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File Recovery

Recover lost or deleted files from all types of storage devices

Recoverit file recovery software restores 1000+ file types from 2000+ storage devices, including system-crashed computers, hard drives, memory cards, NAS servers, Linux systems, cameras, and more. Rapidly retrieve lost videos, photos, files, audio, emails, and even permanently deleted office documents!
recover files from hard drive
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For Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
macOS 10.10-14(Sonoma)

What Causes File Loss Or Deletion In Storage Devices

File loss or deletion in storage devices can be a frustrating experience, especially when dealing with valuable or sensitive data. By understanding the common causes of file loss,
you can take preventive measures to prevent it and recover lost files if it happens, providing you with peace of mind and security in a digitally-dependent world.

file loss due to human error

Human Error

Accidentally press the "Delete" key and empty the Recycle Bin, then files are permanently deleted. Operations such as wrong formatting and wrong partitioning may also lead to file loss.

file loss due to hardware failure

Hardware Failure

Storage devices like hard drives and USB drives can experience hardware damage due to factors such as lifespan, manufacturing quality, and external impacts, leading to file loss.

file loss due to software failure

Software Failure

Issues with operating systems, file systems, or driver software can cause file loss on storage devices. Examples include system crashes, blue screens, and virus infections.

file loss due to logical damage

Logical Damage

Software errors or hardware failures can cause damage to data structures like file allocation tables and boot sectors on storage devices, leading to file loss or deletion.

 file loss due to system corruption

System Corruption

Incompatibility issues during operating system or software upgrades can lead to file loss. File system damage can also make your files inaccessible and even result in file deletion.

file loss due to virus or malware attacks

Virus/Malware Attacks

Computer viruses or malware can cause files to be altered, encrypted, or deleted, potentially resulting in data loss, system vulnerabilities, and a negative impact on productivity.

file loss due to power issues

Power Issues

Unstable power supplies or sudden power outages can cause file loss or damage on storage devices, resulting in potential data corruption, hardware malfunctions, and significant setbacks for users.

file loss due to other unexpected factors

Other Unexpected Factors

Magnetic interference, like exposure to strong magnetic fields. Natural disasters such as fires and floods, or environmental factors like improper temperature and humidity in the production environment.

Safeguard Crucial Files Against Deletion Or Loss Effectively

In today's digital world, we rely heavily on various forms of data - from personal photos and videos to important work documents and projects. These critical files are the digital treasures we cannot afford to lose. To prevent file loss, it is essential to take proactive steps to safeguard our digital assets, ensuring vital data remains secure and accessible.
Regular File Backup
Antivirus Software Safeguard
Hardware Maintenance
Power Management
Avoid Human Errors
Encryption And Permission
Storage Device Protection
Systems And Software Update
regular file backup
To prevent your valuable data from accidental deletion or storage device damage, it's crucial to regularly back up important files to alternative storage devices or cloud storage services. We recommend using Wondershare UBackit file backup expert, an all-in-one file backup, clone and restore solution that minimizes the risk of potential failure and ensures the best care for your critical files.
antivirus software safeguard
To ensure your computer and sensitive data's safety, install dependable antivirus software and keep it updated consistently. This crucial step helps prevent infections from viruses or malware, which could lead to irreversible file deletion, encryption, and other damaging impacts on your system's performance and security.
hardware maintenance
It is essential to regularly monitor the health of your storage devices, such as hard drives or solid-state drives, to ensure optimal performance and data integrity. Be sure to replace old, malfunctioning, or damaged devices when necessary to prevent data loss and maintain the efficiency of your computer system or network.
power management
To safeguard your computer's files and functionality, connect it to a stable power source like a surge protector or uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This precaution helps avoid file corruption, data loss, or hardware damage resulting from power fluctuations, instability, or unforeseen outages, ensuring optimal performance and security.
avoid human errors
When handling storage devices like hard drives or USB sticks, exercise caution and attention to avoid actions that may result in file loss, such as inadvertently deleting important files or mistakenly formatting the device. Always double-check your actions and consider using tools that provide a safety net, like Recycle Bin or Trash.
encryption and permission
To secure critical data and preserve confidentiality, implement encryption for vital files and establish proper file access permissions, allowing access exclusively to authorized users. This mitigates risks of unauthorized access, manipulation, or inadvertent deletion of sensitive data, bolstering the integrity and security of personal or professional information.
storage device protection
To ensure the longevity of your storage devices and protect your data, it is important to store them properly, avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, or strong magnetic fields. Practicing proper storage techniques can significantly reduce the risk of physical damage, data corruption, or loss, keeping your valuable information safe and secure.
systems and software update
To minimize the risk of file loss and maintain system stability, it's essential to regularly update your operating systems and software. This ensures that known vulnerabilities, compatibility issues, and potential bugs are addressed, ultimately enhancing the overall performance, security, and reliability of your computer and its data storage.

