How to Fix Netflix Audio and Video out of Sync/Netflix Sound Delay?

Are you getting Netflix Audio and Video out of Sync errors while watching your favorite movie on Netflix? Did you get the Netflix Sound Delay error previously? Well, the following guidelines are prepared for you to resolve these errors without any technical help. Let’s find out the solution now!

11 Fixes to Netflix Audio and Video out of Sync/Netflix Sound Delay

Solution 1: Check Your Internet Connection

The most common solution to fix such common Netflix errors is by simply checking your Internet connection. There comes a time when your Internet connection doesn’t work properly which causes Netflix audio out of sync problems. To do so, you need to check whether your Internet connection is working properly or not.

check your internet connection

Try surfing the web on a different device such as your laptop, computer system, or mobile device. In most cases, a poor Internet connection is a reason behind this error. If the Internet is working fine, you can jump on to the next solution.

Solution 2: Force Close Netflix

Just like a mobile device, you can force close Netflix to overcome audio and video out of sync Netflix errors. Due to a glitch, you may face this Netflix audio delay error while watching a movie or tv show.

force close netflix

Try closing the Netflix app and relaunch it again on the same system. This will resolve this audio delay problem on Netflix. This solution has worked for many Netflix users, you too can give it a try. If this solution doesn’t work and the error is persisting, jump on to the next solution.

Solution 3: Clear Netflix Cache

Netflix application saves partnered portal data surfed by users to make the surfing of the app much easier for them. Sometimes, the collected data causes problems with the overall user interface of the app. You can clear the cache memory saved by the app to resolve such common errors.

clear netflix app chache

Netflix is available on almost all systems and for that reason, the process of deleting cache memory is different from system to system. However, you can follow the below-given steps or compare them with your current system to clear the Netflix Cache.

  • Go to the Applications Menu and select the Applications option or Application Manager.
  • Scroll down, select the Netflix App.
  • Select Clear Data.
  • Select Clear Cache.

The Netflix Audio Delay error should be gone. If you experience the same error again, you can try out the next solution.

Solution 4: Reboot Your Device

As noted above, Netflix is widely available for mobile devices and computer systems as well as for smart televisions. To fix the Netflix audio delay error or sync error, just reboot your system.

Once your system is rebooted, relaunch the Netflix app and open up your favorite movie or a tv show, see if the problem is resolved. If there is no luck, try following the next solution.

amr audio format

Solution 5: Update Your Devices

Sometimes due to a software update, some of the applications installed on your device may not work properly. If you have a device that receives a new update, then you must install the update to overcome such problems.

upgrade your devices

To do so, just head over to the settings option and select the Software Update or Firmware update option. The system will check for the new update itself, if there is a new update available, make sure to download it and install it immediately.

The process of updating your device may differ, you need to check for the new update manually as per the above-given method. If the error is still there, here we have one more solution for you.

Solution 6: Download the Video and Repair It!

Did you know you can download your favorite Netflix Movie on a device? If none of the above solutions work for you, you can simply download the video and repair it to fix the Netflix audio sync error.

You can try out third-party tools to download the videos from Netflix so that you can repair them. Wondershare Recoverit tool is one of the highly recommended tools for you to repair a video. The following steps will show you how you can repair a video on Netflix.

Step 1: Open the Recoverit Tool

Download Wondershare’s Recoverit tool for your respective system from the buttons below. Once the setup file is downloaded, launch the tool to add a video for repairing.

select a location to start recovery

Step 2: Add a Video

add video for recovery

Once you launch the tool, select the Corrupted Video Repair option from the left panel. And then click the Add Video button. You can check the above screenshot for more information.

Step 3: Repair the Corrupted Video

The system will ask you to browse the corrupted video that you downloaded from Netflix. Browse the downloaded video first.

select your corrupted file to repair

Once done, click the Repair button given at the lower right corner of the same page.

Step 4: Save the Recovered Video

As soon as you click the Repair button, the process of recovering the corrupted video will begin. Wait for the process to be done. You can check the preview of the video to see if the video is repaired or not.

Once you confirm, you can save the repaired video on your computer system by clicking on the Save button. Click the Save button to download the repaired video on a selected folder.

recover the repaired file

Solution 7: Update Your Devices’ Audio Drivers

Windows users experience audio-related problems due to outdated or corrupted audio drivers. To fix such problems, they need to update their system’s audio drivers. Just search for the compatible audio drivers for your respective PC system and update them manually.

update your system audio drivers

If you are unable to update your device’s audio drivers manually, you can try out third-party tools to repair or update the audio drivers. You can find such tools on the web.

Solution 8: Disable Browser Extensions

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and all the other web browsers support extensions to improve your web surfing experience. Sometimes, unwanted extensions cause interruptions to your web browsing.

disable your browser extensions

To fix the audio delay error on Netflix, just disable the unwanted or unknown extensions from the browser and see if the problem is resolved!

Solution 9: Update and Restart Your Browser

Sometimes an outdated browser prevents you from browsing your favorite websites. If the above solution doesn’t work for you, then search for the update for your web browser.

Go to the Settings page on a respective web browser and check for the new update. If the new update is available, just download the update and install it. Relaunch the browser and try surfing Netflix. Did it work? No? Let’s try out one more solution.

update and restart your browser

Solution 10: Turn Off HD Streaming

Netflix lets you stream your favorite movies in full HD resolution. While watching videos in full HD resolution, it consumes a lot of bandwidth. If the bandwidth of your Internet connection is not sufficient, then an audio sync error on Netflix may occur.

You can try disabling the HD Streaming function to fix audio and video sync Netflix errors on a respective system.

Solution 11: Update Netflix

The final solution we have is to simply update your Netflix app. Most Netflix users still don’t know how to update their apps. They keep on using the outdated version of the app which might cause Netflix sound delay problems for you. To update an app, try following the below-given steps.

update your netflix app

Depending on your device, you can update the Netflix app from the respective App Store. If you are using an iOs device, you can check for the Netflix app on the AppStore, for Android users, the Play Store is there to check the new update.

Just search for the Netflix app on a respective App Store and click the update button. Once the app is updated, just relaunch it. The error must be gone by now!


No wonder Netflix is the world’s most popular online streaming platform with millions of active subscribers. However, many users of Netflix don’t know how to fix the most common errors that they face on their devices. We have tried our best to provide you with the best solutions to fix the Netflix out of sync error. Try following the above given solutions one by one, they can resolve many of your Netflix-related problems!