Free Photo Recovery: How to Recover Deleted Photos Easily

This article we'll introduce the best free photo recovery software to help you recover deleted or lost photos from computer, digital camera, memory card etc.

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Find the reliable and best free photo recovery software to recover your deleted photos from memory card, hard drive, SD card or digital camera? In the following content, we listed the top 5 free photo recovery software for you. We spent a couple hours testing the software for the data loss scenarios.

For each of software, we will list out its pros and cos, uses and its beneficial features which can appeal to the users, and also make a comparison among them to discover the best one for you.

Recoverit Photo Recovery Software is the most easily and effectively to how to recover deleted photos on computer.

1. Recoverit Free Photo Recovery

Recoverit free data recovery software is the perfect choice for users to recover photos from computer, memory card, SD cards, hard drive, USB flash drives, digital camera. etc.

It has specific data recovery modes dedicated to each data loss scenario like file corruption, deletions by error, emptied recycle bin and Mac trash, formatted hard drive/devices, lost partitions, virus or malicious attacks and even computer system .

Key Features of Recoverit Photo Recovery:

Your Safe & Reliable Free Photo Recovery Software

  • Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails from everywhere effectively, safely and completely.
  • Supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera and camcorders.
  • Supports to recover data for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack, system crash under different situations.
free photo recovery

Pros & Cons

  • The high recovery rate for most data loss scenarios.
  • The speed of first scanning is the fastest among these programs.
  • The useful and friendly interface for beginners.
  • Has tons of customer support options.
  • The deep scan option will take a longer time to finished.
  • The expansion of Free version (maximum restoration: 100MB).

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Deleted Photos in Windows Computer

The video tutorial demonstrates you how to recover deleted photos in Windows computer. Watch it and you can find that how easy it is to get lost photos back.

How to Recover Deleted Photos with Recoverit Data Recovery

If you wonder know "How do I recover permanently deleted pictures?", you can download and install Recoverit data recovery on Windows computer and follow the next guide - how to recover deleted photos from computer easily.

Step 1 Launch Recoverit on your computer.

After downloading, double click the “Wondershare Recoverit” icon on the Desktop to launch the program.

Step 2 Please Select a Hard Disk Drive

Select the location where your photos deleted or lost, and click the "Start" button to start scanning.

select a hard drive disk

Step 3 Scanning your Deleted Photos from Computer

Recoverit Free photo recovery software will start a quick scan to search deleted photos. After the scanning, you can preview some photos and get your photos back.

scan computer hard drive disk

Step 4 Preview and Recover Deleted photos

After the scan completed, you can check all recovered files on the list. Go to preview the recovered photos and click the "Recover" button to retrieve your photos back.

deep scan with all-around recovery

Tips on Photo Recovery

  • If you are working with Mac computer, you can check this tutorial - How to Recover Deleted Photos on Mac.
  • As soon as your photos is accidentally deleted or loss, please do not save any more photos or files to that storage device, otherwise you may overwrite your data.
  • Please get a safe storage device to save your recovered photos, and do not save to the location where photos deleted before. Or it will be caused data lost again.

Expansion of Free Version:

Recoverit deleted photos recovery software is your best choice for recovering deleted or lost photos as it supports lost partition recovery and RAW recovery. The program works well with Windows as well as Mac system.

It is up to 550 file types are supported and almost all storage devices including computer hard disk (HDD and SSD), flash drive, memory card, digital cameras. etc. But, it has an expansion for the recovery. You only can get 100MB photos back with Free version.

As compared to professional paid software, it is unlimited to recovery and you can get the best data recovery experience. Get more details about Ultimate Data Recovery Solutions here.

2. PhotoRec

PhotoRec recovers far more than just photos. It works on a wide range of systems and media that includes hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, CD/DVD, and a lot more. There are also builds for Mac and Linux which enables the user to rescue their data from a different computer if required.

Even though it may look complicated, but it has easy and convenient program steps that guide you through the entire process of deleted photos recovery via a series of menu screens.

