What's the Best Photo and Video Recovery Software

In this article, we'll introduce the best Recoverit photo and video recovery software to help you recover deleted or lost photos and video files from computer, digital camera, memory card etc.

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Digitally storing photos and videos in PC or any storage device is already considered the norm as opposed to having it printed on paper. While photo albums have a certain charm to them, digitally stored photos and videos are much more convenient in terms of accessibility and cost. You can view your photos and videos no matter where or when. The only downside is that your media files are more vulnerable to deletion or loss. For this, you may need more than restoring files in the recycle bin and use a powerful photo and video recovery tool.

Part 1. Common Photo and Video Files Loss Situations

Devices that store photos and videos:

Computers (powered by different operating systems like Windows or Mac), Android phones, iPhone, Tablets/iPad, Laptops, SD card (external memory device for cameras), Digital camera’s internal storage, Flash drives, External hard drives

Photo and video formats available:


Tips on Handling Storage Media with Data Loss Issues

Part 2. What's the Best Photo and Video Recovery Software

Where to find a safe and powerful photo and video recovery software, you may ask? On the following we will recommend Recoverit Photo Recovery software, it can easily and effectively to recover all deleted or lost photos and video files from any storage device on Windows and Mac.

Download and install Recoverit Photo and Video Recovery software on Windows computer, follow the next steps to restore all deleted or lost photos and videos back.

Step 1 Select the location where your photo and video get lost.

Select a drive

Step 2 The recovery software will start to scan the device to restore all photos and videos

Scan the device

Step 3 You can preview some recovered photo files. Select the photo and video by clicking the "Recover" button to get them back.

Recover lost photos and videos

You may have the video that is recovered but still can't play. At that time, you can try Advanced Video Recovery. It takes advantage of video fragments merging technology.

Start the Advanced Video Recovery

The whole deep scanning process will be longer that that of quick scan.

Recover video files

After the scan, preview the video to make sure the recovery effect, and then you can save it.

After the successful restoration of your videos and photos, you may want to make backup copies of such files so you never have to lose them again. You can use any external storage devices to do this, just make sure that they have enough memory to accommodate your files.

Also, keep in mind to use only a trusted recovery tool so that you don’t do further damage to your device memory, which may cause data wipe (the scariest scenario of all). For your data recovery needs, use only Recoverit Data Recovery Software for a guaranteed efficient tool against data loss.

Part 3. Learn to Become a Photo and Video Recovery Expert

We have to say that besides the best photo and video recovery software, you have other multiple options to restore data.

Different Options of Photo & Video Recovery

Android users

To retrieve deleted photos and videos on Android, you should follow this procedure:

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app > at the bottom, tap Library Trash > Touch and hold the photo or video you want to restore > at the bottom, tap Restore > the photo or video will be back in:

Google Photo users

It is not possible to recover photos deleted from Google photos trash. However, you may install a deleted photos app in your android device. This is provided that either the lost photo or video was originally saved on the device.

If the files are not there, you may consider talking to Google drive customer service. They may try to recover the files from their end.

Computer users

There are three ways of recovering either lost or deleted files on a computer. Below, we will look at them:

How to Save Photos and Videos for Future Recovery

If you want to securely save photos and videos for future recovery, you can follow different procedures. The first option is to make a backup of the content. This is possible by storing the photos either on a hard drive or CD. You should then keep these mediums securely in a place far away from your computer.

The other option is to upload photos and videos on Google photos. Google photos have a user-friendly interface for easy photo management. In addition, the service has a large storage space where you can keep a large volume of videos.

How to Prevent the Loss of Photos and Videos

If you have some photos and videos either in your camera or computer, it is advisable to take precautions so that you do not lose them. Below, we will look at how to prevent the loss of videos and photos from your computer.

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