all you need to repair your H.264 MOV file is to switch from the player you're using. Some video players are selective about the video format they play, and your chosen player might be one of them. If that's the problem you're having, all you need to do is switch from one media player to another, and you're all set.

Solution 2: Update PC video drivers

Another solution you could try for your corrupt H.264 video file is updating your PC video drivers. When you update your video drivers, it will fix any issue the driver might have. The driver updates are usually automatically downloaded. To get it done, visit settings on your PC, click on updates and security, select windows updates, and click on 'check for updates.' If there are any driver updates available, they will be automatically downloaded and installed. After updating, try playing your video again, and it might work.

Solution 3: Download the MOV supporting codec

If you don't have the necessary Codec installed on your PC to play the MOV video file, you might have a problem. If it isn't preinstalled on your system, you could try installing the supporting codecs yourself. You could do this through the media player or use third-party software to download the codec pack. After downloading, you should reboot your PC and then try replaying the H.264 video file in the media player.

Solution 4: Decrease Screen Resolution

This could work for you if the problem is not with the file but your PC. Decrease the screen resolution, and if it works, then that means the problem is with your device's graphics driver. If it doesn't, the video file is still the problem.

Solution 5: Convert the Video Format to Another

Another prominent solution you can try to repair your H.264 MOV video files successfully is changing the video format. You can easily convert this video file to your VLC media player. A convert/save option on the media player allows you to convert from the MOV video format to an MP4 or AVI format.

using vlc media player to convert

add files to convert

choose new video format

save files

If this solution doesn't work, then there are more alternatives to try.

Solution 6: Fix With VLC Media Player

If all the other options don't work, there's an alternative option that seems to work for most. You can use a VLC media player to fix your H.264 MOV video file. This player is a free, open-source media player that comes with some in-built repairing features. It supports H.264 compression standard, so you can also use it to repair your corrupt MOV file. Below are the steps to repair your H.264 video file with a VLC media player.

using vlc to repair

click always fix

Solution 7: Use Wondershare Repairit to Repair Your Corrupted H.264 Files

If the only problem is being corrupt, chances are the VLC media player can't fix it. If not, you would need an advanced repair tool to get your H.264 video file back to normal. Wondershare Repairit is a professional repair tool that will efficiently fix your corrupted video file. It works to repair complex and straightforward corrupted files and support all video types. Whatever type of corruption your video has, Wondershare Repairit will get it fixed in no time at all.


This repair tool comes with many features and benefits that make it ideal for repairing your corrupted video files. Below are some of them:

Steps to Repair Corrupted files

add corrupted h264 video files

scan videos

preview videos

save videos path

Wait for few seconds, the repaired videos will be save in your desired loacation. This method is the most convenient and effective one above others. Not only supports various file format, but also with easy steps and safety protection. Let's go to download a free trial.

Part 4: How to Prevent Unintentional Corruption of H.264 Videos

There are some simple methods you can avoid getting your video file corrupted. Below are some critical tips you can follow to prevent unintentional corruption of H.264 videos

Sometimes, the cause of video file corruption is a virus attack. To prevent this, install antivirus on your PC and keep it updated. Ensure your chosen antivirus offers intensive security for your system, hard drive, and other storage devices.

You should also apply caution when you're transferring video files from an external drive. Don't just pull it out, as that could lead to your file getting corrupted. Follow the necessary procedure to avoid such outcomes.

Ensure you always save a copy of the original file. You should use this copy to edit the video or convert it to a different video file. If something goes wrong, you have the original file to turn to.

Storage devices get corrupted easily. Therefore, you need to be careful in your use of them. Don't use the external storage devices with several computers, and don't try to store a video when the storage memory is full. Another thing to avoid is formatting your SD card on the computer; do that on the camera instead.

You should also try backing your videos in multiple locations. This way, you can easily access an uncorrupted file when one gets corrupted and avoid going through the repair process.

Closing Words

No one likes going through the stress of repairing H.264 video files. However, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, we've covered several approaches to getting it fixed. Above it all, we recommend Wondershare Repairit for your repair needs. It saves you time and comes with features that allow you to repair highly corrupted files. Furthermore, it is secure, quick in its process, and relatively simple to use, making it a popular choice. Now that you know how you can repair your corrupted H.264 video files, ensure you follow the tips above to avoid intentionally corrupting your video files again.

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