Mac MP4 Repair Solution: Repair Corrupted MP4 File on Mac Easily!

Mac MP4 Repair Solution: Repair Corrupted MP4 File on Mac Easily

Fixing corrupted MP4 files on Mac is quite easy. Reading this article to learn repair corrupted MP4 files on Mac.

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how to fix corrupted mp4 files

When videos that you have worked hard to make become corrupted, damaged, or inaccessible, what do you do? Do you just give up the hope of fixing the videos? Of course not! You come to an article like this to provide you with solutions to your problems. It is not a difficult task to repair corrupt MP4 files on Mac; this will be proven to you in this piece. So, keep reading and you will learn all about corrupted MP4 files and how to repair them easily. More so, pay attention to how to use the ultimate repair tool for MP4 files, that is, Wondershare Video Repair.

Part 1: Can Corrupted MP4 Video Files Be Fixed on Mac?

Note that MP4 files can be fixed on Mac. In this part, you will learn what a corrupted MP4 video file is, what causes corruption of MP4 video files, and a guide on repairing damaged MP4 files.

1. What's Corrupted MP4 Video File?

By way of definition, a corrupted MP4 video file is a video file in the MP4 format that has become inaccessible and has refused to play due to one error or the other. It also implies that the MP4 file doesn't play properly. Sometimes, an error message may appear to indicate to you that the video file is inaccessible or refusing to play.

MP4 itself is a container format for digital multimedia; it is useful for storing video and audio data and it supports the online streaming of such videos and audio. It is also known as MPEG-4 Part 14. MP4 works in several operating systems like Linux, Windows, as well as Mac systems.

A corrupted MP4 video file displays such signs and symptoms like:

2. What Causes Damaged MP4 Files?

MP4 video files get corrupted due to various factors, that include, but are not limited to:

3. Can You Repair MP4 Files on Mac?

Yes, you can repair MP4 files on Mac by repairing the headers and indices of the video files. With the right solutions and diligence in following the steps involved in such solutions, you can repair the headers and indices in corrupted MP4 files on Mac. Also, with the right repair tool, you can completely repair your corrupt MP4 files without stress. Therefore, the next part will give you a detailed explanation of how you can use the ultimate video repair tool, Wondershare Video Repair, to repair your corrupted MP4 video files.

Part 2: Ultimate Solution to Corrupted MP4 Files on Mac

Solution 1: Mac MP4 Repair Online

A wide range of solutions provided you an insight to solve the corrupted MP4 files on Mac. Let’s look at an amazing solution that can work in our favor as long as we want it to. Presenting you Wondershare Repairit Online Tool, whose main job is to repair damaged videos of the same nature and make them as good as new. If you want efficiency with a repaired video, this has to be your choice.

The following set of bullet points will be responsible for informing you about the advantages of using this software. Have a look.

If you are learning first time about Wondershare Repairit Online Tool, then follow the guidelines below precisely to have accurate results:

Step 1: Adding Process

The first step is to add the video to the interface. It is easy. First, launch the software and browse the corrupted video from your PC in the (+) button. Shortly afterward, you will see an uploading bar.

upload corrupted mp4 files from mac

Step 2: Repair Process

When the upload bar is complete, the software shows that the video has been received. It then begins the “Repairing” process automatically.

Step 3: Saving Process

After some time, the repaired video pop-up on the interface. Preview it and see if the video is repaired. You can save it afterward from the option on the left side of the video. Moreover, you can fix another corrupted video too.

save repaired mp4 videos to mac

Wondershare Repairit Online Tool and Wondershare Repairit for Desktop are equally competitive and productive software. However, their use is highly dependent on the user as the nature, format, and size of the corrupted videos decide the type of software.

If you have a video file less than or equal to 200MB, then the Online version has to be your choice. But it tackles only three file formats while Wondershare Repairit for Desktop deals with more than ten formats, and no file limits are imposed on them.

