How to Repair Corrupt Excel XLS/XLSX Files

Excel is an excellent software application that is used all over the world for the purpose of storing, organizing and manipulating data. Used for both individual and business purposes, Excel files come in two extensions, XLS and XLSX. The XLS file extension is native to earlier versions of MS Excel while the XLSX is the default file extension for MS Excel 2007 and the versions that have been released ever since. Owing to the backward compatibility feature introduced by Microsoft, both file extensions can be opened easily in either versions of the software.

Part 1: Troubles of Excel File Repair

All files in a computer system are vulnerable to damage and infection and Excel files are no different. There are various scenarios that can lead to the corruption of an excel file. Corrupted excel files can become a problem as you won’t be able to open them and risk losing all the data that you had saved in them. In such an event, you will need to repair Excel XLS/XLSX files. The following are some instances that necessitate the repair of an excel file.

Part 2: How to Repair a Corrupted Excel Workbook

Upon the discovery of an infected workbook on its opening, the File Recovery mode is immediately launched by Microsoft Excel to attempt the workbook repair. You can use this method to manually repair corrupt excel file if the File Recovery mode fails to do its job.

Step 1 Click on the Open button after clicking the File button.

Step 2 Search for the corrupted excel file in the dialog box that appears.

Step 3 Select the infected workbook.

Step 4Click on Open and Repair option after clicking the arrow button located next to the Open button.

repair Excel file step 4

Step 5Choose the Repair option to recover the data from the corrupted excel file.

If file repair isn’t possible through the Repair option then choose Extract Data for extracting information and data from the excel file. If manual and automatic methods for repairing the excel files both fail then the only way to recover your data is to make use of an excel repair tool.

Part 3: Easily Repair Excel Files with Excel Repair Tool

There are a number of excel file repair tools available on the internet that claim to repair corrupted excel files easily. However, none of them are reliable and most of them don’t even work. The Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair is a well-rounded solution that can help repair Excel XLS/XLSX files in the most comprehensive manner possible. The reason why this excel repair tool is so potent is because of the amazing array of features that it possesses.

Repair Corrupt Excel Files Using Excel Repair

Excel Repair software can easily repair corrupt excel files through its Excel Repair feature. The following is a step-by-step tutorial that can help you in learning how to use this excel repair tool for repairing damaged excel files.

Step 1Add File: Before repairing the corrupted Excel files, you will need to add them to the Excel Repair software. You can do this by clicking the’ Add File’ option located in the ‘File’ menu.

repair corrupt Excel file step 1

Step 2Search File: Files that are to be added will need to be searched on the system. Click on the ‘Select File’ option and in the ‘Open’ dialog box that appears, search for the file that is to be repaired and click ‘Scan’.

repair corrupt Excel file step 2

Step 3 Preview: After the corrupted files have been scanned and repaired, you can preview them to see if they are restored to their original condition.

repair corrupt Excel file step 3

Step 4Choose Saving Location: All files that are repaired need to be saved in a designated location. Choose it by clicking the ‘Save’ option located in the ‘File’ menu. Now, choose either the ‘Select New Folder’ or ‘Default Location’ in the ‘Advanced Option’ dialog box that appears and then click ‘OK’.

repair corrupt Excel file step 4


There are preventive measures available that can be used for avoiding instances of excel file corruption. For instance, frequent creation of recovery files, choosing the automatic option for saving backup copies of excel files, taking care when shutting down the system, regular monitoring of the hard drives and using updated anti-virus can help you in keeping your excel files safe from corruption.

However, if your excel files do get corrupted and can’t be recovered using conventional methods then these tips for excel file repair can be of use to you.

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