Recoverit 8.0 has been released.

How to Use Recoverit

Get Started with Recoverit

Download and Install Recoverit

Download and install Recoverit on your computer. Confirm your computer version, click the below buttons to download Recoverit and follow the guideline to complete Recoverit Installing.

Register the Software

After purchasing the software, you will get the registration key via email. Now you need to fill in your email address which you used for receiving registration key and the key you get. Then, click the button of "Register", the data recovery software will be registered successfully.

Proceed Data Recovery

Once you activcated your account, you can start to recover data on Windows or Mac. You can start data recovery by selecting the location where you lost data.

Recoverit Data Recovery

Recoverit is a highly sophisticated and advanced tool that can recover all kinds of lost, deleted or inaccessible data from your hard drive and other external storage devices. The advanced Deep-Scan algorithm goes deeper into the data structure and brings a record-high data recovery rate of more than 96%, the faster scan speed driven by a powerful built-in Data-Analyser Engine. It provides data recovery option from different scenarios like:

Recoverit Support Center

Using Recoverit is extremely easy and doesn’t require any prior technical experience. Though, if you face any setback, then you can access its Support Center. Our Technical Support professionals will provide solutions for all your queries related to Recoverit.

Tips & Tricks For Data Recovery

Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

Formatting a hard drive without having a backup can result in the loss of precious data collected over the course of years.Therefore, to recover files from formatted hard drive, you will need to do the following things...


Recover Deleted Photos in Mac

The deleted photos are not really gone from your Mac, they still lie in your Mac even if you cannot see them in Trash Bin.


Recover Shift Deleted Files

With today’s technological advancements you can recover Shift Deleted files from your computers hard drive. There are powerful data recovery tools that come in sleek designs to cater for your data needs.


Recover Data from SD Card

Data lost from SD card may be happen for many reasons such as accidentally deleted, formatted, sd card became corrupted or inaccessible. How we can do is giving your data back from SD card.


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