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Wallpapers make your iPhone look good; there is no doubt about that. They also help you customize your iPhone to suit your personality and mood. Some of the most well-done iPhone wallpapers are white wallpapers. They are distinctly appropriate for people who don't like too much flair and color but at the same time wouldn't want the dark look that dark wallpapers represent.

Whatever the reason, we have outlined below 30 of the best white wallpapers we could find. One of them could be your ultimate match. Use the guidelines below to download the right size wallpaper for your particular iPhone

  1. White Apple Logo

You cannot talk about iPhone wallpapers without featuring Apple logo theme wallpaper. This one is white-bright and absolutely beautiful.


iPhone wallpaper 01


  1. White Wheel

Here's another bright white one that features an abstract wheel in the middle. It looks great on any iPhone model but is also quite thought-provoking for all of you who love to make a statement.


iPhone wallpaper 02

  1. Rustic white wall

If it wasn't for the brown specks of color on this image, it really wouldn't mean much to anyone. The brown coloring suggests tree bark or an unfinished wall made of wood. Whatever it means to you it makes a great wallpaper.


iPhone wallpaper 03

  1. Rustic White Wall with Apple logo

Here's a variation of that rustic wall with the Apple logo. It is ideal for you if you find a little bit of color is necessary to make the white more prominent.


iPhone wallpaper 04

  1. White ice blocks

This one will make your iPhone feel like a freezing block of ice never mind that they are dialogue boxes. It is also a great choice for those who want to make a statement. You could think of words to add to the boxes.


iPhone wallpaper 05

  1. Plain white

This one is ideal if you simply don't want any color at all. If you look closely towards the bottom you will see that it has this cool dotted effect and hence not totally devoid of color.


iPhone wallpaper 06

  1. White Shelves

This one looks good on just about any iPhone model. The monotony of the white wall is very broken by the shelves.


iPhone wallpaper 07

  1. Funny Directions

Here's funny wallpaper that incorporates the Apple logo very beautifully into the overall design. It is beautiful and works on any iPhone model.


iPhone wallpaper 08

  1. Black and White Spy

This is cool wallpaper for your collection if you are into the spy world. The white of the overall image is well broken by the black guy and the red color.


iPhone wallpaper 09

  1. White and Blue abstract

Those who enjoy abstract art, here's a wallpaper that clearly indicates abstract in a blue way. The color blue is so light, it is almost white.


iPhone wallpaper 10

  1. The Super White Apple logo

The Apple logo seems like overdone wallpaper although this one does kind of fade into the white background. Choose this one if you don't want an obvious Apple logo.


iPhone wallpaper 11

  1. White Flowers

If you love flowers this is great white wallpaper to have. The prominence of the white flowers is what makes this one really beautiful.


iPhone wallpaper 12

  1. Black and white spiral

Here's another great abstract design that also invokes a sense of movement to anyone looking at it. It also works with just about any model of the iPhone.


iPhone wallpaper 13

  1. Black and White Pillars

This image qualifies as white wallpaper because of the illusion of light shining through the black pillars. It almost feels like a light bulb moment is happening.


iPhone wallpaper 14

  1. White Love

The white in this image is broken only by the red color that is so synonymous with love. It is the perfect wallpaper for Valentine's Day.


iPhone wallpaper 15

  1. White Sunflower

This single white flower could symbolize love. We just think that it is really pretty and therefore a must-have for anyone looking to pretty-up their iPhone.


iPhone wallpaper 16

  1. White Pyramid pattern

If you love patterns here's a white subtle one that works great on any iPhone. It is a great addition to your abstract collection.


iPhone wallpaper 17

  1. Abstract Pattern

Here's another abstract image that you can interchange with the one above. It is simple with not too much going on.


iPhone wallpaper 18


  1. Checkered Pattern

This image invokes movement better than most other wallpapers we've seen. It is beautifully designed and works with just any iPhone.


iPhone wallpaper 19


  1. Beautiful Colored Butterflies

These beautifully colored butterflies on a white background look really good. It is a great addition to your pretty collection.


iPhone wallpaper 20

  1. Funny Finger Print Scanner

Here's a fun image to have as your wallpaper. It could really fool people into thinking there's a new app until they actually read the content.


iPhone wallpaper 21

  1. Fun Puzzle

This image is fun to look at not to mention it makes you think about puzzles. It also works with just about any iPhone.


iPhone wallpaper 22

  1. Apple Fire Extinguisher

This fire extinguisher is interesting. You could fool people into believing Apple actually makes fire extinguishers.


iPhone wallpaper 23

  1. Creepy Crawly Ants

These ants actually look like they are moving all over your screen. You might fool people into thinking your phone is actually infested with ants.


iPhone wallpaper 24

  1. Cameraman

This cameraman looks really busy. The white background makes him and his equipment stand out in a good way making it beautiful.


iPhone wallpaper 25

  1. Frozen

All fans of the animation film will love this one. It is beautiful and represents all the aspects of the film.


iPhone wallpaper 26

  1. Window Light

The light from the window coming in this image is almost romantic. It is a great addition to your collection.


iPhone wallpaper 27

  1. Formula One

F1 fans will love this simple interpretation of the race. The black and red work very well together in the white background.


iPhone wallpaper 28

  1. Simple

This is a simple white image that works well as iPhone wallpaper.


iPhone wallpaper 29

  1. Simple Flower

This is another one that is simple yet quite beautiful. The flowers work to break the single color monotony and it just works.


iPhone wallpaper 30

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