Key Features of PhotoRec:

  • PhotoRec runs under Microsoft Windows, Linus, Mac OS X, DOS and SunSoliaris.
  • File system supported includes FAT, NTFS, exFAT, ext2 / ext3 / ext4, HFS+.
  • Offers features like the 'unformat function' and adding your custom file types.
  • PhotoRec has been successfully tested with various portable media players.
PhotoRec free photo recovery software
PhotoRec Free Photo Recovery Software

Pros & Cons

  • It works well even if the file system is severely damaged.
  • It designed for use specifically on small storage devices.
  • It is the most affordable application for file recovery.
  • Somewhat difficult to beginners as it is command line interface.
  • It's not compatible with digital cameras Epson or Samsung.
  • It's not good for formatted data recovery.

Tips: PhotoRec is a program that costs less but it is very difficult to use. Move to the steps on recover deleted photos with Recoverit Data Recovery.

3. Recuva

This free photo recovery software can recover files that have been permanently deleted and marked as free space by the operating system. It works on USB flash drives, memory cards, hard drives, and other storage devices. It is one of the top choices to recover photos from SD card free for both frequent as well as casual users.

Key Features of Recuva:

  • Superior file recovery that includes pictures, documents, music, and much more.
  • Allows recovery of data from damaged disk drives or newly formatted drives.
  • Offers deep scan to the users so there is almost no margin for any files that cannot be recovered.
  • Offers Full Windows OS Support with over 37 different languages.
  • File system supported includes FAT/NTFS and Ex 3-4 covering all desktop operating systems.
Recuva free photo recovery software
Recuva Free Photo Recovery Software

Pros & Cons

  • It's great for recovering .JPG and raster files.
  • It makes your computer faster and more secure.
  • It has a good privacy protection and removes tracking files.
  • It cannot guard against junk files in real-time
  • Manually update the latest version.

4. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

This is one of the best DIY free photo recovery software. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy and convenient to use even by novice users who do not have a software background. It can be used to resurrect files that you may have accidentally deleted or have been subject to malicious attacks.

Key Features of Stellar Phoenix:

  • It works with all major digital camera, SD card, PC, USB flash drives and more.
  • The fastest recovery of video files like MP4, MOV AND MXF movies.
  • Supports to preview different types of recovered file.
  • Friendly user interface and customizable options.
  • Recover deleted data from media with size as huge as 2TB and more.
Stellar Phoenix free Photo Recovery
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software

Pros & Cons

  • Quickly recover video files in 2 simple clicks.
  • It works well for huge size device > 2TB storage.
  • Supports Unicode file recovery from different types of media and formats.
  • The Scanning of RAW format recovery is need improving.
  • The scanning of speed is the most slowly.

5. Undelete 360 Photo Recovery

Undelete 360 photo recovery software is a specialized software for recovering deleted photos. It supports to retrieve lost images as well as videos from different types of digital cameras as well as other media types like USB disk, and SD cards.

The software includes picking the right recovery module for every different type of data-loss scenario depending on the device, and then preview and recover the recoverable data.

Key Features of Undelete 360:

  • Recover photos due to many reasons: accidental deletion, formatted and others.
  • It is specialized in recovering deleted photos, images and pictures.
  • It is quite easy-to-use photo recovery software.
  • The free version of recovering limit is up to 200MB.
Undelete 360 free photo recovery
Undelete 360 Photo Recovery Software

Pros & Cons

  • You can choose between full and quick scans for recovering.
  • Traced deleted partition even the partition header has corrupted.
  • Specialized in partition data recovery free edition.
  • It cannot use a bootable disc for data recovery.
  • The installation will automatically select an additional program called WebAdvisor.

Five Free Photo Recovery Software Comparison Chart

Product Free Scan speed Recovery Stability Ease of use Overall rating Availability
Recoverit 359 GB/HR High High 9.7 Try Now >
Recuva 249 GB/HR Equal Needs Improving 9.4 --
PhotoRec 143 GB/HR Low -- 7 --
Stellar Phoenix 150 GB/HR Equal Needs Improving 8.9 --
Undelete 360 160 GB/HR Equal Needs Improving 7.5 --

The Bottom Line:

We recommended the abovementioned five free photo recovery software for you with a comparison. All these tools workable with Windows and Mac system. So that you can get the best and reliable program to recover deleted photos back in easily and effectively.

However, the most what you need is the recovery rate for your deleted photos, also most important is keep your data privacy and no damaged to your computer system or other storage device. Anyway, Recoverit Free Data Recovery is the best choise to recover deleted photos from computer. Now free download as below button and try it for free.

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