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The 10 Best NAS Data Recovery Software for NAS RAID Recovery

David Darlington
David Darlington Originally published Dec 19, 22, updated Jul 17, 24

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a storage device used by millions of businesses to store and share data for multiple computers that are remotely accessible. However, you may experience data loss and corruption in NAS for various reasons such as accidental deletion, sudden power outage, etc. You should have dependable data recovery software installed on your system. This article will assist you in selecting the best NAS data recovery software solution.

Top 10 NAS Recovery Software - Comparison Chart

Here is a quick review of the top 10 best NAS data recovery software available today. Additionally, below is the comparison table of the 10 NAS data recovery software to understand their differences further.

NAS Data
Supported OS NAS
Price Supported
(For NAS
Wondershare Recoverit Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/
Windows Server,
macOS 10.10-macOS 13
No Premium Plan:
(Wherein the
NAS data recovery features is included)
RAID 10,
Home NAS Recovery Windows 10/ 8/7/XP Yes Starts at $69 for 1 Disk EXT4,
Runtime RAID Data Recovery Windows 95, 98, ME,
2000, XP, Vista,
7, 8, 10,
Server 2008, 2012,
2016, 32 or 64-bit
Yes $99 EXT4 RAID 0,
ReclaiMe Free Raid Recovery Windows 10/ 8/7/XP Yes Starts at $89.95 EXT4,
Ontrack NAS Data Recovery Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, macOS 10.12 – macOS 11 Yes Starts from $79/year EXT4 RAID 0,
RAID 10,
Stellar RAID Data Recovery Tool Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP / macOS 10.14, and High Sierra Yes Starts at $79.99/per year EXT4 RAID 0,
UFS Explorer RAID Recovery Windows XP with Service Pack 3 and later, macOS version 10.15 and above, Debian Linux 6.0 Yes Starts with $139.95 Ext4,
RAID 10,
R-Studio NAS Data Recovery Windows 10/ 8/7/XP Yes $179.99 Ext4,
and RAID 10
DiskInternals RAID Recovery Windows 7/8/10/11, Windows 2003 - 2019 Server Yes Starts at $249 EXT4 RAID 0,
RAID 10,
ZAR NAS Recovery Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Yes $69.95 EXT4,
recoverit square

#1 Recoverit NAS Recovery Software

4.0/5.0 with 2000+ reviews on Trustpilot.

Chosen and awarded as the leader in the data recovery field by G2, Wondershare Recoverit NAS Recovery is among the best data recovery solutions available to Windows and Mac users.

recoverit nas data recovery

Recoverit NAS Recovery software is a safe and convenient recovery solution that offers a seamless recovery process for Windows, Mac, Linux, USB drives, NAS servers, memory cards, etc. With its advanced algorithm, it surpasses your expectations when it comes to restoring lost/deleted files from different storage media, including NAS storage.

Wondershare Recoverit – Leader in NAS Data Recovery

  • Handles all NAS data loss scenarios, such as deletion, formatting, disk damage, OS crash, RAID failure, power outages, virus attacks, etc.
  • Compatible with almost all NAS manufacturers, including Synology, QNAP, ASUSTOR, Western Digital, Buffalo, Seagate, etc.
  • Works well for all RAID types (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, and RAID 10).
  • Recoverit can restore data without unplugging the NAS drive, avoiding further damage to the hard drive.
Free Download
Free Download

Steps to Perform NAS Data Recovery With Recoverit

After downloading Recoverit NAS data recovery software, follow these four simple steps to recover deleted files from your NAS drive easily.

Step1 Choose the NAS Recovery Mode

Run Wondershare Recoverit on your computer. Next, navigate to the NAS and Linux options. Select NAS Recovery. It will allow Recoverit to look for the NAS storage devices where you lost the data.

recoverit nas data recovery
Step2 Connect the NAS Device

When Recoverit has finished searching, you will see NAS-detectable devices on your screen under NAS Servers. Find the device where you lost the data and click on it to proceed.

select a nas server

Provide the necessary information, and press Connect to establish a remote connection.

connect nas to the nas recovery software
Step3 Scan for NAS Data

Once connected, Recoverit will automatically scan the lost or deleted data on the selected NAS device.

nas data scanning process
Step4 NAS File Recovery

When the scanning is finished, Recoverit will allow you to preview the files you want to restore. You can optionally pause the scanning process whenever you find the desired file to be recovered. After previewing the files, click Recover to begin the restoration process.

recover deleted files from nas drive

You'll be prompted to specify where you want the recovered files saved. Choose a different path from the one where your data was deleted or lost.

save the recovered files in nas server
Free Download
Free Download
  • Multiple supports
  • Excellent usability
  • Intuitive user interface
  • No need to pull out the hard drive from the NAS server
  • The free trial only offers data recovery of 100 MB.
  • Recoverit currently does not support the XFS file system

Why Should You Choose Recoverit NAS Recovery Software?

