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Review of WD Red NAS Hard Drive

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Aug 22, 2023 • Filed to: NAS Recovery & Hacks • Proven solutions

WD NAS Hard Drive is known for its large size and exceptional support to store your files, videos, and Images for a long time. If you are someone who deals with a lot of data, either for work purposes, side hustles, or personal recreational hobbies, you will know that hard drives are the best means to store that data.

If you want to avoid data deletion or sudden wipeouts, you need to choose hard drives that don't succumb to the usual wear and tear. Is WD NAS Internal Hard Drive good enough for you? Is it worth the money? Will you keep your data safe for a long time? You will get all your answers from this review.

How Is the Red NAS Hard Drive Useful?

The main reason why we recommend wd red NAS hard drive 8TB or others from this manufacturer is because of the ease of use. They slide in without any resistance (into the respective ports), have a handy and convenient design, the external build is strong and data is going to be safe for a long time. They aren't too big so you can easily transport them and they aren't too small, so you won't be misplacing or losing them.

If you are a content creator, photographer, researcher, travel enthusiast, or someone who has a lot of files to save, this hard drive is going to be very useful. They are designed to work in the network-attached storage systems.

This can be rephrased as - The drives are capable of staying consistent and 'usable' even when you put them to work extensively. However, we would not suggest you do that because that will be going too far. The NAS-certified Red hard drives are undoubtedly better than the other choices in the market and also happen to have affordable pricing that won't burn holes into our pockets.

The Features of RED NAS Hard Drive

wd red nas hard drive

WD Red 2TB NAS hard drive is having the least storage capacity among the array of Hard drives that are available with them. They have SATA Interface and the transfer rate runs up to 180 MB/s. These hard drives are useful for storing, archiving, and sharing.

  • 1. Effective sharing: You can backup, store, share or archive the data in your personal or home systems. Modern technology makes the hard drive compatible with your existing systems, stereos, Televisions sets, or Laptops.
  • 2. NASware 3.0 technology: You can easily optimize each and every drive with the NASware 3.0 Technology that the hard drives offer. You have an 8-bay system here that supports up to 48 TB of data storage. This technology aims to improve the compatibility, integration, upgrading process and makes the hard drive completely reliable.
  • 3. Build that supports NAS compatibility: The wd red 8TB NAS hard disk drive comes with a perfect algorithm that makes the drives completely compatible with the NAS and RAID systems. The function remains smooth even if you plan on taking the hard disk drives with more storage capacity.
  • 4. Work load: If you have a NAS system that is working 24/7, then these hard disk drives are the perfect choice for you. They have MTBF of up to 1 million hours and can handle the hefty 24x7 run time.
  • 5. Error recovery controls: To avoid uncalled for anomalies and failures within the NAS system, the wd red 8TB NAS hard disk drive comes with a RAID error recovery control to eliminate the chances of system failures.
  • 6. Vibration protection: When you are inserting the hard disk drives into their respective ports, the system current, noise, and vibrations can damage the drives in the long run. However, the WD Red drives are designed with exterior protection against these problems and they continue to work efficiently in the 8-bay system.

Pros and Cons of WD Red NAS Hard Drive

8 tb wd nas hard disk drive

The pros and cons of wd red NAS hard drive 8TB can be summed up as -


  • Noise Abating design.
  • The drive uses very little energy when compared to other brands in the market.
  • Made for NAS usage.
  • 24/7 work efficiency.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Overall performance is commendable.


  • External build is not scratch resistant.
  • Random access performance is not up to the mark.

The Pricing of Red NAS Hard drive

When you look at the cost of the hard drive, you will end up assuming it is too 'costly'. That is exactly what we thought before we analyzed all the benefits it offers. The longevity and perfect build make the hard drive perfect for people who don't like shopping often. And who would want to spend thousands on a hard drive after they have emptied their pockets recently for the same?

The wd red 2TB NAS hard drive price is around 107.6 to 134.5 dollars and it depends on the sale season and where you buy it from. You can get the hard drive at a lower price when you make an online purchase, especially when there is a sale. The 4TB WD Red NAS Hard drive has a cost of 161.4 to 188.3 dollars. Now, you can make a rough estimate of how much the high-storage capacity options cost.

Seeing how this hard disk drive offers sound/vibration protection, handles workload, NAS compatibility, reliability, and efficiency - the amount is worth it.

Steps to Take When You Lose Data on WD NAS RED Hard Drives

One thing we all agree with is that - Technology is unpredictable. The WD Red NAS Internal and external hard drives are worth the pennies you are investing in. They are going to last longer than the other options in the market. But buying the WD hard disk drives is not the solution to data loss. The NAS box is not the miracle solution to a possible data loss.

The WD Red NAS hard drives can also lose your data. That is why you have to be a step ahead to save your data. We understand that the files will be very important for you.

Having Recovery software by your side is the best option to save your data. When you lose data from your hard disk drive, do not overwrite the drive and immediately go with the data recovery option using the application. We suggest that you place your bets on Wondershare Recoverit. It supports up to 1000+ formats of files and can recover any external storage device's data. The advanced recovery option can also work with those devices that are severely damaged because of system anomalies or external physical threats.

In this case, we are dealing with internal storage hard disk drives. Wondershare Recoverit has a sure-shot solution to recover files from the hard drives too. So, if the WD Hard drive is posing a problem, this is how you should be dealing with it.

Before using software to recover your data, you need to remove the drive from the NAS.

Steps to Remove Your Storage Device from WD Red NAS Hard Drive

using plastic pry tool to open front edges of mybook live

opening the chassis of my book live deivce

pulling the plastic led extension of my book live device

pulling hard drive out from chassis of my book live device

Once the hard drive is removed, you can use a SATA or USB adaptor to connect your My Book Live hard drive with a PC or a laptop. Then yo ucan use Wondershare Recoverit to restore your lost data.

Start off by downloading the Wondershare Recoverit application from the official website. Do not purchase or download from any third-party websites. After you download the application, launch the application.

wondershare recoverit launch

You will see the drives and related information on the screen. Make sure your WD hard drive is being detected by your computer.

Step 1: Select the drive that you want to repair from the ones that appear on the screen.

select the hard drive

Step 2: In case your computer is not detecting the WD NAS RED hard drive, then you can go with an all-around scan which will take more time than the usual scan. However, it is very useful.

The lost files will slowly start to show up on the screen.

initiate the process and take a scan

Step 3: Once the scan is done, you can choose the files you want to recover or choose all the files and save the new location as the WD hard drive. You can 'Preview' the files before you decide to keep or permanently delete them. Click on 'Recover'.

wondershare files recovery


The WD Red NAS hard drive is designed to meet the needs of people who use their hard disk drives extensively. Even if you are loading and unloading data from it continuously, it would still prove to be an asset in the long run. Also, it is not affected by the system vibrations, occasional system shutdowns, and doesn't heat up either. On comparing with other hard disk drive models in the market, we noticed that the hard disk drive doesn't heat up easily either. If you are investing in a hard disk drive for the first time, this will definitely impress you.

Also, you have Wondershare Recoverit software to back you if you happen to face data anomalies. We hope that you don't lose your precious files though.

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