100% Working Solutions to Fix Corrupted Excel Files

How to Fix Corrupted Excel Files: 100% Working Solutions

Learn how to fix corrupted Excel file in a surefire way right here. The guide has featured a step by step solution to fix corrupted Excel file in seconds.

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"How do I fix corrupted files on Windows 10? My MS Excel file has been corrupted and I can't seem to retrieve its data. Can someone help me fix a corrupted Excel file?"

If you have a similar query, then this would be the last guide on how to fix an Excel that you would read. It might surprise you, but getting an MS Word or Excel file corrupt is quite common these days. From a power failure to a virus attack, there could be different reasons for it. Though, if you follow the right approach and take the assistance of some professional tools, then you can easily fix the Excel file. Read on and learn how to fix corrupted Excel files using third-party as well as native tools.

Part 1 What causes an Excel file to get corrupt?

Before you learn how to fix a corrupted Excel file, it is important to diagnose the problem. Ideally, you should look for the following common causes for corrupting an Excel file so that you can avoid them in the future.

There are different ways in which an Excel file can get corrupt. Usually, when an Excel file is corrupted, a prompt is displayed stating the same. Though, at times, its existing data becomes encoded or unreadable as well.

Part 2 How to Fix a Corrupt Excel File?

It doesn't matter what could have caused your Excel file to get corrupt, you can easily fix it using Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair. A user-friendly and 100% reliable tool, it can fix Excel files in different scenarios. The software features a highly sophisticated repairing formula that would retain your original file with all the existing content. Since it is extremely easy to use, no prior technical knowledge is needed to learn how to fix Excel using Stellar Repair.

Compatibility: The application is fully compatible with all the major Excel versions and supports XLS/XLSX files of Excel 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, etc. It runs on all the popular Windows systems, including major versions like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. When I wanted to learn how do I fix corrupted files on Windows 10, I used Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair as well and it gave me satisfactory results. Since it features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, anyone can use it to fix Excel files in one go. To learn how to fix corrupted Excel file, simply follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Install and Launch Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair

To start with, go to the official website of Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair and install the application on your system. You can buy its premium version or get its free trial version as well.

Close the Excel file if you have previously opened it and launch the Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair to fix the corrupted Excel file.

Step 2: Select and load the corrupted Excel file(s)

Once the application has been launched, click on the Select File or Select Files button to browse the damaged file. You can also select a folder from here or choose between different drives to locate the corrupted Excel file.

If you want, you can load multiple Excel files as well and repair them in one go.

Step 3: Scan and Repair the File

After selecting the appropriate files, simply click on the "Scan" button to start fixing the XLS/XLSX files. Wait for a few minutes for the Excel repairing process to be finished.

Once the file has been repaired, you can preview it in the application's native interface. In this way, you can verify if the data has been retrieved successfully or not.

Step 4: Save the Repaired File

If you are satisfied with the results, then just click on the "Save" button to restore the file. As the following window will open, you can choose to save the file to a default location or manually browse any other location as well.

In the end, you will be notified that the file has been saved successfully. Later, you can just retrieve it and use it the way you like.

Following the same drill, you can learn how to fix Excel files easily. Just make sure that if you have advanced engineering formulas in your worksheet, then you need to install the Analysis ToolPak add-on beforehand.

Part 3 How to Fix Excel Files in Excel 2003, 2006, 2010, 2013 & 2016?

As you can see, with Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair, we can easily fix Excel files of all kinds. Though, if you want, you can try Microsoft Excel's native repair solution as well. While the results might not be as good as Stellar Repair, you can try it by following this simple approach. It might vary from one version of Excel to another.

How to Repair Files in Excel 2016?

MS Excel 2016 is the latest version that is used by numerous users. To learn how to fix corrupted Excel File 2016, follow these steps:

1. Launch MS Excel 2016 on your system and click on the Open button from the File menu to load a file.

2. Choose to browse the file instead of creating a new file.

3. As a browser window would be opened, go to the existing location where the corrupt file is stored.

4. Select the file and instead of clicking on the "Open" button, press the dropdown icon.

5. From the provided options, select "Open and Repair" to automatically repair the corrupt file.

How to Repair Files in Excel 2013?

Excel 2013 is quite similar to 2016. While the overall interface might differ, the process is the same.

1. Open the MS Excel application and click on the File Menu.

2. Choose to browse the corrupt file.

3. Click on the dropdown icon adjacent to the Open button and choose to "Open and Repair" the file.

4. Select if you wish to Repair the file or extract its data only.

How to Repair Files in Excel 2010?

If you are working on Excel 2010, then you can follow these steps to fix a corrupted Excel file.

1. Start by launching the Excel 2010 application on your computer.

2. Click on the "Open" button from the File menu.

3. As a browser window will open, locate the corrupted file.

4. Instead of Opening it, choose to Open and Repair it so that the application would automatically repair it.

How to Repair Files in Excel 2007?

Just like the other Excel versions, you can repair files in Excel 2007 as well. Just follow this basic drill.

1. Open the Microsoft Excel 2007 application and go to its File menu.

2. Choose to open an existing file from your system's storage.

3. This will launch a browser window so that you can select the corrupted Excel file.

4. Instead of opening it the usual way, choose to "Open and Repair" by clicking on the dropdown icon adjacent to it.

How to Repair Files in Excel 2003?

While the Excel 2003 version is not current and might not be widely used, you can still fix the Excel file by following these instructions.

1. Launch the Excel 2003 application on your computer and click on the File option.

2. Click on the "Open" button or just press Ctrl + O on your keyboard.

3. Locate the corrupted file on your computer's memory and select it.

4. Click on the More icon (the dropdown button) located adjacent to the Open button and choose to "Open and Repair" the file.

By following these steps, you can automatically repair the Excel file using its native feature. While it might sound simple, it can't repair severely damaged files and has a low success rate. Chances are that it might not be able to fix your damaged Excel file. In that case, you can take the assistance of Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair to get positive results in less time.

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Part 4 Tricks to Avoid Your Excel Files from Getting Corrupt

If you don't want your Excel documents to get damaged or corrupt, then you can take some precautionary measures. Here are some tips that are used by experts to avoid such an unwanted situation.

There you go! After following this guide, you would be able to fix corrupted Excel files in seconds. As you can see, from all the provided solutions, Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair turns out to be an ideal choice. It can repair all kinds of Excel files that are damaged under different scenarios. The existing data like its formatting, charts, graphs, images, etc. would be retained as well. Go ahead and try it and feel free to share this guide with others as well to teach them how to fix Excel seamlessly.

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