With its 35+ patents, Recoverit NAS data recovery software has proven that it is the industry-leading data recovery solution in the market. It is guaranteed that the recovery operations you take are 100% safe and virus-free. Impressively, Recoverit NAS Recovery Software is a robust rich-feature recovery solution that comes at an affordable price and offers a range of benefits. Furthermore, free tech support from trained experts is available 24/7.

Free Download
Free Download

#2 Home NAS Recovery

Home NAS Recovery is an excellent program for recovering NAS data by disconnecting hard drives from NAS devices. It recovers deleted NAS data in 5 simple steps: delete disks from the NAS and connect them to a PC, download Home NAS Recovery, launch Home NAS Recovery, make five clicks, and your NAS data will be recovered.

home nas recovery


  • Numerous NAS devices, including those from QNAP, NETGEAR, Buffalo, and others, are supported.
  • It supports NAS data recovery for both small and large-scale NASes.
  • It has an intuitive user interface
  • Home NAS Recovery offers 24/7 technical support
  • It has a long-time scanning process
  • It is only available for Windows OS

Why Should You Choose Home NAS Recovery?

Given the proper RAID configuration, there are numerous tools available that can be used with RAID. However, only a small number of tools can detect RAID parameters automatically, and Home NAS Recovery is the only software that integrates and fully automates the entire NAS recovery process, from RAID recovery to filesystem recovery.

#3 Runtime RAID Data Recovery

4.9/5.0 with 20 reviews on Spiceworks.

As evident in the ratings received, Runtime RAID Data Recovery is an excellent NAS data recovery tool worth downloading.

runtime raid data recovery

Users can recover data from corrupt RAID Level 5 or RAID Level 0 Arrays on NAS devices using Runtime RAID Data Recovery. It can automatically scan and locate RAID parameters, such as drive order, start sector, rotation, and block size. Furthermore, no user input is required with this simple wizard.

Key Features

  • Recover NAS devices like Buffalo, Seagate, Western Digital, DLink, or Iomega that have been formatted in XFS or EXT in a matter of minutes.
  • Safe read-only architecture
  • It has a dependable disk search function
  • Can recover data easily and fastly
  • Legitimate to work and take actions to do the recovery process
  • It hasn't been updated since 2018
  • From the features, you can see it doesn't support BTRFS
  • It doesn’t support macOS

Why Should You Choose Runtime RAID Data Recovery?

Runtime RAID Data Recovery outshines the other NAS data recovery software as it has excellent file system processing and automatic RAID parameter recognition that others cannot do.

#4 ReclaiMe Free Raid Recovery

4.8/5.0 with 53 reviews on Trustpilot.

Data can be recovered using ReclaiMe file recovery software from various storage media. ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery is highly developed for restoring RAID configuration parameters. Remember that ReclaiMe RAID Recovery only supports whole arrays; it does not support file-by-file recovery.

reclaime free raid recovery


  • Supports NAS recovery for devices like QNAP, NETGEAR, Synology, WD MyBook, and LaCie
  • Rebuild the most commonly used RAID types, including RAID 0, RAID 5, RAID 1, RAID 10, and RAID 6.
  • Easy to use
  • Most popular RAID types are supported
  • Memory leaks and the computer crashes even with good drives
  • It doesn’t support macOS

Why Should You Choose ReclaiMe Free Raid Recovery?

Due to its inability to recover any data on its own, Reclaimed Free Raid Recovery is a little unusual among other data recovery software applications. However, this software makes use of advanced RAID construction algorithms. The software also enables you to create an array image. Additionally, it supports both disk image files and actual physical disks.

#5 Ontrack NAS Data Recovery

4.7/5.0 with 2447 reviews on Trustpilot.

