MP4 No Sound? How to Fix MP4 Files? Solved Here

MP4 No Sound? How to Fix MP4 Files? All Solved Here

Are you having problems with your MP4 video files? Is your MP4 having no sound error or are the files damaged? You are in the right place to get solutions to fix your MP4 files.

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So you have downloaded your MP4 video online only to find out that the video has no sound even as you play it. As disheartening as this can be, it does not mean that it cannot be fixed. Here, you will determine why MP4 videos develop this error, the symptoms to look out for, and solutions to fix the problem. It is important to note that the solutions you will be provided with are quite simple, so you do not have to be an expert in following the steps involved.

Part 1: Overview of MP4 No Sound Problems

1. What's MP4 No Sound?

What does "MP4 no sound" mean? As the statement implies, an MP4 file that has refused to play audio when you play the video file is said to have "no sound." This means that the MP4 file has not been able to synchronize the video and audio so that both will play and at the same time. An MP4 video without sound is a video that goes mute when you open it, even though the video might be playing.

2. Causes of MP4 No Sound Problems

You should know the major reasons why MP4 files usually have this problem to figure out which of the factors apply to your case. These factors are outlined below:

Part 2: Try Simple Solutions to Fix MP4 No Sound

There are simple solutions you can try to fix the issue of "MP4 no sound". Each solution works to resolve a particular cause of the error of the MP4 video not playing sound. The solutions are enlisted below:

1. Identify and Install the Needed Audio Codecs:

This solution applies to situations where the original audio codecs supported by the media player are missing from your system. As a result, there is a need to install the right codecs needed to play your MP4 video, such as the Microsoft MP4 codec for Windows Media Player. Use these steps in Windows Media Player to retrieve codec information to figure out the codec that is needed for your MP4 file:

start windows media player

about windows media player

wmp technical support information

select web browser

2. Convert the MP4 File into Another Video Format:

You can convert your MP4 file into another video format such as WMV or AVI compatible with your media player. There are several video format converters available online for use.

The steps below are meant to direct you on how to convert video file formats like MP4 using a VLC media player as an example of not just a video player, but a converter in this case:

launch vlc media player

add mp4 video to convert

open added file

convert opened file

choose output format

browse destination file

give new file name

start conversion process

3.Play MP4 on a Different Media Player:

If the MP4 video is refusing to play on your system's default media player, such as WMP, then you should try playing it on a different media player such as VLC, QuickTime, KMPlayer, 5KPlayer, RealPlayer, among others. For a media player like QuickTime, you may need to use an online converter to convert the MP4 file into a format supported by the media player. Use the steps to convert the MP4 video as directed above (or by the online converter, as the case may be), and your MP4 file is ready to be watched in a new format on a different media player.

Part 3: Ultimate Solution to MP4 Video No Sound and Damaged MP4

After trying the simple solutions above, if your MP4 video is still not playing, it means that the MP4 file itself is broken or damaged. Thus, you need to repair the MP4 file with an effective repair tool like Wondershare Repairit.

Wondershare Repairit Video Repair supports the repair of videos that have been corrupted from factors like virus attacks, change in video format, improper download, memory card error, corrupted recovered videos, etc. Damaged MP4 video files with no sound can also be repaired on Wondershare Repairit.

Furthermore, this tool can repair videos in all kinds of major video formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, 3GP, and so on. It does this repair using two repair modes called quick repair and advanced repair modes. Quick repair mode is used for lightly corrupted videos. Here, the video files are scanned, and the errors are removed. Meanwhile, advanced repair mode is used for badly corrupted video files requiring a deep scan and sample video to get fixed. The sample video file is a working file shot on the device from where your corrupted MP4 video file is located. Also, the sample file is in the same format as that of the MP4 video file. These similarities make Wondershare Repairit possible to use the information or data from the sample video in fully repairing any deeply damaged MP4 file you have.

With the steps outlined below, you can go on and use the Wondershare Repairit to fix your MP4 video with no sound and, indeed, any MP4 video file that is damaged:

Step 1: Add Corrupted Video

Go to the location where your corrupted video file is and retrieve it to the repair tool's interface. Do this with the option "Add video and start repairing." You can also add the corrupt videos by simply choosing the "Add" button.

add corrupted video

Step 2: Repair Video

Go to the bottom right of the interface and choose the "Repair" option. This will begin the process of quickly fixing your corrupt video file.

repair the video

Step 3: Preview the Repaired Video

Now go to the right end of the interface and select the "play" icon to preview the repaired video file. This is an option that Wondershare Repairit has provided for you to ensure all your video files are repaired and intact.

preview repaired video

Although after the initial repair, all your files should work fine, you may discover after previewing them that one or two are badly damaged. Do not worry, with the "Advanced Repair" mode of this tool. You can fix the problem. Click "Preview failed? Try Advanced Repair" at the bottom right, and you are good to begin.

advance repair feature

Step 4: Add Sample Video

The next window that opens contains a folder icon below the statement "Adding Sample Video to Repair"; click on it to add sample video. A sample video is described as a working video file that has been shot in the same format and from the same device as the corrupted video file. It is useful for fixing the badly corrupted video file because the technology contained within it is used as a reference to fix your file.

That's the logic here.

add sample video

Select "Repair," then wait to go back to the previous window to continue. Here, you will have to click "Yes" in the dialogue box to save the video you repaired under the Quick repair mode since they don't automatically save the minute you initiate an Advanced repair mode. However, you may choose to proceed with your advanced repair. In this case, choose "No."

Step 5: Save Video

This is the final step. Here, you save the repaired video file by clicking "Save video," an option you will find by the interface's top right section. Note the information that pops up in the mini window.

save video path

By implication of the pop-up information, you should endeavor to choose a new destination for your video file to be saved, no longer in the "C" drive. Ensure this happens by first of all choosing "New Folder" before you choose the "Restore" option. Give a new name to this folder containing your repaired video file and wait for a few seconds as your files get saved.

repaired video saved

Part 4: How to prevent MP4 No Sound

1. What's the MP4 File Format?

MP4 is a multimedia file format commonly used to download and stream videos from the internet. The file extension of this format is represented as .mp4. The MP4 file format is a highly versatile compressed video format as it can store subtitles, audio, and still images, not just videos. MP4 file is a standard of the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG), which is internationally used for audio-visual coding.

2. Is MP4 Audio or Video?

MP4 file format is described as a digital multimedia container, which implies that it is both audio and video, although it is more commonly used as a video format. Therefore, MP4 is a web-friendly and portable video format that can also play audio or sound.

3. How to Play an MP4 File

MP4 is a file format that can be played by a wide range of media players because it is standardized. To play or open an MP4 file, all you need to do is double-click on the video you want to open, and it will open with your OS's default media player. For Windows, it is usually Windows Media Player (WMP), and for Mac OS, QuickTime player is usually the default media player. However, you can set another media player like VLC as your system's default media player or just use it occasionally to play your MP4 video.

4. Tips for Fixing Damaged MP4 Files

The use of tips and measures is important in the use of apps and files. This reasoning applies in this case with the following tips:

Closing Words

Your MP4 video files can now be fixed because the solutions have been provided for you. Ultimately, Wondershare Repairit will take care of every error or damage that normal troubleshooting cannot handle. Also, it will restore all your files, so you do not risk losing them. With this, you can go back to enjoying your video with sound and not watch a silent movie.

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