Samsung Data Migration Software Review + a Better Alternative

To successfully clone your data, you will need reliable software that won’t compromise your data while creating an exact copy of your disk, including partitions, files, images, etc. What better tool to use than a renowned company’s professional software?

Learn more about the Samsung Data Migration software in this honest product review. We’ll also introduce an alternative solution so you can choose which reliable tool is better for your needs.

What Is Samsung Data Migration Software?

samsung data migration software interface

The Samsung Data Migration software, or SDM for short, is a tool that enables you to replicate your Windows operating system and data on Samsung’s external hard drives. You can use Samsung’s SSDs for a smooth transition. In most scenarios, people use this tool to migrate their data to a new environment smoothly and efficiently without transferring individual partitions and files.

The software’s user-friendly interface enables you to quickly and easily migrate your data even if you have no experience in this field, making this tool one of the most beginner-friendly cloning options on the market.

If you’ve recently purchased a Samsung SSD you want to insert into your PC, you can use this reliable software for a seamless transition. You can also use the drive to store your data and clear up space on your current disk.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of SDM, it’s time to see some of its essential functions.

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Essential Functions of Samsung Data Migration Software

The primary purpose of the Samsung Data Migration software is to clone your disk and transfer it to a new Samsung SSD. Aside from the cloning function, SDM offers other features for a seamless data migration experience.

1. One-Click Migration

If you need a quick solution for transferring your data from one disk to another, you can use the “one-click” migration option. This function enables a simple transfer of your partitions, Windows operating system, apps, and other files in a few steps.

Although it’s not a one-click experience per se, it’s a fast function that will migrate your data efficiently to a new external drive.

samsung data migration feature

2. Selective Transfer

Sometimes, you don’t want to store unnecessary images, apps, or files on your new disk. To save time on deleting particular files, you can use the selective transfer option and choose what to migrate to a new environment. With this option, you can move only the essential data without taking up memory on your new disk.

3. Security

Every reliable data migration tool ensures data safety during transfer. Samsung’s advanced technology guarantees you’ll get high-quality, uncorrupted data to your Samsung SSD if you use the data migration software, which is an essential part of your migration journey. Plus, you can optimize your data for better performance on the new disk.

Benefits of Using the Samsung Data Migration Tool

As you can see, the Samsung Data Migration software is one of the most reliable and secure disk cloning tools on the market. Aside from the functions it offers, there are several benefits to using this tool for your next experience, as you will see in the following paragraphs.


If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly user interface with simple tools that are easy to navigate, the Samsung Data Mitigation tool might be your perfect choice. You won’t have trouble cloning your disk with the help of this tool’s interface.

Moreover, Samsung didn’t leave you room to wander around regarding this software. Everything is straightforward and comprehensive, making it one of the simplest tools available.


Most data migration tools offer premium features at premium prices. That means you typically must pay to clone your entire disk. However, the Samsung Data Migration tool is entirely free. It’s perfect if you want to stay on a budget while replicating your disk.


The Samsung Data Migration tool offers optimization features that can boost the performance of your apps according to the SSD type you will use.

For instance, you might transfer data from a hard disk to a Samsung 980 SSD. In that case, the program will automatically optimize your data to perform better on your new external drive, making it one of the most efficient disk cloning methods.

Limitations of Samsung Data Migration

samsung 980 ssd for samsung data migration

Although the Samsung Data Migration software offers some beneficial functions to streamline your data-transfer journey, it has numerous limitations regarding the hardware and software.

  1. If you’re a Linux or macOS user, you can’t use this tool to transfer your data and clone your disk. You can only use Samsung Data Migration if you have a Windows operating system (7 or higher) to efficiently clone your existing data, apps, and OS.
  2. You can only transfer data to a Samsung SSD. For instance, if you want to preserve your data on a Kingston SSD, we’re sad to say you can’t do it by using the Samsung Data Migration tool.
  3. This Samsung software requires a specific operating system and SSD, making it one of the most restrictive tools. Although free and highly efficient, you can’t use it for cases other than those above.

Check out a better alternative below if you want a more versatile tool.

