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Counterpart from DJI – OSMO Action Camera

GoPro Hero8 and DJI Osmo Action are heavyweights in the roster of action cameras. When you pit their features against each other, which camera do you think will emerge victorious?
Both are reputedly great action cameras with features peculiar to each other.
So it’s up to you to decide which of them will satiate your needs the most. Let the battle begin.

8x Slow Motion

8x Slow Motion

Slow motion shots are synonymous with action edits, and because DJI Osmo can shoot videos up to 8x slow motion and at 1080p240, all such videos come out looking smooth and fantastic.
Other action cameras will make slow motion shots noticeably choppy, but the DJI Osmo doesn’t fall victim to this.
UHD Image

UHD Image

Rear Touchscreen

Rear Touchscreen
+ Front Display


recording mode

4K HDR Video

4K HDR Video

Shooting HDR videos at 4K30 resolution that clock 100Mbs is a breeze for the DJI Osmo. Videos of this resolution and quality produce dynamic, brilliant, and-most important of all-consistent results regardless whether the scenes dark or light.


This is the DJI Osmo’s answer to GoPro’s HyperSmooth 2.0. RockSteady is an image stabilization software that brings smoothness to videos, regardless of how rough the terrain or condition they were shot in.
The only downside of RockSteady is that it can’t be used in HDR mode.

Quiz: Which Camera Makes Your Heart Boom Boom

Hey, you wanna try something fun? Choose which camera makes you smile the most and see if other people feel the same way you do.
Place your vote and find out. You can even share the results on your Facebook page to get people arguing and stir it up. It’s all part of the fun!


How Does GoPro Hero8 Black Work

The GoPro Hero8 Black works just like any other camera. You point it at what you want to record and hit the shutter.
There’s nothing complex about it, but if you go into the inner workings of the camera, that’s something else entirely.

Does GoPro Hero8 Need SD Card Work?

Does GoPro has internal memory? Can GoPro work without sd card?
Yes, it needs a memory card. Something had to be traded to make the GoPro so compact yet powerful, and that something was a large internal memory. Besides, once your GoPro files get lost or deleted, it will be much more possible and easier in GoPro SD card recovery. So yes, to use your GoPro, an SD card is an absolute necessity.
Does GoPro has internal memory? Does GoPro has internal memory?
No, it has no internal memory. The Standard Definition Hero cameras do but, honestly, you can’t do much with what’s inside them: Just 16MB. The built-in memory is so low that it’s only good for taking a couple of pictures (about 25) and maybe a video of some seconds.
The Working Principle of GoPro Action Camera

Tips on using GoPro: if you’re shooting underwater, be completely still and set your GoPro to take several shots in short intervals (2 seconds is recommended). And when in low light settings, take shots at low frame rates (24 fps will do).


Entail greater RAM capacity. This means your camera can boot up and function properly without crashing, guaranteeing the safety of your data.

Lens Assembly

Goes a long way in determining the quality of your shots because the lens has a very wide field of view. The elements fit together very nicely to produce amazing wide-angle videos.

Tiny Cirucuit Boards

Affixed to the GoPro’s inner parts, they make sure the GoPro’s software doesn’t fail in use. And because a nearly-indestructible cube protects the circuit boards from water, dirt, and debris when you’re using the camera outdoors, all your pictures and videos will be safe too.

What SD Card Does a GoPro Hero8 Use?

Choosing the right SD card is as important as the GoPro itself. If you insert something that fails when you’re shooting videos or taking pictures, that means everything is lost.
Imagine sky diving with a GoPro strapped to your head. After landing, you check your GoPro and realize the footage wasn’t saved because your SD card is corrupt!
So, what should you look out for when picking an SD card for GoPro?

Reliable SD Card Manufacturers

Make sure it’s a name brand SD card from OFFICAL sellers (SAMSUNG, SANDISK, etc.) and not just cheap knock-offs. You’ll have to shell out more cash for them but it’s a considerably better option than risking the quality and safety of your recorded videos and taken pictures.

Excellent Write & Read Speed

The SD card must also not be slow or your photos are at risk of being erased. An Sd card whose read speeds clock 160MB/s and 90MB/s is perfect. Any SD card that fails to live up to these requirements can compound matters by crashing your GoPro.

Suitable Storage Capacity

256 GB is the maximum capacity of an SD card a GoPro can take (so far). Because GoPro videos and pictures are taken or recorded in HD, it stands to reason that each file will be large in size, meaning an SD card with average capacity won’t suffice.

How to Repair and Recover GoPro SD Cards

A GoPro is not exactly a device you can accuse of being prone to many errors, no. Even though they are known for being rugged and durable, their efficiency can still be marred by errors mostly caused by its accessories or external components-like the SD card. Come to get all solutions we provide.

