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How to Backup Computer Before Factory Reset Windows 11/10

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Jan 24, 2024 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

I performed a factory reset on my laptop and saved all of my files to an external hard drive, but I forgot to save my bookmarks. After I reset my computer to its factory settings and loaded up Mozilla Firefox, I realized that my bookmarks were gone. What can I do to recover them? How can I get them back quickly? Is there a trick? A program to use?

If you intend to factory reset your device due to any technical error, first things first. You have to create a backup of existing data on the drive and device. It will help you to continue your work after resetting the device. You can create a backup on any other device i.e., external storage media (flash drives, SD cards, CD/DVDs). Once you reset the computer, you can attach the media to restore the data. This article explains all possible ways i.e., how to back up a computer before factory reset windows 11/10 and what to backup before factory reset PC.

factory reset windows 10

Backing up an entire device is not a big deal. There are several ways in which you can perform the task. But the only question that comes around is i.e., what to backup before factory reset PC. All the relevant data, be it the audio/music files, movies/video files, documents, and images, everything can be backed up. All you need is a suitable drive with appropriate space. Either with the help of inbuilt sync or backup utilities or by using third party software solutions, you can create a backup of your device. As you proceed for factory resetting, all the data present on the device would be wiped off. This article explains all insights regarding the factory resetting, why you need to back up your device before factory resetting, and how to back up the computer before factory reset windows 10. Here are the topics that would be discussed in detail.

Part 1: Overview of Factory Reset

As the name implies, the factory reset denotes a working condition of a device in which it is crystal clear. As if it is new. If you are using a laptop, your device does carry factory reset/recovery partition that will restore all the factory settings. At times, when your device is running slow due to any virus or malware attack, due to file or system corruption, you can go for a factory resetting your device. Window 8 and 10 provides two modes. Number one is refreshing, and number two is reset. The former works by removing all the installed programs present on the desktop. It does not impact the applications and files that are installed via the windows store. Whereas the latter performs its function in a completely different manner. It completely erases the device for every installed application, personal files, and programs. Once the device is factory resettled, you have to perform reinstallation for the operating system, system files, applications, and system programs. Hence, it is the condition in which creating backup of the entire device is mandatory.

Factory reset as a built-in feature:

Acting as a built-in feature/utility, the factory resetting option comes along with every device. It carries an integrated software that helps ease all the devices (mostly the one on internal storage media). All the settings corresponding to different programs running in your device would be set up to default, i.e., no data would be available. This utility helps to fix errors associated with applications and operating systems. It also helps to maintain a viable connection between BIOS and hardware after factory resetting. The factory reset built-in utility also enhances the performance of the operating system, applications, and device on the whole.

Limitations of a Factory Reset

Although the factory reset option helps to sort out issues like system errors and errors linked to various applications, yet this utility carries certain limitations in its functionality. Here are some of them:

  1. It does not erase all data. The data written on the hard drive would still be present. Though available yet this data is inaccessible.
  2. The new data set would be written over the old data set. This, overwritten data cease the entire system.
  3. The utility does not assure you about the secure removal of data. For maintaining security, you would need specialized software for data removal. Otherwise, methods like degaussing would damage the hard drive and leave it non-functional.

Hence, the factory reset option is always viable for the users, but you have to be vigilant with the data. Relevant data should be backed up to avoid data loss consequences.

Part 2: What to Backup Before Reset?

Once you know that your device needs a factory reset mechanism, the next step should be backing up the data present on the internal drive. For this, you should be familiar with the answer to a common question i.e., what to backup before factory reset PC. Here is the list of data that you can backup.

  1. System files and folders (all the data files related to the operating system)
  2. Media files (audio, video, pictures, recordings, etc.)
  3. Graphic files
  4. Documents, word files, excel sheets, PowerPoint slides, etc.
  5. Applications and system drivers
  6. System updates

Apart from this, some of the device's data is not in the form of files or folders. It should also be backed up. In this regard, you have to create a full disk or partition backup. Using a third-party application software is your solution.

Part 3: Backup before Factory Reset with UBackit Data Backup

As mentioned in the previous section, for creating a full disk or system image (backup), a third party application software is your answer for the question i.e., how to back up the computer before factory reset windows 10. In this context, UBackit is the most reliable backup software to create the system/disk image before factory reset. The software helps create all types of backups i.e., outlook backup, office document backup, full & incremental backup, etc. It also skips the effort to choose the data that should be backed up i.e.; it stores all. Here is how the software will work.

Step 1: Initiate the process with downloading and then running a successful installation of software on your device.

Step 2: Once the software is installed, launch the software, and in the main menu, select the option of Create New.

Step 3: Next, select the option of Disk Backup.


Step 4: Now add the source disk i.e., the hard drive containing all data targeted for backup. Click Select to continue.


Step 5: Nextly, add the destination drive. It is the location where the backup would be saved. It could be external storage media or another local disk.


Step 6: Once the destination location is added to the software, now click Select to start the action.

Once the process is complete, you will receive a notification and the data would be saved on the destination drive. You can create the backup for the device on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis by clicking the Schedule option at the bottom of the backup disk.


Hence, creating a backup for data present on the device is mandatory. For adding an extra layer of security to the data, you can create two backup types, i.e., file backup (you can select several or just one file/folder to backup) or disk backup (it will backup all the files and folder related to program and applications running on the device). In this article, a work case scenario is discussed in detail. If you intend to factory reset your device, you have to create backup to protect the data. The factory resetting is performed on the device to turn it into a state as it was before. The article explained two things briefly i.e., how to back up a computer before factory reset Windows 10 and what to backup before factory reset PC. Moreover, factory reset utility is discussed thoroughly. A third party application software is a viable recommendation for creating a backup before factory reset. UBackit is the software solution.

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