Videos Not Playing on Chrome? We Solved It!

Videos Not Playing on Chrome? We Solved It

If your videos are not playing or even loading on google chrome, do not worry about your predicament; this article will provide all the answers you need.

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Q: Why Some Videos Are Not Playing on Chrome?
"Hello there. I have been trying to play videos on my Chrome browser, without success. What could be the reason why Chrome will not play videos on my system?"

video not playing on Chrome

Google Chrome is a great browser to watch videos online. However, because of different factors at play, you may not be able to achieve this goal. This is where the article comes in. You will learn why videos are not playing on Chrome and you will be shown various solutions on fixing the problem of Chrome not playing videos. To avoid future reoccurrence, you will be taught how to properly play videos on Chrome.

Part 1: Why Videos Are Not Playing on Chrome

When videos start becoming slow, blurry, or showing error messages, then these are signs that Chrome cannot play the videos. These symptoms all indicate that Chrome cannot load, play, or simply stream videos from sites such as YouTube. It is important you know the reasons why videos are not playing on your Chrome:

  1. An Outdated Chrome Browser: This is usually the first reason why videos encounter challenges and refuse to play on Chrome. Every new update of the browser has additional features to make for more effective handling of new requirements of videos. If Chrome is outdated, it is bound to be lacking in playing videos online.
  2. A Disabled JavaScript: Some websites require JavaScript to be able to play videos. Meanwhile, Chrome disables certain programs like JavaScript for security reasons, especially if your system has once been attacked or almost attacked by malware. Thus, a problem arises.
  3. Computer Multitasking Too Many Operations: When there are too many open tabs and running operations on your Chrome, they are bound to slow down the browser. This may consequently affect videos and stop them from playing on any website you go to.
  4. Internet Service Provider (ISP) Problems: Your internet service provider may have network challenges that may, in turn, affect your network connection and lead to videos loading slowly or not at all. Also, your home internal network connection through network cables and Wi-Fi could be having some issues which will affect any browsing you are doing on your system.
  5. Disabled Flash Player: Adobe Flash has some security issues as a "legacy" program. This has made browser developers such as Google stop using it. Unfortunately, videos in some sites haven't been updated to work without this "Flash" which makes it impossible for you to play such videos.

Part 2: How to Fix Videos Not Playing on Chrome

This part will explain how to fix any video that is not playing on Chrome. The availability of several solutions is to give you a comprehensive list of options to pick from. They include the following:

1. Enable Flash Player:

This applies to a scenario where you have a flash video to watch and your computer doesn't have a flash player. Here, you will most likely see a message that asks you to "Click to enable Adobe Flash Player". If this message doesn't pop up, you can manually check to ensure that the flash is enabled or allowed. Do this by following the steps below:

launch Chrome on pc

allow reset permissions

If you confirm that the not playing issue is caused by some video file errors, directly check the solution - Video fixer to repair damaged video files. Otherwise, please move on to the next method.

2. Clear Cookies and Cache:

Accumulated data in the form of cache and cookies tend to prevent videos from playing on Chrome. Get rid of these corrupted cookies, history, passwords, and any other browsing data, to free up space for new videos to load and play. You can achieve this through the following:

clear browsing data

clear data all time

3. Restart Chrome Browser App:

You may need to quit Chrome and start it again if you cannot play videos on the browser. Ensure it has completely closed down before restarting the application. How do you restart Chrome? Follow these steps:

restart google Chrome

bookmark Chrome restart url

4. Allow for JavaScript Enabling:

It has been explained that disabled JavaScript may affect videos on Chrome and stop them from playing. Therefore, you need to enable JavaScript in your Chrome settings. How do you get to Chrome settings? By following the simple steps outlined below:

privacy and security window

click allowed option

5. Turn Off Chrome's Hardware Acceleration:

Sometimes, if your hardware acceleration feature is turned on, it could be a hindrance to videos playing properly on Chrome. You can visit Chrome's settings and disable the hardware acceleration by doing these:

turn off hardware acceleration

6. Test System Extensions to Disable:

Extensions and Plug-ins tend to interfere with videos playing properly online. You can disable Chrome's extensions individually to be able to figure out the source of the problem of videos not playing on Chrome.

turn off extensions

Here are the specific solutions for YouTube video viewers - Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing.

