Corrupt MOV Repair: How to Repair MOV File Easily?

Corrupt MOV Repair: How to Repair MOV File Easily

Can’t seem to repair an MOV file that has been corrupted? Don’t worry – this ultimate guide will help you fix any MOV file corrupted under different scenarios.

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Q: How do I repair a .mov file on a Mac?

“There is a MOV file that I recorded during my last vacation to Europe, but now I can’t play it on any media player anymore. Can someone tell me how to repair a corrupt MOV file?”

Nicole from California has recently posted this query on one of the leading Mac forums. Sadly, just like her, several other users also encounter a similar situation and look for a professional MOV repair tool. Since there can be different reasons for a MOV file to get corrupt, you should only go with a reliable option. In this post, I will provide a step by step solution to repair MOV files under every possible scenario.


Part 1: Common Causes for Getting a MOV file Corrupt

Before we get into the details and discuss how to fix MOV files, it is important to talk about the common situations and reasons behind it. Here are some of the common situations and signs for a corrupted MOV file.

Since there could be different scenarios for getting a corrupted MOV file, it can be caused by all sorts of reasons. Following are some of the common causes for getting a MOV file corrupt:

Part 2: An Ultimate Way to Repair Corrupt MOV Files Securely

It doesn’t matter what could have caused your MOV file to be corrupt, you can do MOV repair using a reliable tool. One of the most recommended choices is Wondershare Video Repair, which is known for its high repairing results. It fully supports every major video format, including MOV files. You can just install Wondershare Video Repair on your Mac or Windows system and follow a simple click-through process to repair MOV files like a pro.

Using Wondershare Video Repair to repair corrupt MOV file is extremely easy and anyone can do it as per their convenience by following these steps:

Step 1: Load the corrupt MOV files

Whenever you wish to repair MOV files on Mac or Windows, just launch the Wondershare Video Repair application on your system. Now, drag and drop the videos to the interface or click on the “+” icon on its home. This will launch a browser window so that you can go to the location of your corrupted MOV files.


Step 2: Repair the corrupt MOV files

Once you have loaded the corrupt MOV files, just click on the “Repair” button and wait for a few minutes as your videos would be repaired. You can see the progress from an on-screen indicator and check if the videos are fixed or not.


Step 3: Save the repaired videos

When the MOV repair operation has been completed, Wondershare Video Repair will notify you. Now, you can just save the repaired videos to the location of your choice.


Step 4: Do an Advanced Repair (Optional)

If you are not satisfied with the MOV repair tool’s quick scan results, then you can click on the “Advanced Repair” option instead. This will require you to add a sample video to the application. The sample video should be shot on the same device and have the same format as the original corrupt MOV file.


Once the sample video is added to the application, you will be notified. You can now perform an advanced repair and wait for the tool to yield the expected results.

In the end, you will be notified that the process is completed so that you can save the repaired videos to a preferred location of your choice.


Part 3: Common but Wrong Ways to Fix MOV Files

If you have a corrupted MOV file and you wish to repair it in the right way, then use a professional tool like Wondershare Video Repair. You might encounter some common ways to fix MOV files as well. Most of these solutions are either wrong or would not yield positive results in the end.

Method 1: Fixing the Meta content of the video

Ideally, metadata depicts the vital information about a file (like a video) that is used in its processing. Sometimes, a change in metadata is all that users think can fix a corrupt MOV file. To do this, they take the assistance of a hexadecimal editor to alter the header and metadata of the video. I would recommend not tampering with the video’s meta information as it might cause more harm to the file than good.


Method 2: Changing the hardware acceleration option

Hardware acceleration is an inbuilt feature in most of the media players (like VLC) that can also cause issues in a video. If you want, you can go to your media player’s preferences and from here, just disable the hardware acceleration feature. Though, this might put more load on your computer, causing it to lag.


Method 3: Trying a different output module

Some media players also let us change the output module of a video to a more compatible option. You can find this option under the General or Video Output settings in the player. Mostly, the DirectX or Direct3D output options are recommended (if their drivers are installed). If you don’t have them, then you can go with an OpenGL output as well. While this might fix issues like video lagging and sync errors, it would hardly do MOV repair of a corrupted file.


Method 4: Forcefully changing the video format

In some tutorials, you might see a suggestion listed that you can change the video format to any other option like MPEG, MP4, FLV, etc. This is something that you should only do if you have a player that does not support the available video format. Since MOV files are universal and can be played in almost every media player, you should avoid changing their format. A forceful change in a video file’s format might make it even more corrupt and entirely inaccessible.

Part 4: How to Use and Manage MOV Files Properly

Just like any other video format, MOV files should also be handled carefully. Here are some of the basic do and don’ts that you can follow to repair MOV files and handle them in a better way.

This brings us to the end of this informative post on how to repair MOV files like a pro. I’m sure that by using a reliable application like Wondershare Video Repair, you can easily fix MOV files without any unwanted hassle. It features two different repairing modes and follows a simple click-through process to do MOV repair under various scenarios. Apart from that, I have also listed some commonly used techniques to fix MOV that are wrong and should be avoided. You can also follow some of the expert suggestions listed above to manage your MOV files and avoid them from getting corrupt.

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