How to Open XLS/XLSX Online Free

Solutions to Open XLS/XLSX Online Free

Are you facing difficulty in opening your xls file online? This guide brings you with possible solutions to your problem by using online xls viewer.

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How do I open Xls files online?
"A few of my important spreadsheets are not opening in excel offline and showing the error of file being corrupted. How do I open my xls file without loss of data?"

Undoubtedly, xls/xlsx are widely used format sheets with the occurrence of unusual errors. Excel users often face difficulties in either opening or saving a document mainly due to less available space. In contrast, this could be due to some other minor or major reasons, which requires finding of most effective and suited solutions. If you have tried some ways to open your file and still remain unsuccessful. No need to worry, this guide will potentially help you to come up with different techniques to repair your xls/xlsx file free online in detail. Therefore, without wasting a single moment, let's get started.

Part 1. Alternatives to Open XLS/XLSX File Online without Microsoft Excel

If you are in a hurry and want to open your xls/xlsx file open without excel, there are five alternative tools that you can use to view your file and want to save your money with no loss of data. The following are the five tools installed at your personal computer and available on the cloud are:

  1. Google Sheets
  2. Calc – the open Office Solution
  3. Zoho Sheets
  4. Apple Numbers
  5. G-numeric

1. Google Sheets


One of the free and easy tools for creation and to process spreadsheets through the great engine of search – google sheers. Logged in users can use google sheets for generating spreadsheets, presentations, formulas, and text through the browser-based tool. Furthermore, it makes your data pop through the display of colorful charts and graphs for free. Interestingly, all your changes are saved automatically as you keep on typing eliminating the need to hit save button again and again.



2. Calc – the open Office Solution


While talking about planning and processing to content based on text and images. As a spreadsheet tool for calculation ApacheOpenOffice is used as an alternative to Microsoft Office - Calc is used as an open-source tool. Calc is as same as Excel offering a large range of functions with the ability to provide simultaneous access to numerous documents. It can be used on many operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris, etc. Calc is free software available under the license of Apache. Though, it is the spreadsheet application you have also wanted.



3. Zoho Sheet:


ZohoSheets or Documents is a cloud-based software designed to assist you people in management, sharing, and storage all your files online. It serves as a collaboration platform and organizer for all of your business files – documents, presentations, spreadsheets – and even your files such as pictures, movies, and music.



4. Apple Numbers:


Spreadsheet program of Apple is a number-based web application with optimization for laptops and computers, iPods, and iPhones. A set-up allowing access to multiple users for individual projects with the diversification of arrays for design options. It is developed by Apple Incorporation as a part of its iWork productivity suite. It uses the free-form canvas approach to demote tables to different media types on a single page. It includes improvements in styles of numbers to improve the visual appearance of the spreadsheet. It provides tables with centric workflow for easy structuring of lists with summaries and headers.



5. G-numeric:


A decent alternative of Excel as free software for complex calculations with the use of fewer resources. It can process and save file formats of xls and xlsl with offers as a portable version for mobile devices. It is the part of GNOME FREE Software Desktop Project with distribution under license of GNU GPL. You can run it without installing it on your windows or your computer. It is primarily designed to help you people manipulate and analyze data by using spreadsheets. Thus, it is an impressive spreadsheet program.



Part 2. How to Open XLS/XLSX File with Online XLS Viewer

If you want to open an XLS file, you may use any version of Microsoft Excel. Having trouble for the direct opening of the file, you might seem to use an Excel viewer which primarily provides support to open as well as print XLS files with the offer to copy data out. Therefore, if you are a user of Google Drive, Google documents are handy for online editing of the document.

    1. Open Google Drive, click "New," and then click "File Upload" to get started.


    1. Right-click on the file to be open.


    1. Click on open with Google Sheets


    1. Download your file in .xlsx format


Part 3. How to Open Corrupted XLS/XLSX Online Free

Almost whenever you run a file in Excel might not trouble you, but sometimes a pop-up message from Microsoft appears with the statement of letting you know that your file cannot be open. This often makes you crazy with the fear of losing your data with the investment of your precious time. Your efforts never get wasted, there appear several ways to get the door of your choice open. Therefore, it is now possible to recover your corrupt file using free online Xls file viewers. You must say a special thanks to data recovery tools that are available online and with no cost such as OfficeRecovery for Excel Online recovers corrupted Excel files without the need to download software on your computer. Isn't it crazy? It is.

You also can get the powerful corrupted Excel files recovery software to help you recover and repair corrupted Excel files. Here you can try with Office Recovery software on your Windows PC, it can easily restore your corrupted or lost Excel files back.

Steps to Open Corrupted File:

Step 1: Open Online Office Recovery.


Step 2: Upload the corrupted file.


Step 3: Click on Secure, upload, and repair.


Step 4: After complete the scan and repair of the file click on get the repaired file.


Advantages of Open Office Recovery Software:

The biggest benefit of this software is that you can recover different types of files whereas if you go for the online recovery tools, you will be mostly allowed to recover only a certain type of file.

Part 4. How to Open and Repair XLS/XLSX with One-Stop Service

Stellar Excel Repair Tool:

Stellar Excel Repair inaccessible and corrupt MS Excel spreadsheets without any changes in the original file such as filter and sort, image, formulas, cell comments, user-defined charts, and tables. Works with the ability to fix all common corruption errors of excel files such as unrecognizable format, unreadable content. It provides a real-time recovery preview featuring a standard style of the user interface. Holds an ability to repair a batch of files in one attempt by supporting the repair of corrupt files created in MS Excel 2002-2016 versions and Windows XP to Windows 10.

Steps to repair corrupt Excel file:

To repair the corrupt file through the use of Excel repair software, steps are as follows:

Step 1: Add File: First of all, before you get started to repair your corrupt Excel file, you need to add the Excel repair software on your computer. You can easily do this by clicking the option of Add file found in the File menu.


Step 2: Search for the corrupt files that need to be added. Click on the option of Select File and by the Scan.


Step 3: After scanning your corrupt Excel file and when it is repaired, preview the file to make sure your original data has been restored.


Step 4: Finally, choose the location to save your file in a designated place. Choose it by clicking at the option of Save in the File menu.


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