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Over 260,000,000 global users have a local backup copy to avoid data loss and damage. You can get your data backed up automatically and incrementally with Wondershare UBackit. Kindly choose your plan below.

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Unexpected data loss happens every day, such as accidentally deleted file, damaged or corrupted computer, virus and malware attack, etc. A backup software like Wondershare UBackit creates copies of data automatically that can be recovered from unwanted data loss.

Cloud storage keeps the selected files you want to backup in the cloud, but the files will be changing with local storage. However, backup software work automatically to backup your data and files into file versions, you can restore any backup history on your need.

Wondershare UBackit backup software uses off-site storage, all your private data is kept only in local disk and hard drives. In addition, Wondershare UBackit leverages encryption algorithm, preventing your backup files to be accessed by any other software.

The backup schemes Wondershare UBackit currently support are full backup and incremental backup. Full backup is used in the first bakcup, and the following scheduled backups are incremental backup, which is faster and saves more local storage.

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