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4.2 stars from 1132 users
Great software, but need improvement!

Great software, not amazing - it recovery all my files. Lots of work later.

My external HD just lost the partition and was showing a message that I need to format. That's why I bought the software and it did do a great job, but it did a mess in all folders.

Just a LOTS of files duplicated and I had to find it and deleted the doubles one.

If you are recovering a few specific files, than it probably would work very good and I would give a 5 star, but for entire HD, the software need a bit of improvements.

Maybe all recovery software is like that, never used one before.

Other than that, it's a good software. I would recommend.

Marcelo Grifoni
Marcelo Grifoni
My daughter somehow accidentally erased…

My daughter somehow accidentally erased all the photos off the SD card on our camera. Literally every photo from the past 4-5 years... I thought they were gone for good until I googled and saw Wondershare Recoverit.

I'll admit I was very skeptical and was almost certain I was throwing money away, but it's family photos, so I figured what the heck I have to at least try.

To my amazement, every photo was recovered and they are back on the SD card! Oh, and I made a backup this time!

I have no idea how this program works, but I do no all my pictures are back. Thank you Recoverit!

Chris Riley
Chris Riley
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4.4 stars from 2159 users
“é bom o programa mas não utilizo com frequência”
Recoverit product reviews
“Wrote an article for posting fb but lost it before 5min”
Recoverit product reviews
“What is the recovery duration for a system having 4GB of RAM”
Recoverit product reviews
“My PC crashed taking down 2 Terabyte drives. Both full of photos,videos, mp3 files and important documents. All recovered no problem. Thanks guys :)”
Recoverit product reviews
Alan Thomas
“Thank you”
Recoverit product reviews
“It's best software and easy to use”
Recoverit product reviews
Aniket katkar
“it is a very wonderful software its work is excellent. and also recovery loss data in on click.”
Recoverit product reviews
yusuf khan
“It is marvelous to know about software solutions”
Recoverit product reviews
Durgapraveen Pechetti
“Such a good product”
Recoverit product reviews
“It is excellent software for recover the files in my computer.its very speed and accurate recovery the files.auper”
Recoverit product reviews
“This is working”
Recoverit product reviews
“it's very very good wow”
Recoverit product reviews
oussama blgrim
“it's very good”
Recoverit product reviews
“Highly recommend”
Recoverit product reviews
“All deleted photos back to the computer. Thank you so much.”
Recoverit product reviews
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