How to Recover Photos from Nokia Lumia 920

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Featuring preview, wireless charging, uber-sensitive touch and smartshot , Nokia Lumia 920 has finally been released. Along with Windows Phone 8 system, it is the most important product for Nokia. It is a top-level smart phone. However, data like high quality photos taken by it might still be lost. When facing this lumia 920 data loss issue, you can firstly check whether your Lumia 920 has been synced with Zune in your computer or not. If you have, you can recover Lumia 920 data from the backup made by that software. If not, you need to find a data recovery program to Recover Photos from Nokia Lumia 920.

How to Recover Photos from Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920 can be connected with computer and recognized as a hard drive on your computer. This means that a data recovery program that is able to recover data from hard drive can help you. Recoverit Data Recovery for Windows or Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac is such a program that is capable of recovering photos, music and videos from your Lumia 920.

Note: Please note that Recoverit photo recovery program isn't designed to recover lost photos from iPhone or phones without SD card.

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First thing first, you’d better stop using your Lumia 920 when your photos are lost. Any kind of new data could overwrite your lost photos. Here we recover photos from Lumia 920 with Wondershare Photo Recovery for Windows users. If you are a Mac user, you can also complete the recovery in similar steps with Mac version.

  1. Select the recovery scenario you want to recover. To recover photos from Nokia lumia 920, you can select the option "External Devices Recovery" to start.
  2. recover deleted photos from Nokia Lumia 920-select scenario recovery

  3. Connect your Lumia 920 with computer and then the program will displays the drive letter of it. Select that drive letter and click "Start" to search for lost photos.
  4. recover photos from lumia 920-select location

  5. When the scan is over, all found files from your Lumia 920 will be lists in file categories or file paths. You can preview the photos before recovery to check whether this program really helps you or not. Then you just need select photos you want to retrieve and click "Recover" to regain and save them to your computer.
  6. previewe and Recover Photos from Nokia Lumia 920

Note: Please do not save the recovered photos back to your Lumia 920 immediately after the recovery. Otherwise the lost photos might be overwritten.

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