How to Play MP4 on Mac?

How to Play MP4 on Mac?

This article will provide every possible solution to help you play MP4 on Mac.

MP4 format is one of the popular formats that works as a multimedia container to save digital files like audio and video. Moreover, it also stores subtitles of movies or shows and still images. So, this format offers excellent benefits as this format is used on various platforms and preserves the good quality of data while compressing it.

Often, users don't know how to play MP4 on Mac or face difficulty with an MP4 player on Mac. This can be due to some inner reasons, but you don't have to worry as this piece of writing will contain a variety of methods that can help you to fix your problem.

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Part 1: Quick Methods to Play MP4 on Mac

In this section, we will provide you with easy methods to play MP4 on Mac in the quickest way possible. So carefully read our given instructions below:

Method 1: QuickTime Player

Apple Inc. developed QuickTime Player as an expandable software framework that specifically functions in iOS. This format has multiple features for its Mac users as it helps in encoding and transcoding your video and audio files into other formats selected by you. Furthermore, it supports various formats of audio, videos, and images. Hence, a perfect place for your media files to function smoothly.

You can also edit your media files with the tools given by this app with a few clicks. Also, it enables users to screen record the activities on your Mac. By using QuickTime Player, you can also play MP4 on Mac with simple steps such as:

Step 1: Launch QuickTime Player

To begin, first, launch the QuickTime Player on your Mac to access its video browsing menu.

open quicktime player

Step 2: Browse your MP4 File

Now locate the MP4 files you want to play by searching it and then tap on “Open” to play this file on QuickTime Player.

mp4 playing in quicktime

Method 2: VLC Media Player

Even if you are not a regular user of Mac, you must have heard the name of the VLC Media Player. The VLC Media Player is one of the most popular free media players, which recognizes every popular format of media files, images, audios, and animation videos. Many users do video or audio editing through VLC Media Player as it contains powerful editing tools.

You can add vibrant effects and transitions to your videos and can make them noteworthy. You can also use its audio effects to eradicate any sort of error present in your audio file. By using a VLC Media Player, you can also play MP4 on Mac if the above-mentioned method is not working.

Step 1: Launch VLC Media Player

To initiate the process, firstly download and launch the VLC Media Player on your Mac.

Step 2: Upload MP4 File in Three Ways

To open the MP4 file on the VLC Media Player, there are three ways

You can directly navigate to the "File" tab on the top of your screen and then tap on "Open File" to browse the MP4 file on your Mac.

amr audio format

You can go to the Mac library to find the MP4 file and then press and hold the "Control" button while clicking on the file to open its sub-menu. You can now tap on the "Open With" option. Through this option, tap on "VLC" to play your MP4 file.

select vlc open with option

You can also use another option where you can simply drag the MP4 file and then drop it on the media box to play it.

drag or drop video file

Step 3: MP4 File in VLC

By uploading the MP4 file, you can now play your file easily on your Mac.

mp4 in vlc mac

Part 2: Fix Damaged MP4 Videos Using Video Repair Software

Many times, our MP4 files are unable to play on Mac because there can be chances that the video got damaged during its downloading process from the internet. Or the presence of a virus on Mac made the MP4 file corrupted. So, in such cases, there is a need for video repair software that can identify the cause and fix the error accordingly. In this part, we will tell you about Wondershare Recoverit, which is a powerful tool for repairing corrupt or damaged files.

Recoverit is not an ordinary repair tool, as it offers different modes of repair in accordance with the diverse needs of the user. Such as it proposes two modes: Quick Repair and Advanced Repair. Quick Repair works in urgent situations where you simply upload your damaged file, and this mode instantly resolves the issue by repairing the video file.

In comparison, Advanced Repair functions in cases of severe harm occurred to your file. It functions with the help of a sample of the same format provided by the user to search for related lost elements through scanning.

In order to fix damaged files and to play MP4 on Mac through Recoverit, follow these steps:

Step 1: Use Corrupted Video Repair Feature

Launch Recoverit on your Mac to open its features enriched interface. Now click on “Corrupted Video Repair” from other options to use this feature.

select corrupted video repair option

Step 2: Browse your MP4 File

Now tap on “Add Video” to upload your damaged MP4 file by locating it. After selecting the file, your file will be uploaded to its interface. After that, click on the "Repair" button, wait for some time and check its progress from the indicator displayed on your screen.

choose your mp4 file

Step 3: Preview Repaired MP4 Video

To finish this process, you can select the “Preview” button to view the repaired MP4 file. Afterward, you can save it to your Mac if you are satisfied with the result.

recover repaired video

Part 3: What Are Some Recommended MP4 Players on Mac?

In this section, we will recommend to you some reliable MP4 player on Mac that can play your MP4 files without showing any trouble.

1. 5K Player

5K Player is a reliable app that allows its users to play the most commonly used media files such as MP3, AVI, MKV, MP4, and WMV. You can play your HD videos as this app supports both 4k Ultra HD and 8k Ultra HD video files. Moreover, you can also play DVD files through this media player. The most highlighted feature of the 5K Player is that it recognizes AirPlay that allows streaming between the devices.

It does not offer much diversity in editing tools but contains all the basic features such as an audio equalizer and media organizer. Overall, it's a reliable and free-to-use MP4 media player that can fulfill the user's basic requirements.

5k player

2. Cisdem Video Player

Cisdem Video Player is another MP4 player on Mac that is easy and simple to use, especially for beginners. It does not require any complexity in its steps and supports almost every kind of video file. Like any other Mac media player, it has a playlist feature through which you can shuffle and repeat the video file, but it does not have exceptional features in its editing toolbar.

You can also buy the complete version of the Cisdem Video Player for just $9.99, which is very cheap compared to other media players. You can easily convert your video files into popular formats in simple and easy steps through this version. Hence, it is a compatible media player that can work on multiple platforms.

cisdem video player

3. DivX Player

DivX Player comes with various amazing and interesting features that can enhance your user experience. It supports MP4, AVI files, and other standard formats with great compatibility. Also, you can easily enjoy MKV files with high quality that can be up to 4K that is its significant advantage. Furthermore, it has a feature of chapter points that enables its users to locate their interested scenes instantly.

It also offers multiple audio support, which means that you can shift between soundtracks without disturbing the playback. Its free version provides every exclusive feature required to organize media files and play commonly used formats smoothly.

divx mp4 player on mac

4. Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player is an outstanding MP4 player on Mac that can make your video files flawless and make your user experience notable. Firstly, it supports every audio and video format, so you don't need to worry about its compatibility. Through its features, you can adjust subtitles, playback speed and enhance audio quality through an equalizer. Moreover, if the video file you are playing does not have subtitles, it can efficiently synchronize the external subtitles.

Through the settings of Elmedia Player, you can choose your preferences and entirely customize them according to your will. It also supports AirPlay that can easily stream your videos across many devices. Lastly, it regularly updates with the latest features to enhance user experience. You can also buy its paid version to enjoy its exclusive properties.

elmedia player

Video Tutorial on Top 5 Best MP4 Player

Bottom Line

MP4 format is a widely accepted multimedia format as it dramatically compresses the data without losing its high quality. In this article, we have placed methods about how to play MP4 on Mac in simple steps. We have also recommended a powerful tool for video repairing in case you have damaged your MP4 file. Lastly, we have suggested some MP4 players compatible with your Mac.