How to Fix SD Card Errors for GoPro Action Cameras
GoPro cameras are known for being rugged and durable but their efficiency can still be marred by errors, and these errors are mostly caused by the GoPro’s SD card. Fortunately, fixing SD card errors on GoPro is a breeze. It will take you no more than a few minutes to do that.
When you see “No SD” on your GoPro’s touchscreen and can’t access the data saved in it, it means the contact between the GoPro and the memory card is poor. To fix it, just gently pull out the SD card and slot it in again, making sure its properly inserted this time.
SD Card Error
It’s possible the SD card you’re using doesn’t meet the minimum basic requirements to be properly used by a GoPro, and if that’s the case, you’ll see this error on your GoPro’s screen. You won’t even be able to record any videos or pictures. Fix it by replacing the SD card with a proper, standard one.
This error will compel you to format your SD card in order to get rid of it. Gently clean the metal parts of the SD card with rubber or a very soft toothbrush. Clean the card slot of the GoPro too. But it’s also possible the problem might not be hardware-related, so fix the problem by reformatting the SD card. You will lose all your data but the problem will also be solved.
How to Fix GoPro Hero Action Camera Errors
The simple fact is, even though GoPro cameras can be considered state-of-the-art devices, they’re still not immune to technical errors. For instance, even though a GoPro’s camera is rarely beset with errors, there are particular ones it falls victim to.
Frozen Camera
This happens when you’re using your GoPro and the camera just freezes; it ceases to function no matter which button you press. The cause? The camera’s software is outdated and needs to be updated. You can try to reset the camera by doing this: Hold the “Mode” button for about 10 seconds or so, then let go. If that doesn’t fix it, you need to update the GoPro’s software.
Can’t Sync GoPro App with GoPro Camera
Ideally, using GoPro’s companion app on your mobile device should be seamless, but you can come across hiccups. The problem could lie with the Wi-Fi band. GoPro set their broadcast Wi-Fi band to 5GHz, but this can also make it inaccessible to your phone due to geographic location or your mobile device itself.
The simple solution is to just check and ascertain whether the region you’re in and your phone support 5GHz Wi-Fi bands. If you do that and it doesn’t work, then switch your GoPro camera to 2.4GHz

How to Recover GoPro Videos and Files

from Camera or SD Card

Never Lose Hope! Recoverit Works!

No matter how and when your GoPro files get lost, technology makes it possible to get data back.

Can I recover a deleted video from an SD card?
Of course YES. Your SD card won't erase the file directory once you delete a file. It considers the area of deleted data available for writing.
Is there a way to recover deleted GoPro videos?
Don't worry. GoPro video recovery is possible. Recoverit is the reliable and secure tool to help you get back all deleted, lost or formatted GoPro videos and photos.
Can I recover MP4 video files shot by my GoPro Hero8?
Yes, absolutely for GoPro file recovery. Recoverit recovers 1000+ formats of files, including various video files, like MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, FLA, FLV, M4V, etc.
How can I recover GoPro files with Recoverit?
To recover GoPro videos and files, you only need to take 3 steps: connect and select camera device > scan GoPro camera or SD card > select and recover GoPro files. So easy, right?
Why GoPro camera and SD card data can be recovered?
As long as you don't input new data on the device, GoPro file recovery is supported. That's to say, you should stop recording and shooting using GoPro action camera, or writing new files on the SD card, once you find accidental loss occurs. Finally, Recoverit scans and recollects pieces of data to restore your GoPro files.
ecoverit, Recover Your Files

Recoverit, Recover Your Files

Recoverit, the #1 data recovery software in the market, works for many years to help you get your lost, deleted or formatted data back, including your GoPro internal memory files and SD card videos. Download now for camera and SD card recovery.

types & formats of
files recovery
GoPro file
recovery rate
data storage
data loss

How to Protect Your GoPro Camera and GoPro SD Card

As delicate as SD cards can be, taking care of them requires very little on your part. You don’t have to spend absurd amounts of money to buy expensive cases and such.
Just take a few simple and obvious steps and you should no trouble prolonging the life of your SD card and consequently, files.

Maintain Your GoPro Hero8 Black

The first-and obvious-thing for you to do would be to make sure your GoPro is kept in its housing as often as possible where it’s safe and sound.

Along the same vein, after you’re done using the GoPro, the chances are it will be dirty, sandy, wet, etc. Take out the camera and rinse its casing thoroughly with water. Don’t use hard or saltwater, though. Do this or the lens could be permanently damaged from the particles of dirt and sand. You don’t have to wait for the case to dry too. Save yourself time and use a hair blower on the casing before putting the camera back in.

Once your GoPro is fully-charged, there’s no need to still leave it plugged into power. Perpetually doing that can drain the battery’s cells faster and exhaust its overall life faster.

Each time you see an update for the software powering your GoPro Hero8, don’t hesitate to download it because that will ensure the camera is buffered against errors and malfunctioning.

Maintain Your GoPro SD Card

Keep your SD card away from environmental factors like heat or cold because they can deal considerable damage on the SD card.

Endeavor to use a small case or pouch to protect the SD card from shock; don’t put anything heavy on the card and don’t fling it all over the place too. And be gentle when you’re going to insert or pull out the SD card lest you damage it.

Dirt can also lodge itself in the crevices of the SD card, so keep it encased and away from dirt and debris. And clean the SD card once in a while too. Use a simple, dry cloth.

Take out the SD card, insert it into your computer and run CHKDSK on it once in a while to fix any errors that might be building up in it.

Scan the SD card with an Antivirus while it’s still in your system. Certain viruses can shred the data on the SD card.

Protect Your GoPro Files

Virus, spyware and malware are all threats that can damage your SD card, so regularly scan it with the best antivirus currently in the market.

Always update the software the GoPro runs on. Even though there’s no great risk that you’ll lose your files if your software is out of date, it’s still a possibility.

What’s more, the errors that are caused by outdated software can lead to worse problems that could, in the end, deal extensive damage to your GoPro files saved on the SD card.

Don’t leave your pictures and videos on the camera only. Copy or even move them to your computer for safekeeping; or upload them to cloud storage as a check against a corrupt SD card.

Finally, never lose hope if you find the data loss is inevitable. You should know that there is always a way that can help you get back videos, photos and files from your digital camera, action camera, camera drone, camcorder, SD card or any other storage devices. For example, Recoverit Data Recovery. Due to the reliable recovery quality, read-only mode and powerful recovery ability, it must be your first option for GoPro file recovery.

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Recoverit Digital Camera Tutorials

We provide different camera-related solutions for you, hoping that all of your devices and files can be well-protected. Come to know a few of them.