Solution 2: Repair Corrupted MP4 Video on Mac with Video Repair Software

For a completely secure and total video repair of your corrupted MP4 video files, the recommended tool for you is Wondershare Video Repair. It repairs both MP4 video files and other file formats such as 3GP, M2TS, MOV, FLV, MKV, AVI, among others. This tool provides support for repair of MP4 videos that get corrupted from virus attack, file header corruption, errors in file read and write, etc,

Wondershare Video Repair fixes not just damaged, but also video files that are generally broken. It achieves this through the "Quick repair" mode, which works on any errors found within your video files. Also, for deeply damaged MP4 video files, the "Advance Repair" mode fixes them. The steps involved in the repair of videos using Wondershare Video Repair include:

Step 1: Add Corrupted Video

Add the corrupted video file to the repair tool's interface by selecting "Add" located at the bottom left of the interface. You can also go to the corrupted video file location through the "Add video and start repairing" option, to retrieve it.

add corrupted video

Step 2: Repair Video

Begin the repair process by choosing the blue "Repair" button on the interface, then choose "OK" once the process is complete.

repair the video

Step 3: Preview the Repaired Video

After this "Quick repair", preview the video. You can do this by clicking on the "play" icon located at the far right of the file description tab. This step has been enabled for you to know for sure that your file has been completely fixed before you decide to save it.

preview repaired video

Now, if your video file is badly damaged, the option for you to use is "Advanced Repair". Therefore, click on the "Advanced Repair" button at the bottom of the interface

advance repair feature

Step 4: Add Sample Video

This step is necessary for advanced repair as the repair tool uses the data contained within the sample video you add to fix your badly corrupted video file. The sample video is a working file that is shot in the same format and from the same device as your corrupted video file. This system works in ensuring that Wondershare Video Repair gets the job done when it comes to fixing your severely corrupted video.

add sample video

To continue, choose the option to "Repair". This will return you to the previous window where you can save the video file that was repaired under "quick repair" if you so choose by clicking "Yes". However, if you want to simply continue with advanced repair to save at the end, then click "No"

Step 5: Save Video

Once it is done, save by selecting "Save Video". The pop-up window that you will see will contain the following information: "Select a path to save the recovered files. Please do not save files to the path where you lost them". Note this

save video path

By the foregoing, it implies that you can save your video file in such a location as drive "E" or "D", but not "C" since the plan is to change the file location. Complete this by selecting "New Folder" before "Recover" because if you choose only to "Recover", the files will be saved back in the initial position they got corrupted. Go ahead and rename your repaired video file to make its search easier for you any time you need it.

repaired video saved

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Part 3: Mac Native Solutions to Fix Corrupted MP4 File

Apart from the use of a video repair tool like Wondershare Video Repair, you can also use some Mac solutions to fix your corrupted MP4 video file. These solutions and the steps in using them are explained as follows:

Solution 1: Fix Corrupted MP4 Files with VLC Media Player

The first alternative to fixing corrupted MP4 video files is with the use of a VLC media player. To use a VLC media player as a solution to your MP4 files damage, follow these steps below:

launch vlc media player

add files to convert

choose a codec

edit selected profile

add a new profile

Solution 2: Fix the Problem of Accessibility of MP4 Video File:

You can gain access to your video file if it becomes inaccessible due to intense corruption or damage. Ordinarily, you should be able to repair your corrupt Mp4 file using VLC as described above. However, if you find that you cannot fix the problem, try this second solution which involves an advanced use of VLC. Follow these steps carefully:

open tools and preferences

input and codecs settings

Part 4: Tips for Protecting Mac MP4 Video Files

Here, you will learn important tips you can apply when you want to play your MP4 videos on Mac, and when you want to move or fix them. These tips will come in handy in making your experience with MP4 files easier on Mac.

1. Tips for Playing Mac MP4 Video Files:

There are some pointers to take note of when playing your MP4 video files. They include the following:

2. Tips for Moving Mac MP4 Video Files:

Take note of the following tips before transferring MP4 files into your device or moving them from one destination to the other:

3. Tips for Fixing Mac MP4 Video Files:

Pay attention to the measures outlined in this part so that you can have a stress-free fixing of your corrupt MP4 video files on Mac:

Closing Words

MP4 file format is a container format that provides high-quality output. As a result, it is understandable why anyone would prefer this format above others. However, if you have experienced error challenges to your MP4 file, you will attest to the fact that it is discouraging. With this article, you can fix the MP4 file error and enjoy playing your MP4 video.

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