How to Open PST File without Outlook

How to Open PST File without Outlook?

Are you having difficulty opening your PST file without outlook, and want to get this problem solved immediately? All the possible solutions you are looking for are in this guide.

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Q: I want to know how to open PST file without Outlook?
“I have saved multiple emails in a PST file, as at the end of every week my inbox is stuffed with mails and to create a backup I save them in PST file. The emails include my challan forms, admit cards and syllabus of university. I can’t open my PST file without outlook which is really irritating me right now because I have so much stuff on my head not only this the trouble of “PST file not opening without outlook” is disturbing my professional life as well because my office mails are also stored in a PST file. I really have no clue how to handle this situation.”

Saving your data in personal storage tables (PST files) is usually a great idea for people who are stabilizing office and academic career side by side. There are many causes of this problem some may be virus attacks, oversized folders and other numerous causes. The problem of PST file not opening without outlook is a real concern if you are one of these individuals who make the smart move of storing data here but like every other problem this trouble also has a list of solution which are to be disclosed further in the guide. The solutions are not tiring rather they are small and easy for the user to understand and apply on the situation which the user is facing. The solutions to PST file opening without outlook to repairing corrupted PST file is present in the guide.

Solution 1: Convert PST emails into TXT format

First solution to your issue can be converting your PST emails into TXT format. TXT format is basically a file which saves the text into an electronic format which is easily accessible than PST emails. This is one the simplest solution to view your PST file with short three steps.

Step 1: firstly, select the file you wish to change into TXT format.

Step 2: now click on the option of “file” and go to “save as”


Step 3: select save type as “text only” format.

Step 4: select your desired location and click on “save”

Step 5: open the file again in note pad or MS word and hopefully your issue is solved.


Solution 2: Convert PST file into MSG file format

If you have tried converting it to TXT and it did not fulfilled your requirements than Converting PST file into MSG file format can also become beneficial for the user but only selected files from parent PST file can be converted into MSG format.

Step 1: open your outlook and select the mail you want to convert.


Step 2: drag the mail to any explorer folder or on the desktop of your pc.

Step 3: zip the folder using any tool.


Step 4: compose a new mail and send the MSG files zipped folder as an attachment .


Step 5: open your MSG converted file and you are good to go.

Solution 3: Save the emails of PST file in Html file format.

Another alternative to this problem can be saving your file into html format which is really easy to open for the user as compared to PST file. Choosing Html format for PST file is the solution most users try to solve their problem. This solution is also of just three simple steps.

Step 1: open up your emails which you desire to save as html files.


Step 2: now click on the option of “save as”


Step 3: select save type as “html”


Step 4: you can open your mail as in html format for your ease.

Solution 4: Import content of PST file in Gmail.

As this issue of “opening PST file without outlook has numerous solutions. Importing your content of PST file in Gmail is one of them, so basically in this procedure you have to use google GAMMO tool which is an efficient tool for migrating your PST file content to Gmail and it is than easily accessible from the Gmail. Your contacts, calendars and mails can easily be transferred using these short steps;

Step 1: download and run the software.

Step 2: open the tool and select location of your PST files.


Step 3: once you have selected the location, now you have to choose which content you want to migrate such as mails, calendars and contacts.


Step 4: press the option of “migrate”

Step 5: view your content in Gmail.

Solution 5: Use any free PST file viewer application

If you cannot find your way out of this issue, now you might seek any of the free PST file viewer application. There are dozens of applications which can get your task done. One of these applications is “kernel outlook PST viewer,” this free application is brilliant enough to view your PST application in no time, Not only this “kernel outlook PST viewer” is capable to view corrupted PST files also. It is a simple and easy to use application for the users seeking to open PST files. There are just few steps which are to be followed:

Step 1: simply first download and open the program.

Step 2: navigate to the PST file which you want the free software to view.


Step 3: open the content you are wishing.

Step 4: you will be able to view your PST file.

Solution 6: How to repair PST file cannot be opened in outlook

If all the above solutions have failed and you are tensed because your data is precious for you. This last solution is surely the best one yet. You can repair your PST file which cannot be opened in outlook, repairing the file will enable you to easily look in to your data and continue your academic and professional life.

Stellar repair for outlook

Stellar repair for outlook is the most efficient and swift repair software for repairing PST file in outlook. This software is advanced and proficient to restore any PST corrupt file with 100% efficiency. The engine is strong enough to scan any of the PST file regardless of its size. It can also recover deleted emails, attachments and contacts. Stellar repair is the most comfortable tool for the users. It is no doubt the tool is capable of dealing with all kinds of outlook trouble. The tool is extraordinary in aspect to its key features which are listed down:

Key features

Steps for recovering PST file with stellar repair for outlook

There are few steps for recovering your PST file with stellar repair for outlook. The steps are not that hard to follow instead they are short and easy.

Step 1: download and open the software of stellar repair for outlook.

Step 2: select the PST file you want to repair from stellar repair for outlook.


Step 3: click the option of “repair” to initiate the process.

Step 4: wait for a while the software will scan the folder repair the corrupted elements, further the entire data will be displayed on your screen.

Step 5: verify your data. Search for your contacts, emails and attachments. On your screen the left pane is of the folders and the middle pane is of the selected data further on the right pane are the details of your data.


Step 6: once you have verified your data, now it is time for you to save it. Click the option of “save” to preserve your data. Multiple options will appear on your screen to save the repaired file. Choose the desired option.


Step 7: now navigate the location where you want the file to be saved and click on the option of “OK”


Step 8: save the repaired PST as new or append the data to an existing PST.

Step 9: enjoy your repair PST file. 

If you can't open Outlook data file, here are solutions to fix Outlook data file cannot be opened issue.

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