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Free Data Rescue For Mac: Find out the Reliable Ways to Recover Data on Mac

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Solve Mac Problems • Proven solutions

"Can I use Data Rescue on Mac for free? I have accidentally removed some files from the disk of my MacBook. How can I retrieve it with Data Rescue or any other Recovery software, without any further inconvenience?"

Disappointment seems to run like a torrential downpour when files with valuable information get erased from a Mac computer or any other device, for a matter of fact. It gets more irritating when you find out that you have accidentally deleted those files without even realizing it. Follow through the journey of our complete guide, where we will show you about one of the topmost recovery tools for mac available, Data Rescue 6. Furthermore, we will also reveal the best alternative to the Data Rescue app for Mac-based systems and compare their qualities side by side.

Part 1. About Data Rescue for Mac:

There is nothing in the world that comes with the perfect 100% rating in regards to reaping outcomes. The same is the case with data storage devices, despite the fantastic capability of drives being able to carry multitudes of digital data, there is always something that could cause it accidentally to remove those files, without notifying you. Such instances occur after the drive gets infected by a virus or something as familiar as old age.

Luckily, tools such as Data Rescue are available to revive all the lost memory of your Mac's disk drive. With the help of its new version 6 update, Data Rescue's consistent interface can recover all the deleted files, while alerting you about the health or possible future corruption of the hard drive. You can get the standard version of Data Rescue for Mac for $79 per year.

Part 2. Why You Should not Use Data Rescue 6 Cracked Version:

Pirating or using a cracked version of some software or other product is not only unethical but illegal as well. It is close to killing someone else's hard work. Other than that, there are other things that one should keep in mind before using a cracked version of Data Rescue 6. One of the most essential life lessons that one should always keep in their mind is that everything comes at a cost, and by downloading an illegal copy of Data Rescue could open the access of all of your data to the online hackers, waiting to pounce on the opportunity. These cracked copies always carry some sort of malware with them, which may kill the performance of your Mac, so much so that it could lead to further deletion of file, in addition to the data that you wish to recover with the cracked Data Rescue tool. So, it is our professional opinion that you should not use a free/cracked copy of the Data Rescue Recovery Program.

Part 3. Recoverit Data Recovery – Try the Best Alternative to Data Rescue:

If you are looking to retrieve lost data for free without using a cracked version of Data Rescue 6, then there is more bad news as the application offers no facility to recover files for free. However, it can demonstrate or show you the items that you can retrieve with a licensed version, but it doesn't go further than that.

Fortunately, there is a capable alternative, that not only offers you to restore 100MB worth of erased files, but its Essential Package is much more cost-effective than the Standard Plan of Data Rescue 6. Some of the valuable features of the Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac App are as follows:

Mac hard drive recovery

Recoverit - Recover Replaced Files in 3 Steps

  • It can read and retrieve more than 1000+ formats of files, from the most popular ones to the rarest types.
  • It is available for free on macOS and Windows OS alike.
  • From allowing the user to pick whatever folder they wish to scan, Recoverit can also recover data from a crashed computer and even a drive that has turned RAW.
  • It supports data recovery on every storage drive to as small as an SD card to as big as an external hard drive.
Download | Mac Mac Version Download | Win Windows Version

Part 4. How to Recover Files with the Data Rescue for Mac Alternative?

Recoverit's user-friendly interface makes it possible for the user to recover any type of file format on their Mac computer they want by following the app's three-step guide.

1. Select a device

After downloading Recoverit on your macOS system, run the app and select any folder, device, or disk that you wish to scan and recover data from, and click on start.

mac data recovery

If you possess the knowledge about the exact path of the folder path than have the luxury to select that point from Recoverit's interface and allow it to start the scan from there.

mac select folder recovery

2. Scan the location:

Recoverit will thoroughly scan the chosen location, and it will ask you to wait for some minutes before completing the scan and allowing you to check them. You have the full right to stop, pause, and start the scan whenever you like.

Recoverit will search all fragments of the selected folder, external device, or disk volume. It will take a few moments to finish the scan. If you feel that the intended files had already been recovered, then you can stop or pause the scan to check the nature of the restored data. The interface will notify you after completing the scan. You will be able to find the files under the categories "File Type" & "File Path."

mac scanning lost files

You can filter out the search results once the scan finishes, which will allow you to find the item that you wished to retrieve in the first place. Recoverit filters out the recovered items based on the following parameters:

mac filter recovered files

3. Preview and recover files:

You can preview files of every format, no matter how large or small, with the help of the app's preview utility. With the help of the free version, you can recover 100MB of files. All you need to do is select the intended content and click on the "Recover" tab to finish the job.

mac photo recovery

Part 5. Comparison of Recoverit Data Recovery and Data Rescue for Mac:

In this section, we will compare some of the points of both the Data Rescue 5 app and Recoverit Data Recovery program, which will make it easier for you to select the best possible recovery tool for your Mac.

Features Data Rescue 6 for Mac Recoverit Data Recovery Tool for Mac
Does it offer free recovery? No Yes
Price $79/year $59/year, including other packages with additional features
Stop or Pause option No Yes
Multiple Files Support Yes Yes


Data recovery can get very difficult if we do not act on the idea quickly and fail to pick the right choice for the operation. In this article, we have carefully analyzed Data Rescue 6 and Recoverit File Recovery Software by Wondershare for Mac. After checking various features of the product, we can safely jump to the conclusion that, with more features, a high-efficiency rate, and more cost-effective price plans, Recoverit is the safest and most reliable option to regain lost data. Not to mention Recoverit also has a free version that allows users to recover a certain amount of files, unlike Data Rescue 6.

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