7. Download Videos to Computer:

If videos will not play on your Chrome browser, you can download them from the website to your computer and watch from there. This will require you to make use of an extension so the video can successfully be downloaded from Chrome to PC. Below are steps on how to do this:

download video again

Download the videos and you can check if you can play and watch the videos smoothly. If not, it means that your video file itself is corrupted. You need to get a video repair program for assistance.

8. Update the Chrome Application:

A question you need to find answers to is this "Is my Chrome up to date?". If you cannot answer to the affirmative, then it is time to update your Chrome browser application. Some videos require Chrome's latest version to play. Simply do the following and your application will be updated if it is not up to date:

about google Chrome

check and download updates

9. Restore Chrome to Default Settings:

After all other options may have failed, you can try to reset Chrome settings. The steps below will be a guide for you to be able to do this:

complete Chrome reset

10. Use the Ultimate Video Repair Tool:

Some situations will require you to use a repair tool. Such situations revolve around downloaded videos on Chrome, refusing to play. In this case, the best repair tool recommended for you to use is Wondershare Video Repair, a new product by Wondershare. Thus, if you are having problems playing say, YouTube videos, on Chrome, Wondershare Video Repair will come in handy in fixing your corrupt videos. This tool fixes broken videos, as well as corrupt or damaged videos in all major video formats which include MP4, M2TS, FLV, AVI, WMV, MPG, etc.

With the steps below, you can repair corrupt videos downloaded from Chrome:

Step 1: Add Corrupted Video

In the middle of the repair tool's interface is the option "Add video and start repairing". Use it to drag and drop your corrupted video file from its location. Alternatively, you can click "Add" to perform the same function

add corrupted video

Step 2: Repair Video

Go to the blue "Repair" button, click it and start repairing the corrupted video file. This Quick repair mode will fix any error in your video file, after which a window will appear. Click "OK" to preview and save

repair the video

Step 3: Preview the Repaired Video

The next thing is to preview the repaired video file if you choose to. To do this, go to the far right of the interface and you will see an icon that represents the "play" function; select it. The essence of this function is so that you can see the job that has been done by the repair tool, although you can rest assured that with Wondershare Video Repair, your videos are in safe hands.

preview repaired video

If you realize that you still have some badly corrupted video files that need deeper scanning and repair, you can move on to Advanced repair mode. This, you can do by stating with the option "Preview failed? Try advanced repair" and you are sure on your way.

advance repair feature

Step 4: Add Sample Video

Add a sample video from the "folder" icon in the window that appears with the title "Adding Sample Video to Repair". The sample video is a vital part of advanced repair as its information is used as a reference in repairing your badly corrupted video file. Note that the sample video is defined as a tat working video that is shot using the same device and in the same format as the corrupted video file.

add sample video

Move to select "Repair", an option just directly beneath the "Apply to all corrupted videos" button. This action will return you to your previous window where you will proceed to the next step. It is important to decide if you wish to save the videos repaired under Quick repair mode by clicking "Yes" or not saving them by clicking "No". This decision is necessary because any video you repair with Quick repair doesn't get saved once you engage the Advance repair mode.

Step 5: Save Video

Now that it is all done, select "Save". A Window will appear with the note: "Select a path to save the recovered files. Please do not save files to the path where you lost them". Follow this instruction by choosing an entirely new destination for your repaired video file.

save video path

Part 3: How to Play Videos on Chrome Properly

Play videos properly on Chrome by following the solutions and steps that are described in this section below:

1. Use Chrome's Incognito Mode:

Although the incognito mode doesn't imply that external sites cannot track you, it helps to prevent enablement of those extensions that could interfere with your videos playing properly on sites on your Chrome browser. Turn on your Chrome's incognito mode with these two steps:

new incognito window option

chrome new incognito mode

2. Reset the Internet Connection of Your System:

To achieve a speedy loading and playing of videos on your Chrome, you should reset your internet connection and start from afresh. How do you do this? Go with these steps:

Part 4: How to Prevent "Chrome Will Not Play Videos"

You can prevent the problem of Chrome not playing videos by following some measures that will be suggested here. These measures and tips are simplified as follows:

Closing Words

With all the information provided in this article, you should be confident of being able to fix the issue of videos refusing to play on your Chrome browser. More so, if you download a video on Chrome and it has problems or still refuses to play, you can always turn to Wondershare Video Repair to fix the errors within your video file.

But if you meet similar situations on Firefox, try solutions here-Fix Videos Not Playing on Firefox.
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