Recover Videos Anytime, Anywhere

No matter what kind of video data is lost or in what way, you can rely on Recoverit to get your lost or deleted files back. Recoverit offers
advanced video recovery features that can help you recover different video formats from all storage media and operating systems.

Effective Video Recovery in All Possible Scenarios

Wondershare Recoverit is one of the few video recovery software that can recover deleted, corrupt,
or damaged video files in over 500 scenarios.

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Accidental Deletion

It is common to unintentionally delete some file when handling hundreds of files, but don't worry; Recoverit can get them back for you. You can recover deleted videos even if you "shift + delete" them.
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SD Card Formatting

One of the most common ways videographers accidentally "delete" their photos and videos is by formatting SD cards to free up valuable space. Recoverit excels at recovering these files.
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File Loss During Data Copy

Software crashes, hardware issues, and power outages during file transferring lead to data loss. Recoverit can locate these video files and let you move them safely.
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Device Damage

If your camera is not working correctly due to water damage or dropping, it may cause video loss. Recoverit can restore your videos as long as it is still recognizable by the computer.
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Sudden Power Outage

The video files you are working on can get lost or even corrupt because of an unexpected blackout. You can perform video recovery in no time with this video recovery software.
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More Errors

Recoverit video recovery software also works to recover videos from many other issues, such as pulling out an SD card or disk without unmounting it first, virus attack, RAW hard drive, etc.

Lost or Deleted Video Recovery for All Storage Media

Recoverit video recovery is not limited to specific storage. Instead, it works with more than
2000 storage devices.

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Memory Cards

Memory cards are the most portable option but the most sensitive one. Recoverit supports video recovery from all types of memory cards, such as MicroSD, xD-Picture, MMC, SD, and CF cards.
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You can restore videos from different brands and types of digital cameras like camcorders, action cameras, drone cameras, GoPro, DVRs, security cameras, professional cameras, home surveillance, car driving recorders, DSLR cameras, Dashcams, body cameras, etc.
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The video recovery software lets you recover videos from Sony, HP, Toshiba, Apple, IBM, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, and Acer computers/laptops powered by Windows, macOS, and Linux.
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External Hard Drives

You can use Recoverit to restore undetected, corrupted, formatted, or deleted video files from all brands of external hard drives, including WD, Seagate, LaCie, SanDisk, Samsung, and more.
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USB flash drives

Recoverit video recovery can bring your videos back from USB flash drives, memory sticks, thumb drives, or pen drives, regardless of the file systems (FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, HFS, APFS, etc.).
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NAS Server

Many users now install NAS servers at home to store and share movies/music/photos. In case of NAS failure, you can use Recoverit video recovery software to rescue your precious media files.

Quickly Recover Nearly 100 Video Formats

Cameras record videos in different file formats depending on the brand and device type. No need
to worry about recovering a specific file type, as Recoverit works with all standard video formats

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HD Video Recovery
Are you experiencing corruption or thousands of video fragments when you try to recover your HD videos? Don't get frustrated, as Recoverit works equally well with Full HD, Ultra HD 4K, and 8K videos.
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Recover Deeply Hidden Files
Some videos aren't easily scannable when stored on specific devices. Recoverit Enhanced Video Recovery offers a quick scan option and a deep scan feature that can uncover any videos.
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Professional Video Recovery
Videos produced and edited by professionals are often unnoticeable by recovery tools because they are altered and have specific parameters. Recoverit is proven and tested with these videos.
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Preview Before Recovery
Instead of wasting time recovering unwanted video files, you can use the preview feature to see if you've found the desired ones and if they are playable. "No data, no charge" is guaranteed.

Superior Video
Recovery Experience

With specially developed data collection algorithms and technologies for video recovery, the enhanced functionalities of Recoverit let users do more and recover video data that other solutions can't recognize, optimize, or extract.

With 20 years of experience, we have extensive
knowledge of all video and storage technologies.
35 Patents for file recovery guarantee the highest recovery success rates and recovered video quality.
Check the patented video recovery process

Recoverit's Enhanced Video Recovery Process

Video files are stored in fragments on storage media. The secret behind Recoverit's success rate lies in its ability to recognize
scattered video fragments of a single video file. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to detect and match video fragments in storage
media and put these pieces together to recover a complete and playable video.

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Scans all video fragments
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Matches fragments with a specific video
and puts them into the correct order
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Recovers the whole video without
missing pieces
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Help Anyone Who Needs Video Recovery

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Videographers may take hundreds of videos and photos daily. Recoverit lets you recover photos and videos from professional cameras you've formatted, deleted, or lost due to unforeseen events. It also supports video recovery from home surveillance and car driving recorders.


As a traveler, you want to capture precious memories and experiences with your camera. Recoverit video recovery software ensures you won't lose any videos made during your trips.


System crashes or unexpected shutdowns while video editing/transferring can be a disaster for YouTubers. Don't lose any of the videos you've worked hard on – have a safety net available.
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Video Repair & Recovery Combined, Providing One-Stop Video Solution

Many recovery tools recover videos successfully but end up with unplayable videos. Recoverit is not just your video recovery assistant; it can also repair these corrupted video files within 3 steps. It is capable of repairing your MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, and more videos, whether they are damaged or corrupted during shooting, transferring, editing, or converting.


See What Our Users Ask Frequently

section7-iconWhere do deleted videos go?

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When you delete videos, their pointers on that storage are removed, and the space is freed, but those files remain in storage until they are replaced with new data. Good recovery tools can find those videos and recover them once again.
Yes, of course! You only need to find reliable video recovery software like Recoverit to get your files back.
You can use Recoverit to recover deleted and damaged videos in three steps:
  1. Launch Recoverit and choose the storage media where you lost your videos.
  2. Scan the selected storage media.
  3. Preview and recover the videos you are looking for.
There are many recovery tools available, and our top suggestion is a leading G2 data recovery software with patented technology for video recovery – Wondershare Recoverit. It can automatically scan, gather, and match the video fragments to ensure that your videos are recovered completely and playable.
Full HD or Ultra HD videos are more extensive and are stored in fragments scattered across storage, making them difficult to obtain. However, Recoverit works effectively with these fragments because it has an advanced algorithm that can detect them and put the pieces of video into the correct order.
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