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If you are having any doubts about the broken video repair ability of Repairit Online, you must not miss our desktop software.
Yes, Repairit Desktop, specially made for those who are shooting, recording, editing, transferring, or playing videos.

Repairit Online
Fix videos online
3 video formats for online repair
10 video files repair daily
≤ 200 MB video files for repair
1 video to repair at a time
1 video to save at a time
30s video segment for preview
1 repair mode - Quick Repair
Sample video analysis technology
Repair from all popular cameras
Technical and remote service
Repairit Desktop
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> 10 video formats
All broken video files
No file size limits
Multiple tasks at a time
All files to be saved at once
100% videos to be previewed
2 modes, plus Advanced Repair
Sample video analysis technology
Repair from all popular cameras
Technical and remote service
Remarkable Features You're Expecting

Free, Easy, Safe, Convenient, Fast, and Versatile.
Let's see how the features work to simplify and secure your offline or online video repair job.


The utmost security technology is adopted. Only one person can access your uploaded or local files. That's yourself.


It entails no video repair experience or techniques. Bring broken video files to your life, just 2 steps and minutes.


It repairs a video without damaging the original quality, structure, or integrity. Even, save the video with the original file name.

Available for All Video Playback Issues
Component Damage

Repair a video that has problems with metadata, index, header, footage, frame, slide, parameters, etc.

Quality Issues

Fix the video quality, like black screen, not playing, freezing, flickering, stuttering, blur, audio out of sync, no sound, etc.

Error Codes

Fix video errors like 0xc00d36c4,0xc1010103,0xc10100aa,0xc10100bf, 0xc00d36cb,0xc00d3e8c,error 224003,error code 224002,0xc00d5212,0xc10100be, etc.


Repair videos unavailable on different devices

Including cameras, drones, memory cards, computers, mobile phones, USB sticks, and other devices storing your videos.

Memory Card
SDSC, SDIO, SDHC, SDXC, and all kinds of memory cards.
All computer brands, including: Apple, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc.
USB Flash Drive
Many popular brands, including SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, etc.
All leading camera brands such as Canon, Sony, GoPro, DJI,etc.
Mobile Phone
iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei phones, other Android phone, etc.
Media Player
VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, MX player, etc.

Never Lose Hope! Repairit Works!

No matter how and when your video files get corrupted or damaged, technology makes it possible to get data back.

Can I repair a corrupted video from an SD card?
Of course YES. You can repair corrupt video files with the help of Repairit online or desktop version, irrespective of the extent of corruption.
Does the software support videos shot with drones?
Don't worry. Repairit fixes videos shot with drones. It can also repair Canon, dash cam, iPad, iPhone, and Android phone videos as well.
Can I repair MP4 video files shot by my GoPro Hero8?
Yes, absolutely for GoPro video repair. Repairit supports popular video formats, including MP4, MOV, and 3GP.

Premium Highlights Beating All Expectations

If your video files are not playing, inaccessible, unavailable, or even severely corrupted,
you must need the advanced functions in Repairit Desktop.

Download: 200,000/Month
Operating system: Works on Windows & Mac
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