Ultimate File Recovery Expert For All File Loss Issues

Recoverit is a powerful and user-friendly deleted file recovery software to solve all your file loss issues. With its comprehensive recovery capabilities, advanced scanning algorithm, user-friendly interface, and high success rate, Recoverit is your go-to solution for all your lost file recovery needs. Say goodbye to data loss anxiety
and trust Recoverit to get your files back, safe and sound.
recoverit file recovery software
All-In-One Lost Or Deleted File Recovery Expert
√ Recover lost or deleted files from hard drives, SD cards, USB drives, etc.
√ Rescue critical data from system-crashed Windows computers or Mac.
√ Retrieve lost files in Linux systems and NAS servers.
√ Restore videos, even fragments, and photos from multiple devices.
√ Repair corrupted videos after recovery, support cameras, DJI, GoPro, etc.
√ High recovery success rate, recovering deleted files with minimal hassle.
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Effortlessly Retrieve Deleted Files In All Formats, All Devices

Forget data loss worries! With 20+ years of expertise in data recovery, the Recoverit team has Independently developed a number of patented technologies that ensure a high success rate in retrieving valuable files from diverse storage devices, surpassing competitors.

Support recovery Of 1000+ file formats

Whether you need to restore deleted Excel files from SD cards, retrieve precious videos and photos after a computer system crash, or need to recover lost files in Linux systems, etc., count on Recoverit for efficient and successful data recovery across 1000+ file formats. These 1,000+ file types also include game file formats. With Recoverit, you can quickly restore game data of Elden Rings, Palworld, Baldur's Gate 3, Hell Drivers 2, CS2, Dragon's Dogma 2, Monster Hunter: World effectively, safely and completely.

Video Formats: MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, M4V, WMV, MXF, AVI, MKV, MPEG, MPEG4, MPG, MTS, AVCHD, BRAW, R3D, etc.
Audio Formats: MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, WAV, WMA, AA3, AAC, AC3, ACC, AFC, AIF, AIFC, AIFF, AM, AMR, APE, etc.
advanced video recovery
photo recovery
document recovery
audio recovery
email recovery
zip recovery
recover all file formats

Recover from 2000+ storage devices

The Recoverit file recovery tool, which aids in restoring lost data from Windows or recovering deleted files from Mac devices, also supports a wide range of storage media recovery such as external hard drive recovery, USB flash drive recovery, memory card recovery, and retrieve lost files from HDDs, SSDs, digital cameras, action cams, camcorders, drones, and over 2000 other storage device types.

computer file recovery
laptop file recovery
internet hard disk file recovery
Internet Hard Disk
external hard drive file recovery
External Hard Drive
camera file recovery
usb flash drive file recovery
USB Flash Drive
memory card file recovery
Memory Card
nas file recovery
NAS Server
other storage media file recovery
Other Storage Media
NOTE: Explore the comprehensive tech spec list of file recovery formats, devices, and scenarios supported by Recoverit.

