Fix and Repair Corrupted Video Files with Free Video Repair Tool

Free Video Repair Tool to Fix and Repair Corrupted Video Files

How do you go about watching the corrupted video? Free download the video repair tool to have a try.

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Imagine that you are taking online classes and you have an option of downloading audio or video, which one will you prefer? Videos. Videos are great for communicating with people. You can be able to watch all the happenings and instructions. If it is a movie or funny clips, then you will be able to get the real picture of the video content. With all these videos you will save them on the drive of your computer. However, you may try playing them on your computer, and you notice that cannot play since they corrupted.

  • Part 1. Causes Liable For Corrupting Videos
  • Part 2. How to Repair Corrupted Video with Wondershare Video Repair?
  • Part 3. Free Video Repair Tool to Fix Corrupted Video

Part 1: Causes Liable For Corrupting Videos

Before looking at some of the ideal free video repair software tools at your disposal, it is good to analyze the causes of corruption in your MP4 or MOV files. The corruption in your video files can be a result of a broken header, the loss of an internet connection as the file was downloading, sudden power outage, compression issues, or even downloading from unreliable internet sources. Luckily, there are common tools that we might even have in our machines such as the VLC Media Player that can assist us. Such free video repair software works on works on both predictive and learning algorithms while healing a video file. This is covered in the next section.

Corrupt videos are inaccessible and cannot be played. Different reasons lead to the corruption of videos. Such as:

It is so bad when you are excited to watch a video, and you find that is corrupted. The exciting thing is that you can always repair these videos with a video repair tool. Is there any freeware that repairs and fixes corrupted video files? The need to repair these precious videos is important. We will now look at three powerful video repair tools that you must try out.

Part 2: How to Repair Corrupted Video with Wondershare Video Repair?

A professional video repair tool is Recoverit Video Repair software. This software is reliable video recovery software for both Mac, and Windows users can use the best video repair tool. This repair tool repairs videos that are corrupt due to virus attacks, sudden system crash, improper compression, bad sectors, and also partial video download. The amazing thing about this software is that can repair video formats like MP4, 3G2, MOV, 3GP, M4V, M4A, WMV, and F4V. This software can also repair corrupted videos on external drives, memory cards, flashcards, and digital media devices. It is also a time-saving video repair tool since it supports batch repairing of videos.

  • Supports repair of MP4, MOV, 3GP, M4V, M4A, 3G2, and F4V video file formats.
  • Provides a preview of the repaired videos.
  • Supports the latest Mac OS X Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, and Snow Leopard.
  • Easily restores data of corrupt or damaged video files
  • Restores the sound section of corrupt video files

Repair Corrupt Video Files with the Best Video Repair Tool

Now let us see how to repair corrupt MP4, WMV, MOV, M4V video files with the best video repair tool.

Step 1 Add Corrupt Video

Add Corrupt Video Files to the Best Video Repair Tool.

add corrupted video files

Step 2 Repair Corrupt Video

Select the corrupted video files from the list and click the "Repair" button.

select corrupted video files

Step 3 Preview and Save Repaired Video

Repairing damaged video files in the process. After the repair process completed, your preview the repaired video files.

preview repaired video files

After the saving process is complete, a confirmation message showing a link to the location of saved video files is displayed. In this way, you can easily repair corrupted videos with the video repair tool by applying the steps mentioned above without any hassle.

So, it is a straightforward, quick, and easy way to repair a corrupted or broken video file while playing. Simply download and have a try the Video Repair Tool and see if it works for you.

Part 3: Free Video Repair Tool to Fix Corrupted Video

It happens that at times video files freeze as you try to play or do not play at all. There are numerous reasons behind this such as the specific file being broken, corrupted, or even software bugs. Some of these files are so important to us as they denote memorable moments in our life and hence we cannot afford to lose them. When this happens, a free video repair software tool might come in handy for you. There exist many tools that are dedicated to curing your corrupted files partially or fully.

1Using VLC to Repair Video Files

Corrupt files that are in the format such as MOV and MP4 can readily be repaired through the VLC Media Player. The reason for this is that this player has transcoded features whose role is to convert the damaged files into playable ones. This is the reason at times you might get an error message as you strive to access your file through VLC and you are prompted to permit the repair process. Many individuals are typically unaware of the capabilities of this player and hence always select the ‘No’ option. The following steps should assist you to utilize your VLC fully.

Step 1 In your quest to repair broken video files, head over to the ‘Media’ tab, and then select ‘Convert or Save”.

Step 2 The next thing is to add video files or even streams that you want to be transcoded. Press 'convert or save'.

Step 3 A convert window will appear. You will be prompted to provide the file name for the target.


Step 4 The next thing is to select the desired input codec from the list that pops up.

Step 5 Go with the ‘Edit Selected Profile’ option to edit a specific profile’s settings. Here, you can alternatively select to add a new profile or even delete an existing one.


Step 6 Finally, press ‘start’, and your file will be repaired.

2Replication of the Video File

The second method still revolves around the VLC Media Player. Here, you simply replicate your video to get accessibility. The following steps are involved:

Step 1 You should first create a copy of the original MOV or MP4 file.

Step 2 After you complete the first step successfully, rename your video file into AVI.

Step 3 The next thing is to launch the VLC Media Player.

Step 4 Once you launch the player, head over to preferences and then go with the option that says ‘Input or Codecs’.


Step 5 Next to ‘Repair AVI Files’, select ‘Always Fix’ then click on save.

Both methods are quite easy to execute and effectively take care of your corrupted video files. The unique thing is that VLC is a free video repair software hence you do need to spend on premium tools. However, the only con is that there may be limitations with the customization options that may be present in the premium video repair tools.

3Using Digital Video Repair

Digital Video Repair by Rising Research is another popular free video repair software tool. It is fully compatible with Windows and hence you can use it to repair your broken videos. The unique thing is that it works with video formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, and MPEG4. Common issues that are covered by DVR include partially downloading files, broken positioning index, and even videos that tend to freeze. The tool can detect the missing fragments of a file and in turn reconstruct it into a playable format. It supports multiple files in one go and can also delete junk content automatically. The steps to fixing the video files include:

Step 1 On this tool’s interface, you should select the ‘input file’ button. This prompts you to add the corrupted files. Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop your video files into the interface.

Step 2 The next step involves clicking on the ‘Check errors’ tab. Here, all the errors present in the file are scanned and then shown on the ‘File Status’ interface.

Step 3 To resolve the issues on the file, click the ‘Repair’ option.




Using Digital Video Repair comes with numerous perks. First, it is 100% free. It is also light in size and operates with unmatched speed when compared to other free video repair software tools. Its versatility with regards to video formats and language also makes it rank highly.




Digital Video Repair has some limitations in that while it supports multiple files, only one video can be repaired each time. Still, it is meant for Windows users only hence looking out other clients. The preview of the videos being repaired is also not present.

A video can be utilized to convey content worth thousands of words. However, high integrity obligations limit some videos especially after accidents occur. These accidents could be partial downloading of the file, interrupted transfer, or even mistaken deletion. This piece looked at some free video repair software tools that should be able to get your file together in simple steps. They include the VLC Media Player and the Digital Video Repair. By utilizing them in the right manner, you can always retrieve corrupted files and be able to enjoy them once more. Pick the procedure that you deem fit for your file from the above.

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