4 Methods to Fix Pixelated Images

Find images blurry or unclear? We provide technical and handy solutions to help you fix pixelated images online and in Photoshop.

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How can I fix the issue of pixelated image in my content?
Pixelated images are not usable for any sort of high quality content as they are blur and cannot show any aspect of the content in them clearly.


Dealing with media? Specifically Images? Then pixilation or pixelated images are one of the common hurdle you are going to witness. Pixelation is a phenomena which portrays the regions of bitmap i.e. small colored squares in large size pixels. It makes the resolution of images poor and hence make them blur and grainy. Hence giving a term to these images as pixelated images. Using these pixelated images in any content makes it less worth it and annoy readers with their blurry texture. Low resolutions incorporated within these images makes them a bad choice to be used in any of the content. But wait! This is not something which cannot be fixed. Fixing pixelated images comes with number of solutions i.e. fixing pixelated images online and fixing pixelated images in photoshop.

Following is the list of possible solutions to fix pixelated images online, fix pixelated images in photopshop and by using a third party application software.

Why Does My Photos Become Pixelated

Understood the concept of pixilation in image? Then let’s move towards the reasons that makes those images pixelated and you need a solution to fix pixelated image. Talking about the causes, here is the list that portrays the most relevant ones:

  1. Most common cause of image pixilation is resizing of pictures. When a small picture is resize to its larger version without doing any technical work on its resolution, there are appears with the bitmaps on screen and makes the overall image blurry and unclear.
  2. Sometimes, when the images are scanned, they may also appear pixelated due to the quality of scanner.
  3. Images clicked blur also appears with pixelation that is basically due to the human or camera error.
  4. Images when opened with incompatible applications or software can also induced pixilation.

For every reason, we need to fix the pixelated images for their appropriate use in the content. Once the reason is understood and clear, nest step is to find the appropriate solution to fix the pixelated images.

Following is the list of possible solution that helps to fix the pixelated images online, in photoshop and by using a third party application software. Let’s check out each of the following to get the issue fixed in no time.

Part 1. Fix Pixelated Pictures with An Online Tool

Looking at a pixelated image on screen with its unclear and grainy texture and blur outlook, the first solution that strikes the mind is to go online and get a quick fix of pixelated image. The online tools are readily available at your service and provides you with a free hand to get things done in no time. Moreover, you can use them without any restriction of first downloading the, waiting for them to initialize on your device and them use them. You just go, upload the image and fix the pixelated image online in mere steps. And all done!

One of such online photo editing and manipulation tool that helps to fix the pixelated image online is Fotor. Providing you with amazing digital editing facilities, fotor is here to give you a wide range of services from editing to retouching, reshaping and designing. When it comes to fix pixelated image online, the preferable tool that appears in search bar is fotor.com. Following is the list of steps that can be followed to fix pixelated images.

Step 1: Start with uploading your image to the site i.e. fotor.com


Step 2: Now select option of Effect from the left menu

Step 3: Float to the option of Pixellate.

Step 4: Then use the scroll bar to move left and select to perform an action for minimizing pixellation.

By mere following these above mentioned steps, one can easily rule out the pixilation and fix the pixelated images online in no time.

Part 2. Fix Pixelated Pictures with Photoshop

Another viable option while making a fix of pixelated images is using a high end editing software that is none other than Photoshop. It is an unparalleled software that makes simple images to picture panorama. All you have to do is to either download the software and also you have to purchase some of its features to get your hands on to all the wide range of editing world. It just take seconds to fix the pixelated images and provide you with a new, clear and vibrant image that carries excellent outlook.

Following are the steps with which one can fix the pixelated image in photoshop in seconds.

Step 1: Start with opening the image in Photoshop.

Step 2: Now select the option of Filter and Blur.

Step 3: Next step is to select Gaussian Blue and track the the slider to get an acceptable range. Click OK.

Step 4: Now click Filter and Sharpen.


Step 5: Here select the option of Unsharp.

Step 6: Use the slider to adjust the acceptable level. Click OK once you are done.

Step 7: Lastly save the image.

You are done with fixing the pixelated image in photoshop in few steps. Photoshop provides you another way to fix the pixelated image

Step 1: Make a right click the image and then click on Layer to Create New Layer.

Step 2: Click Blending Options from the top menu and select the Soft Light.

Step 3: Nextly, select the option of Filters and Noise.

Step 4: Select the option of Despeckle and get a favorable level.

Step 5: Next step is to select Image, Adjustments and Brightness/Contrast.

Step 6: Adjust all to find a preferable level.

If the first way doesn’t work, the second can do a lot!

Part 3. Fix Pixelated Pictures with Paint.net

Working in the digital world as the flexible alternative for photoshop that be an expensive solution, Paint.net is a reliable one to use and to fix the pixelated images quite handily. It is a free tool to use and to rock the editing pursuits for your media. Being asolution for your problem of fixing the pixelated image, paint.net carries potential ways. Here mentioned are the steps to fix the pixelated image.

Step 1: Start with opening the image in Paint.NET.

Step 2: Next you have to select Effects

Step 3: Navigate to option of Blur and select Gaussian Blur.

Step 4: Use the cursor to move slider for reducing the pixel effect.

Step 5: Now again click Effects and select the option of Photo and Sharpen.


Step 6: By using the slider, get an appropriate level for the particular effect.

Step 7: Complete the process by saving the image.

This is how you can fix the pixelated image in paint.net in few steps. Quite easy though!

After array of online options and some expensive software, here comes an option to fix pixelated image that is all worth it!

Part 4. How to Fix Corrupted or Damaged Photos

Being a third party application software, Stellar is an all-rounder to fix almost every issue related to your media on your device. Ranging from fixing the pixelated images to repairing the corrupted JPG/JPEG photo. The software helps to fix the corrupted or damaged photos that are otherwise not editable on any other conventional editing tool or software.

Being the most reliable option for fixing the corrupted or pixelated images, Stellar is all what you need. The key features include:

Just download the software and let’s get started.

Below is the series of steps that leads to repairing JPG/JPEG photo with Stellar Photo Repair.

Step 1: Start with downloading, installing and launching the JPEG repair software.

Step 2: Select the option of 'Add File' and then select the targeted corrupt JPEG/JPG file.

Step 3: All the selected files will appear on the next screen. Click Select All to select all the files for repairing. Or choose the single desired file.


Step 4: Select the option of Repair to start repairing of selected file.

Step 5: Once repairing action is completed, one can choose any file to see the preview in the right pane.


Step 6: Select the option of Save Repaired File to save the repaired JPEG files at your destined location.


Bang on! You are done with fixing your pixelated or corrupted image on stellar photo repair in no time. It was mere the matter of following the right steps.

Hence, next time when you confront the issue of pixelated images, you exactly know which repair mechanism you need to follow and get a high resolution and perfect image in seconds.

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