With its 98% recovery success rate, more customers rely on this top-notch data recovery service.

ontrack nas data recovery

Ontrack provides customized services for organizing, removing, fixing, and recovering all content. Its data recovery tool is a flagship item with a variety of options. In addition to being very user-friendly, Ontrack NAS Data Recovery also allows for quick and easy setup of scans, backups, and saving of recovered data.


  • Execute precise file recovery from deletion, formatting, and other data loss scenarios.
  • Users can recover data from SSD and conventional hard drives, RAID, USB flash drives, and optical drives.
  • High-speed data recovery processing
  • Expert technicians are on call around-the-clock to help with data recovery
  • Expensive
  • Doesn't support computer data recovery after a crash

Why Should You Choose Ontrack NAS Data Recovery?

Ontrack NAS Data Recovery receives good praise for data recovery and backups. The best feature of this tool is that, after a scan, you will receive all lost files in distinct folders based on their file type. Additionally, you can schedule automatic scans and check the health of your hard drives. It implies that you can monitor events without engaging in the system or risk management. Overall, data recovery is facilitated by this incredibly effective and user-friendly tool.

#6. Stellar RAID Data Recovery Tool

3.6/5.0 with 9 reviews on Capterra.

Stellar RAID Data Recovery Tool is an expert-trusted software recovering lost data from NAS devices and failed RAID arrays. To recover lost files from failed, damaged, or corrupt RAID 0, RAID 5, and RAID 6 arrays in NAS devices, it can detect RAID parameters and rebuild the virtual RAID.

stellar raid data recovery tool


  • Data recovery from RAID drives for destroyed, missing, and inaccessible files
  • Without a hardware controller, recover lost NAS data from hardware and software-based RAID
  • Using a bootable USB medium, recover NAS data from a non-booting Windows PC.
  • Supports FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS file systems in RAID arrays.
  • It supports a wide range of storage devices
  • Simple to use
  • It has a helpful preview function
  • Comparatively pricey
  • Slow scanning and recovery speed

Why Should You Choose Stellar RAID Data Recovery Tool?

Stellar RAID Data Recovery Tool is a competent data recovery software for Windows and Mac that can handle crashed and unbootable systems, which many lesser applications would consider unrecoverable by just following simple steps in a few spans of seconds.

#7 UFS Explorer RAID Recovery

4.6/5.0 with 171 reviews on UFXExplorer.

Improved data recovery from RAID on NAS or DAS devices is possible with UFS Explorer RAID Recovery. It provides standardized, clustered, and custom RAID patterns for NAS data recovery. UFS Explorer RAID Recovery offers additional features to increase the productivity of RAID disks and other linear storage with hardware flaws.

ufs explorer raid recovery


  • Capable of resolving the majority of frequent data loss concerns
  • Automatic RAID parameter recognition and immediate virtual assembly
  • Easily define different RAID setups manually
  • Support for particular RAID configurations and additional storage technologies
  • Numerous options for making disk images
  • It is simple to download and set up
  • The software has much to offer in terms of functionality, even in the trial edition
  • Hard to use and perplexing
  • Expensive

Why Should You Choose UFS Explorer RAID Recovery?

UFS Explorer RAID Recovery is a special software edition designed to handle RAID-specific data retrieval tasks of complex series, from conventional and enclosed levels to tailored configurations. You should use it if you are dealing with complicated RAID setups to recover your data.

#8 R-Studio NAS Data Recovery

4.6/5.0 with 74 reviews on GetApp.

On TopTenReviews.com, R-Studio was ranked #8 in the Data Recovery Software category. As a result, it has emerged as the best data recovery tool on the market.

r-studio nas data recovery

The target audience for this all-inclusive data recovery software solution is more seasoned users who can benefit from its robust features and wide range of options. It recovers data from the RAID storage built around NAS technology, and the R-Tools technology created R-Studio software from the Windows PC.


  • The powerful data recognition tool is capable of identifying file fragments.
  • The HDD or SSD drive allows users to recover non-standard nested RAID levels.
  • Consistently analyzing the files, the software detects the RAID parameter automatically.
  • It offers advanced features in data recovery
  • Network recovery
  • Disk’s sanitization function
  • Unqualified for non-technical users
  • The results during the scan are not displayed
  • It can only preview a small number of file formats
  • It’s only compatible with Windows PC

Why Should You Choose R-Studio NAS Data Recovery?

