How to Fix Error Code 224002 While Playing Videos

How to Fix Error Code 224002 While Playing Videos

When a JW player tries to load a .mov or .wmv video not using the H264 code, it is possible that you may come across the 224002 error. Let’s learn how to fix error code 224002 and repair videos.

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While trying to watch a video on a self-hosted website, you may have come across the error code 2240002. The error arises because of the wrong configuration in the media player or because of certain extensions or browser cookies. It generally occurs when trying to load a non-supported video format using the JW Player. The following guide will tell you how to fix the 224002 error code while playing videos online.

What is an Error Code: 224002?

The error code 224002 can arise in the PC, Android, or iPhone and means that there is an error loading the media file, and it cannot be played. Mostly the issue arises when you try to watch a video on a self-hosted website.

The error code 224002 arises when trying to load files that are in a format not supported by the JW Player. When a JW player tries to load a .mov or .wmv video not using the H264 code, you may come across the 224002 error.

It can commonly be seen on both Chrome’s mobile and desktop versions and other standard browsers. The error arises because of the wrong configuration in the media player or because of certain extensions or browser cookies.

How to Fix Error 224002 on Computer?

PC users come across error 224002 a lot. Open a different browser other than Chrome and try to load the URL. If it works, then the problem is with the browser otherwise, it is a media player problem.

If the video works on the other browser, then you will need to fix the issue. Chrome users can follow the below steps to fix the problem and remove the error 224002: video cannot be played.

Method 1: Keep your Google Chrome updated

If you are regularly facing the error 224002 while using the Chrome browser, chances are you do not have the updated version. JW player keeps updating its list of supported formats regularly. However, if you use an old and outdated Chrome version, it may not work correctly.

Usually, Chrome automatically downloads and runs the update itself when you close and open the browser again on your computer. If you have still had an update to make, you can manually run the update on your PC.

update google chrome

Method 2: Delete your cookies and cache

Once you update the Chrome browser, you should try to resolve the error by clearing cached data and cookies. The process is different on different devices. For a PC, follow the following steps.

delete cookies and cache

Method 3: Disable Chrome extensions

Many chrome extensions can lead to the error 224002: file cannot be played. If you use extensions to safeguard online surfing, then the chances of the error increase. You can find out if your extensions are the cause behind the error.

Open Chrome and then open an Incognito Window. It helps you in private browsing as it does not record any history and disables all extensions unless you manually allow an extension to run. Run the URL which displayed the error 224002: File could not play in the incognito window.

Paste chrome://extension in the search bar that will show you a list of all the extensions. Disable each extension one by one and see if the video works at any time. You will know this way that which extension was causing the error, and you can remove it from your browser.

disable chrome extensions

Method 4: Change to default settings in Chrome

If all of the above methods fail to work, then try out one more method. You can change the Chrome settings to default, which will remove all the extensions or settings that may have caused the error. All the cookies, extensions, site data, etc. Follow these steps to reset Chrome.

rest chrome to default

Try the above methods to remove the 224002 error on your PC.

How to Fix 224002 Error on Android?

Just like the PC, one can come across the Error 224002: video cannot be played on an Android phone too. More and more people are using smartphones, and this is a common problem people are facing. For the same reasons as the PC, the error can also come on Android devices.

There are many methods to tackle the error on PC. Similarly, you can try certain things to remove the error from your Android smartphone browsers. Try out the following methods, and you may solve the issue.

Method 1: Update your mobile browser to the latest version

Most of the android users use the Google Chrome browser on their phones. Just like PCs, you need to keep the browser updated for it to work best. The update takes place automatically on an Android phone when a new version is available, but Google Play Store may stop it.

If you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, the download won’t be automatic. Use the following steps to download the update.

update google chrome

Method 2: Delete cache and cookies

Follow the following steps to clear out caches and website cookies that may help in solving the 224002 error.

clear cache and cookies

How to Fix 224002 Error on iPhone?

iPhone users have also come up with the issue of error 224002: Video cannot be played. Just like Android and PC users, even the iPhone's Safari browser faces this error while playing certain videos on certain websites.

The iPhone uses the Safari browser, and similar to the PC and Android users, you will have to follow certain methods if you want to tackle the error 224002. It is always annoying when you can’t access some content you want to watch, so it is better to know how to remove the error.

Method 1: Delete cookies and web history

The process is almost the same for PC, Android, and Apple devices. Even for the iPhone, you will have to delete cached data, cookies, and browsing history. However, the execution is a bit different in the iPhone and its browser. You will need to do this to delete the cookies and web history:

clear cookies and history on iPhone

Method 2: Delete website data

Along with deleting the cookies and web history, you will also have to delete the existing website data. It is also a very easy process. Do it by following these steps:

Now you can either remove all website data or select the websites whose data you want to remove. For this, click on Show all sites and then tap on Edit in the bottom right corner. You will see a red sign on the left side of the website. Click on this sign and then tap on Delete to remove the website data.

clear website data

How to Repair Videos That Cannot Be Played?

It can get very frustrating when you cannot access the content you want to watch due to some errors or corrupt files. Many free and premium tools can help in repairing corrupt files.

Wondershare Video Repair is an easy-to-use tool to repair damaged video files. You can fix jerky, blurry videos that are in various formats. It provides basic and advanced modes that can solve all kinds of faults in a video. Just follow some easy steps to repair your favorite videos and watch them again.

Step 1: Launch the Wondershare Video Repair

You will need to download and install the Wondershare Video repair application on your PC. After installing, click on the Wondershare Repair app and run it. You can save it on the desktop to run easily or find it in the Search.

Step 2: Add corrupted videos

The first step will be adding videos to the Wondershare software. There are two ways to add corrupt videos. In the middle of the interface, you will see Add video and start repairing. You can click here to start the process. Alternatively, you can click on the Add button to get started.

Wondershare supports MOV, MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, M4V, and can also repair multiple formats of the video at the same time.

add video

Step 3: Repair the corrupted videos

After adding the video, click on the Repair button and wait for the process to take place. After completion, a pop-up will appear and ask you to save and preview the video. Click on OK to save the video at the desired location.

repair option

Step 4: Preview the repaired video

You will see a little triangle, just like the play button, in front of the video name. Click on the button and watch a preview of the video. Make sure that the file is genuine and then save it.

preview video

Step 5: Use advanced mode to add sample videos

You can choose advanced repair if the video is severely corrupted and is not repaired properly. Click on the folder and add any sample video to repair. A sample file has the same format as the corrupted video and is created with the same device. Advanced Repair uses the sample file to repair the corrupt file.

add sample video

Step 6: Save the repaired video

When you see a prompt, proceed to save the repaired video. Select a location to save the files and make sure you don’t choose the same location where they got corrupted. When you choose the "recover" button, the video will be saved in the local disk.

You may also click on "New Folder", and then click on "Recover." The video will be saved in a new folder on the local disk. Rename the new folder to the name of your choice.

add sample video

This is how you can use the Wondershare Video repair tool to repair corrupt videos.

How to Avoid Video Not Playing?

Even the best web browsers that are used widely by people face certain issues sometimes. A common error is when videos do not play on some websites, and an error occurs. There are some ways you can avoid this from happening.

Final Words

Whether you a desktop user, Android or iPhone users, error 224002 can come on any device. The error is there because of some wrong configuration. But the solutions discussed above will surely help you in fixing the issue.

You can also repair your not playing or corrupted video with the best software - Wondershare Video Repair.

We hope you can now watch your desired video without facing any issue!

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