How Did I Fix Outlook Not Opening

How to Fix Outlook Not Opening

Having Microsoft Outlook has become a must-have program and here is the best solution to fix outlook not opening issue.

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“While waiting for an important email, I realized that I couldn’t open the Outlook window on my desktop. Please help me!”

If you are also in a similar situation that my Outlook is not opening, getting it back up and running shouldn’t be overwhelming at all. In the following post, you will find out solutions for the common Outlook not opening problems and what you can do when you face quite unfamiliar ones.

Part 1: Why is Outlook Not Opening

Microsoft Outlook provides a better experience for users. With great functionality, you can manage your email, contacts, calendar, and many more. Every single feature on Outlook is designed to get you going in an instant.

However, you might sometimes encounter an error message or a stuck Outlook on your computer screen with the word “processing.” Other people also experience Outlook that just freezes or stops working while they were opening it. Here are some of the usual causes of why Microsoft Outlook is not opening:

A standard personal folders file is already there when you start Outlook but you can also create some files by yourself to have a back-up copy of emails you archive. If the data file is corrupted, it prevents Outlook from opening.

Part 2: How to Fix “Outlook Not Opening”

If you are figuring out how to fix “Outlook Not Opening,” you will find several possible solutions. The best part is that you are spoiled for choice because some of them are quick to implement while others are time-consuming. This section introduces solutions that you can use when Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2013 is not opening.

Solution 1: Find out defective add-ins while in the safe mode

People personalize Outlook to enhance its appearance and functionality by incorporating add-ins. As a result of this, if you see Outlook 2013 signature not opening, probably it’s because of these add-ins. Outlook signature not opening normally shouldn’t be a big problem because your best option is to start it in the Safe Mode and make sure that you disable add-ins. Here are the Solutions you can follow:


Outlook will now start in the safe mode without add-ins. This helps you to identify add-ins that are preventing Outlook from opening normally. The important thing is to complete the following Solutions to identify these add-ins:

If you restart it successfully, it will show you that one or more add-ins are defective. Now, it’s time to uncover them by the elimination process.

Solution 2: Change your profile

The first solution might be unsuccessful. Worse still, the Outlook window might not even open in the safe mode. When this happens, consider taking a look at your personal folders file. The Outlook profile contains all the settings, but it can get faulty. This problem can be solved by doing the following:


If you do everything properly, Outlook will open when you use the new profile. This goes to prove that the problem came from your original Outlook profile.

Solution 3: Repair Outlook data files

Data files keep all your email messages, tasks, contacts, and events. The data file may be defective, preventing Outlook from opening. The good news is that there are solutions available to repair the data file. Take a look at the following solutions that will enable you to fix quickly Outlook opening problem:


Solution 4: Ensure Outlook is not in Compatibility mode

Compatibility mode is suitable for older software with Windows 10 that fail to run normally. Thankfully, Microsoft Outlook is fully optimized for Windows 10, meaning Compatibility mode is not necessary. You might be wondering what happens when you switch on the Compatibility mode for Outlook. When you do this, your Outlook might have opening problems. For this reason, you should always turn off Compatibility mode for Outlook.

So, is your Outlook not opening Windows 10? The simplest way to solve this problem is to follow the Solutions below:


Solution 5: Remove the Outlook App Data folder

Most users have successfully overcome Outlook opening problems by deleting the Outlook App Data folder. Whether it’s Outlook 2010 “not opening” or Outlook 365 “not opening,” it’s worthwhile to follow these Solutions to fix this problem:


Here’s the deal, when Outlook manages to open, all the files you delete will automatically be recreated. It gets better because you also resolve all the Outlook opening issues.

Solution 6: make sure you have permissions for PST file

Outlook keeps all your information in a PST file. However, you will have certain errors if you don’t have the right permissions to access this PST file. The worse part is that Outlook might not open on your computer. You can only fix this problem if you change the security permissions. Below is a simple technique you can perform to correct this issue:



Once you have made these changes in your PST file, Outlook should open without encountering any more problems.

Solution 7: Update Outlook

If your Outlook still has problems, there is one more solution you can do before installing a new one. Likely, Microsoft might have already detected the problem and sent you updates to solve the issue. Therefore, update your Outlook by using Windows update in the following way:


With the window with the Windows Update, you will see all the updates you need to make for your Microsoft Office.

However, if you encountered other issues like Outlook not responding, learn how to fix Outlook not responding here.

Part 3: How to Avoid “Outlook Won’t Open”

The Outlook program is a popular e-mail program but it can be frustrating when you can’t open the Outlook Window. While some specific error codes help you to identify the cause of the problem, many people don’t know how to deal with it in such particular situations. Therefore, to prevent your Outlook from not opening, take the following measures:

Closing words

Outlook opening problems are simple to deal with. The only thing is to know how to overcome them when they arise. Whether it’s defective add-ins, frozen Outlook, faulty data files, and many others, you can manage all these problems yourself. Knowing the cause of the problem will help you sort out all the issues related to Outlook opening.

A well-running Outlook will ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of this popular email program. If you follow the above solutions, your Outlook will perform according to your expectations.

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