In contrast to most of the other hard disk recovery software listed in this article, R-Studio NAS Data Recovery is intended for experts and knowledgeable users who can benefit from its sophisticated features. R-Studio is designed with professionals in mind, offering them features like built-in hex editors and recovery over networks.

#9 DiskInternals RAID Recovery

3.2/5.0 with 25 reviews on Trustpilot.

DiskInternals RAID Recovery is reliable software with both manual and automated recovery. The recovery software’s user interface is simple, which makes it easy to use, especially for those users who are not tech-savvy.

diskinternals raid recovery


  • The software also recognizes all array configurations, including RAID 0, 1, JBOD, 5, and 0+1.
  • It can recover data from hard drives, whether attached to an Intel, VIA, or Nvidia RAID-capable motherboard or controller.
  • It includes a drag-and-drop feature for manually assembling RAID configurations.
  • data recovery from hardware- and software-based RAID
  • It can mount virtual drives as local disks that Windows Explorer and other programs can access
  • Automatically determines the type of disk array and carries out RAID data recovery
  • In the manual mode, RAID configurations must be put together manually using a drag-and-drop function rather than automatically identifying RAID parameters and matching RAID patterns
  • There are no secure bootable or disk image recovery options for RAID data
  • It doesn’t have a Mac version

Why Should You Choose DiskInternals RAID Recovery?

The best thing about DiskInternals RAID Recovery is that it still provides complete solutions for recovering data from RAID-based NAS devices in various circumstances. Inaccessible RAID volumes, formatted RAID logical volumes and lost or deleted files from RAID drives can all be recovered. Furthermore, this software supports manual and fully automatic detection of complex RAID parameters for accurate data recovery.

#10 ZAR NAS Recovery

4.1/5.0 with 38 reviews on CnetDownload.

Another potent program for recovering lost or deleted data from corrupted or crashed systems and storage drives is Zero Assumption Recovery or ZAR NAS Recovery. Additionally, it makes it easier to recover data from missing or lost drive partitions, hard drives, memory cards, thumb drives, and RAID arrays. Three recovery types are available in the software and can rebuild failed RAID arrays and restore data.

zar nas data recovery


  • Retrieve files from drives using RAID 0 and RAID 5
  • Automatically detect missing disks
  • Support for Linux ext2/3/4, Windows FAT, and NTFS and XFS volumes
  • Users can restore files from a formatted drive or the RAW file system.
  • Support for file recovery on RAID arrays, hard disks, memory cards, and thumb drives
  • Specialized image recovery option for recovering images and videos
  • Not accessible on Mac computers
  • Scanning procedure that takes a long time for malfunctioning hard disks

Why Should You Choose ZAR NAS Recovery?

Although ZAR NAS Recovery is not as popular as other tools listed in this article, it provides secure recovery solutions for the whole NAS data recovery process, from disassembling and labeling the NAS devices to connecting the RAID drives to your PC and installing them.

Final Words

Recover NAS data by using reliable data recovery software and following the steps carefully to minimize the risk of further data loss.

The best way to recover deleted or lost data from NAS devices on your PC is with Recoverit NAS data recovery. There's no need to unplug the hard drives from the NAS server setup. Recoverit can directly recover data from the NAS server.


  • Can you recover deleted files from a NAS drive?
    Yes, you can recover deleted files from a NAS drive. You can restore your files from the recycle bin (if enabled) or by using third-party NAS data recovery software like Recoverit NAS recovery.
  • What happens when a NAS fails?
    When a NAS fails, the data will be dispersed among several disks. When that occurs, connecting individual HDDs to a PC won't work, and trying to use the same disk drives in a new NAS might cause it to reinitialize them, erasing the data it contained.
  • How do I reset my NAS without losing data?
    Depending on what you intend to do with the stored data, there are two ways to reset NAS without losing data: users can reset the network settings or reset and reinstall the DSM.
  • Can NAS get hacked?
    Unfortunately, there’s a big chance that NAS drives could compromise security. You might give hackers access if you connect your hard drives to a network.
  • Is NAS safe for backup?
    NAS devices are designed as storage devices but are NOT SAFE for backup purposes. Users should always rely on something other than NAS devices for backup because NAS disks are susceptible to dangers.
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