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Data will be loss due to computer hard drive formatted, accidentally deleted, or due to virus attack and infection, the storage media is corrupt or damaged for any reason. When you encounter the data lost problems, all you need is a free data recovery software. It can help you retrieve data back if the data on the hard drive has not been overwritten. On this page we will show you the best free data recovery to help you recover deleted files for free.

Part 1: The Best Recoverit Free Data Recovery Software

Recoverit Free Data Recovery is a highly efficient deleted files recovery software, which helps to recover all sorts of files whether deleted, lost or formatted from your computer or any other removable devices.

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Deleted Files for Free

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Files for Free

Download and install Recoverit free data recovery on your computer, launch it and follow the next simple steps to recover deleted files. On the next sollwing steps we will show you how to recover deleted files on Windows computer, if you are working on Mac, you should download Recoverit Free Mac data recovery and go on.

Step 1 Please select a data recovery mode. With Recoverit data recovery to recover deleted files, you can select the "Deleted Files Recovery"

free data recovery software to recover deleted files

Step 2 Please select a location where you lost your files. Select a sepecific disk and click "Start" button to start.

select a disk to scannning deleted files

Step 3 This free data recovery software will start a quick scan first, you can preview all the recovered files after it completed. If you can't find the file, please go to "All-Around Recovery".

With the "All-Around Recovery" mode, it'll deeply and thoroughly go through all your files and present to you the files which are recoverable. It will take more time than quick scan.

deep scan recovery

Step 4Once the scan has been initiated and has been completed, you will be shown all the files which you can recover back to your device. Select only the ones you want to recover, and then press "recover".

preview and recover data back

You should get a safe device to save your all recovered data files avoid to data loss again or overwritten. The most important thing is you need do a backup for your data in regularly, once you get lost files you can retrieve them from the backup storage. Otherwise, what if the data get lost, you can get the best free data recovery to help you out. Recoverit free data recovery software are still of great help and are extremely beneficial for proper data recovery as well. Download and try it for now.

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