A Better Alternative to Samsung Data Migration Software

Wonderhare UBackit is one of the best, most efficient data transfer tools. This versatile software allows you to back up your data, files, and partitions and clone your disk in simple steps.

The best part about this tool is that you can use various operating systems and any external disk to complete the cloning process quickly and efficiently.

wondershare ubackit

Wondershare UBackit - Your Reliable Disk Cloning Software

Disk Clone: You can clone hard drive to SSD or another HDD easily. It supports a wide range of disk types, such as HDDs from all brands, SATA/M.2 SSDs, NVMe SSDs, USB drives, NAS drives, and SD cards.

Partition Clone: Instead of cloning the entire disk, you have the option to clone a particular partition.

Sector-by-Sector Clone: You are allowed to replicate a hard drive or partition bit by bit.

Supported OS: It is compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7, 32 bit and 64 bit.

With thousands of satisfied users worldwide, Wonderhare UBackit has an excellent reputation and is a reliable free solution for your disk cloning experience. To learn more about this extraordinary tool, check out some of its essential features.

Essential Functions of Wondershare UBackit

You can back up various data types with Wondershare UBackit. However, regarding disk cloning, this tool offers some of the most advanced functions that can take your experience to the next level.

1. Variety

You can select which data to transfer to a new environment to clone specific partitions or files. You don’t have to clone the entire disk, saving space on your new drive. Moreover, you can choose when to back up your data, giving you options according to your lifestyle.

2. Simplicity

Wondershare UBackit is one of the most user-friendly backup and cloning tools available. You’ll have no trouble navigating its features if you’re new to the backup game. Everything is well-categorized and accessible, making Wondershare UBackit one of the best, most straightforward tools for backing up your data and cloning your disks.

3. Efficiency

This highly-efficient tool will leave you in awe regarding the time it takes to create a replica of your disk. After you set up the cloning experience, you’ll have a new, bootable, functional disk within minutes. Wondershare UBackit is perfect if you need an urgent transfer and want to clone your disk quickly.

4. Three-Step Process

Forget about those complex, time-consuming cloning tools. Wondershare UBackit was designed with efficiency in mind — you only need three clicks to create a replica of your disk. The process is straightforward and quick, saving you from the stress of navigating complex toolkits.

Moreover, you can find comprehensive guides to using this software, taking your experience to the next level.

wondershare ubackit disk cloning software

Benefits of Using Wondershare UBackit

Now that we know what UBackit is about, it’s time to see how it can benefit you regarding your disk cloning experience and why it’s a better alternative to the Samsung Data Migration software.

1. Secure Cloning

When cloning your disk with Wondershare UBackit, you can set encryptions or passwords to ensure a safe transfer from one disk to another. You can add a layer of protection to an already secure tool and be worry-free while cloning your drive. Wondershare UBackit has better security measures than SDM, making it the most secure cloning software.

2. A Fast Solution

If you want to clone your disk as quickly as possible while avoiding data loss, Wondershare UBackit has got your back. You only need two minutes to connect your external drive and start the cloning process, with a few additional minutes (depending on your device) to get an exact copy of your current operating system, apps, and data.

3. Inclusivity

Instead of searching for specific tools for particular operating systems and disks, you can use Wondershare UBackit. This software allows you to use any OS with any disk with more memory than your data, and you can clone your drives quickly. Wondershare UBackit is as inclusive as a cloning tool can get.

Limitations of Using Wondershare UBackit

The only requirement you must fulfill for a smooth transfer is to have a disk with more memory than the amount of data you want to transfer.

Although Samsung Data Migration is an excellent tool for a specific cloning scenario, Wondershare UBackit offers more with few limitations.

If you need a versatile, inclusive, and reliable cloning tool, Wondershare UBackit might be your perfect choice. For instance, you can create a replica of your Linux OS on a Samsung SSD, which gives this cloning tool an advantage over the Samsung Data Migration software.


Cloning your disk can be helpful in various situations, from system malfunction to data loss and prevention. It’s an excellent method for protecting and transferring your data to a new environment. However, you will need a reliable software solution for a smooth transition.

Samsung Data Migration may be one of the most popular cloning tools, but it has limitations. Wondershare UBackit is a better alternative with no restrictions and a smoother cloning experience.