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How to convert RAW to JPEG

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

What is a Raw image?

Raw are photos or images taken directly from a digital camera or other image scanners. They are referred to as RAW because they have not been processed, which means they cannot be used yet. RAW files are almost the same size as the pixels of the camera used. For instance, if a camera of 40 megapixels is used to take a picture, the size of the image would be roughly 40megabytes. They have to be processed and compressed into other usable formats like JPEG, PNG, etc.

What is JPEG?

Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG) is the most widely used image compression format in the world due to its features. Its size is about 4 - 5 times smaller than a Raw picture of the same quality. Its quality can be adjusted. When image files are being processed to JPEG, there is little or no loss in the quality of the image, which is one of the things that made it the best!

How do I convert my Raw file to JPEG format?

As said earlier, Raw has to be processed into other image formats before it can be used; in this article, I will be taking you through different ways by which you can convert your RAW image format to JPEG both online and offline. Let's go!

How can I convert my RAW image to JPEG format on Batch Photo?

Batch photo is an excellent photo converter. It is available for free download. It can convert multiple photo files at the same time. Follow the few steps below to convert your RAW photos to JPEG.

How to import on batch photo


After acting above, all photos in the folder you selected will appear on the Batch photo interface.

Second step


These photos will be saved in the output folder you selected.

How do I convert my Raw photos to JPEG format on AVS image converter?

AVS Image Converter is one of the ways you can convert your RAW photos to JPEG format. It has an easy-to-understand interface as well as a simple process. It is also available for free download.

Follow the few steps below to convert your RAW photos to JPEG format on this app.

How to import

Now, the photo files have been loaded into the app.

How to convert RAW to JPEG on GIMP

GIMP is an image editing app. It has a very easy-to-use interface. It is also available for free download.

Now, how do you convert your RAW images to JPEG on GIMP? Follow the few steps below to do that!

How to import


Conversion process

How to convert RAW to JPEG on Zamzar online converter

Zamzar is an online converter. It is straightforward. It is also free and doesn't waste time.

How do you convert RAW files to JPEG format on zamzar.com? I'll teach you.

You have successfully converted your RAW photo to JPEG!

If you are converting more than one photo, repeat the process above.

How is a conversion from RAW to JPEG done on raw.pics.io?

raw.pics.io is another website that helps in the conversion of photos from one format to another. It can convert many image formats. It is also free, simple, fast, and straightforward.

So, how do I convert my Raw photos to JPEG on raw.pics.io?

How to Import.




Your converted files will be found under the download folder of your browser! Wow! So easy!

How to convert RAW to JPEG on cloud convert online

How to convert RAW to JPEG on iloveimg.com

ILoveimg is another online editor. It has various editing tools, and it's free. It can convert different image formats to JPEG.

How can I convert my Raw photos to JPEG format on this site? Follow these few steps below


Although taking pictures in Raw is the best, the file size is way too much and can't be used until it is edited. JPEG is the widely accepted picture format because it can be viewed on most devices. I hope you have learned how to convert your raw images to JPEG with the easy steps listed in this article. More write-ups are coming on how to do some tech kinds of stuff! Stay tuned!

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