3 Steps To Rescue Lost, Deleted, Or Hidden Files With Recoverit

Effortlessly in three steps, the Recoverit file recovery tool helps you recover deleted files from internal/external drives, rescue vital data from crashed computer systems, and even retrieve Linux or NAS files, providing a comprehensive solution for lost file recovery needs.
Step 1Choose the target hard drive or partition
Download and launch the Recoverit file recovery software on your Mac or Windows computer. Click the Hard Drives and Locations button, and choose the target drive containing your lost files. If you have connected the external hard drive to your computer, you can recover files from the external device.
choose the target hard drive or partition
Step 2Scan and locate all lost files
Then Recoverit will automatically scan all lost files on the selecting area. Once Quick Scan is completed, you can preview and recover the scanned files. The Deep Scan mode will still dig more deeply-hidden files for you. You can stop automatic scanning if your desired files appear and use the Filter tool to locate more target files.
scan and find all lost files
Step 3Preview and recover the lost files
After Recoverit scans and presents all your lost or deleted files, you can preview them to ensure they are recoverable. In addition, Recoverit can also help you repair broken documents, videos, and images during the preview process if a scanned file is damaged or corrupted. You can quickly select the files and click the Recover button to retrieve them to your storage device.
preview and recover lost files from hard drives
Step 1Create a bootable USB flash drive
Initiate the Recoverit file recovery tool on a functional computer, select the System Crashed Computer option, and press Start. This enables both Mac and Windows devices to fix various system crash issues, such as Computer Not Bootable, Blue Screen Of Death, and Black Screen Of Death.
create a bootable usb flash drive
Step 2Boot the crashed PC using the bootable USB
Plug the bootable USB drive into your crashed Windows or Mac computer, restart it, and adjust the BIOS to boot your crashed computer from the USB drive. Refer to the detailed guide for a quick computer reboot process completion.
boot the crashed computer with the bootable usb
Step 3Rescue deleted files from crashed computer
Once you successfully reboot the crashed computer after the above easy steps, you can connect the computer to a workable hard drive and recover the files you need to this safe storage device. Moreover, Recoverit lets you preview and check the recovered videos, photos, documents, emails, and all other files before saving.
recover deleted files from crashed computer
Step 1Choose the NAS and Linux recovery mode
Click the NAS and Linux button and choose NAS Recovery or Linux Recovery to recover your data from NAS or Linux systems. This real-time recovery process allows you not to stop the NAS server. Next, let's take the NAS data recovery as an example.
nas recovery and linux recovery
Step 2Connect to the Nas server or Linux system remotely
After you choose the NAS Recovery feature, the Recoverit file recovery tool will search for the NAS servers on the local network. It also lets you manually connect to your server with the IP address, Port, User Account, and Password information.
connect to nas server or linux system
Step 3Scan, recover, and save all lost files
Now that you can access your NAS service, Recoverit will automatically scan and find all lost, deleted, and hidden files stored on the NAS server. You can pause or stop the file scanning process at any time. The filter on the toolbar can help you quickly locate specific files and avoid wasting time. At last, you can select a target path to save your restored files.
recover lost files from nas and linux

See What Our Users Ask Frequently About File Recovery

  • Don't worry. Whether you accidentally deleted videos, photos, documents, or other files in the SD card or lost data due to SD card failure, you can try Recoverit file recovery software. It allows you to safely retrieve all lost, deleted, or hidden SD card data in 3 steps.
  • Of course, yes. Sometimes, you may accidentally delete crucial Office files like Excel sheets or lose unsaved documents due to unexpected power failures or system crashes. You can rely on Recoverit file recovery software to fix your problem. This program is designed to retrieve various types of lost files, including Excel documents, other office files, videos, photos, Emails, etc.
  • Yes, using Recoverit file recovery software is 100% safe. Recoverit has been in the field of data recovery for more than 20 years, and has developed many patented technologies for data recovery, which can recover lost files safely, efficiently, and with a high success rate. However, always ensure you download the Recoverit software from a trusted source and verify its legitimacy before installation.
  • Recoverit file recovery software can recover files from nearly all storage devices, such as internal disks, external hard drives, Windows systems, macOS systems, Linux systems, NAS servers, SD cards, memory cards, USB flash drives, cameras, and other 2000+ storage Media.
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