How Likely Is Your Computer To Get Blue Screen of Death

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How Likely Is Your Computer To Get Blue Screen of Death?



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What is Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) And Why It Occurs

Blue screen of death(BSOD) is a Microsoft system showing error on a screen to deliver critical messages of system issues including a potential crash. It is also known as a computer stop error.

BSOD happened mostly due to hard drive problem, overheating, corrupt registry, power supply issues, etc. The BSOD error screen gives an alert to computer users to avoid further computer and system damage. It is required to reboot the system for stopping a BSOD freezing Windows so users can keep operating the system.

Windows 7
BSOD Error Description
Suggestions For The BSOD Error
Error Code Of This BSOD Error
Windows 10
Progress Of BSOD Info Collection
Error Code Of This BSOD Error

Common Factors That Caused Blue Screen of Death

Memory/Mother Board Issues

BSOD happened while memory management is unable to manage the memory usage in the system.

Hard Drive Problems

If a hard drive does not have free space, or is out of date or damaged, the computer could get BSOD.

Wrong Drivers

Install wrong drive will have a big chance to meet BSOD.


Viruses can damage computer drives, occupy resources which result in BSOD problem.


Overheating processor can affect computer workload which could lead to BSOD.

BIOS settings Issues

Incorrect BIOS setting which tends to increase processor clock speed or boost PC performance is a risk of BSOD.

Corrupt Registry

REGISTRY_ERROR blue screen errors occur during new software, hardware installation.

Hardware Conflicts

Hardware conflicts can occur BSOD due to a faulty hardware component in an old software.

Power Supply Issues

Power Supply is a most usual reason for hardware to cause malfunction ad BSOD.

Software Issues

A new software which is incompatible with a computer or infected by a virus may lead to BSOD.

Solutions To Various Blue Screen of Death Errors

Error Code 1033

1. Use the Action Centre to check for possible solutions
2. Restart your computer by unplugging the power source
3. System Restore
4. Roll back your computer drivers

Error Bccode 50

1. Run a Memory Diagnostics test
2. Check the status of your drivers
3. Update the drivers
4. Restart the computer

Error Code 16393

1. Launch System Configuration
2. Hide all Microsoft Services and disable all non-Microsoft related services
3. Open to the Startup tab
4. Restart the computer

Error Code 0x000000f4

1. Check Your Computer System
2. Use Utility Software
3. Uninstall Anti-virus Software
4. Restart the computer

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