An Ultimate Troubleshoot Guide for Excel Crashing and Value Errors

Get to know about some expert Excel tips in this complete Excel troubleshooting guide. We have resolved the common Microsoft Excel errors and crashing issues.

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“Every time I try to open my MS Excel file, it gives me an Excel not opening prompt. How can I do Excel troubleshooting without causing any harm to my file and its data?”

If you have searched for something similar and have landed here to resolve Excel error messages, then you will get your queries resolved instantly. Ideally, Microsoft Excel errors can be related to software crashing or its formula execution. The good news is that you can easily resolve these common Excel problems. In this extensive guide, I’m going to make you familiar with some pro Excel tips to resolve all kinds of Excel errors like an expert.

Part 1 What are the main Excel features?

As you know, Excel is a part of the Microsoft Office suite that is used to handle and manage all kinds of data. If you deal with data collection, management, and prediction, then MS Excel would be an essential tool for you. Here are some commonly used Excel utilities and features.

Part 2 Common Causes of Excel Error Messages

Before you start performing an Excel troubleshooting, it is important to diagnose the issue. Although there could be various reasons for causing Excel crashing, following are some major triggers.

These are only some commonly found reasons for Excel problems. Chances are that you might encounter any other reason as well, depending on the situation. When you encounter Excel error messages, send its feedback to Microsoft. In this way, you can let the developers know about the issue as well.

Part 3 Typical Common Errors in Excel

Some Excel errors are just more common than others. If you are a regular MS Excel user, then you might have encountered these Excel problems as well.

1. Excel keeps crashing

While working on Microsoft Excel, chances are that the application might stop working out of the blue. Users usually get the following prompt stating that Excel is not working. The software tries to autosave the data in the process. It might happen if the software has not been installed properly or has been corrupted.

2. Excel not opening

You might also get the Excel not opening prompt when the system can’t access the file. A change in its extension or any compatibility issue could also be a reason. If the Excel file has been corrupt, then the software might encounter trouble opening it.

3. Excel Frozen

This usually happens when the system is running on low storage or the RAM has been exhausted. This makes Excel frozen and the software non-responsive.

4. Excel file got corrupt

If the Excel file has been corrupted, then the software won’t be able to access its data and display a prompt like this. It can happen due to a malware attack or when the application gets shut down unexpectedly.

5. Excel is running slow

If too many applications are running at the same time on your system or the primary memory has been occupied, then it can make Excel running slow. Mostly, a simple restart resolves this issue.

6. Excel not responding

It is similar to the Excel frozen problem. Too many times, Excel stops responding when there is a conflict, a faulty add-on, or any other processing problem. Try to close the application and launch it again to resolve it.

7. Excel formulas not working

If you are working with formulas, then Excel might not run it. Mostly, it happens when the provided data is not uniform or of different types. You can check your formula in this case and validate the entered data.

8. Excel formulas not calculating correctly

This usually happens due to a human error. Chances are that the formula you have entered is incorrect or there could be issues with its range in the software as well.

9. Excel memory problem (Out of Memory issue)

If your system is running low on space, then you might encounter this issue. Try to reopen Excel and close the other unwanted applications. Also, make enough free space on the primary storage to avoid this.

10. Value Error in Excel

This is another major Excel error. It usually happens when there is a mismatch in the data type or due to additional space or special characters in certain cells. For instance, if you are calculating a formula and one cell contains text, then you would get value error in Excel.

As you can see, most of the Excel problems can be classified as software-related or formula-related. Here are some of these common issues and their classification.

Excel Crashing Issues Excel Formula Problems

Excel keeps crashing Excel value error

Excel file is not responding Excel formulas not working

The file has been corrupted Excel formulas are out of bound/memory

Excel is running slow Excel can’t find references for formula

Excel worksheet is frozen Excel not calculating the formula

Excel file not responding Division by zero error

Excel cannot complete this task with available resources Null or no reference error

See solutions for these common excel errors: 12 COMMON EXCEL ERRORS AND FIXES

How to Troubleshoot Excel Crashing Errors?

If you are getting Excel error messages or are not able to retrieve an Excel corrupt file, then consider using Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair. It is a dedicated data repairing tool that can fix all kinds of issues related to your Excel file. The application works remarkably under different scenarios and would retain your data as well as its formatting during the process.

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