How can we fix PowerPoint found a problem with the content

Are you dealing with the problem of “power point found a problem with the content” error? This guide covers up all the possible solutions to this issue you facing.

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Q: My PowerPoint found a problem with the content?
“I am unable to open my presentation slides because the error of “PowerPoint found a problem with the content” keeps on popping whenever I am willing to present my slide in any presentation, and this is really embarrassing for me, when I am in any institute, it has been a while and I have no clue how to deal with this problematic situation.”

There is no surprise that you’re also one of those individuals, who is stuck in this problem. This problem can be discern in any of the PowerPoint versions and is usually really annoying. This might be becoming a hurdle for you to carry on your professional life, since this issue can be encountered in all versions of PowerPoint there are surely multiple ways to deal with them, don’t worry the solutions are short and easy to follow, in this guide you’ll be given every possible solution.

Part 1: What is causing the “PowerPoint found a problem with content” issue?

After investigating many cases of numerous people it is concluded that there could be multiple and multilayered causes of the issue, which you are dealing with right now. Many reasons of this irritating problem you’re encountering right now are elaborated here;

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